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Mike, Leann & Laura

The Flanagans of Quincy, Illinois

Family History & Genealogy:

Building upon the research of Dana Flanagan, Jr. and others, we have used our computers and the internet to develop an extensive family tree. Are you related to us?

Old Family Photographs:

Our ancestors have preserved page after page of old family photographs. Whether you're family or not, here is a treasure of 19th Century photographs for your delight.

Elizabeth Flanagan:

Our daughter, (Laura) Elizabeth Flanagan, is trying to make a name for herself in the Big Apple, New York City, as an actress, a singer and a dancer. Her passion is for Broadway Musicals.

Leann's Lampshades:

Leann's Lampshades are legendary. We are quite proud of her extraordinary craft. Here you may view pictures of some of her Handmade Victorian Lampshades.

Website Services:

Mike maintains websites for several non-profit organizations, locally and internationally. Like the shoemaker's shoes, he maintains this one only after the rest have been cared for.

River Lore and Links:

Mike made a living for 35 years as a Mississippi Riverboat Pilot and Captain, pushing barges on America's inland waterways. Every River Rat will surely find something to interest him here.

The Unitarian Church

This is the church we attend. It's a denomination most people have never heard of. Most Unitarians believe different religions are different paths up the same mountain. Our congregation has a few gay or lesbian members. We believe in welcoming them. Sometimes it is hard to tell which belief annoys other churches more.

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