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I have been hand-crafting "billboard" style websites for myself and for non-profit organizations dear to my heart, since 1996. In an order that represents the generations of the "learning curve," the following links will take you to examples of my website work.


This website. It is the first website that I began experimenting with when the World Wide Web was in its infancy. I tried out many methods of presenting information on the web here, first. And it is always in need of an up-date.


The Unitarian Church of Quincy, Illinois. Leann and I were married in the church. Our daughter grew up in the church. In 1996, while serving on the board of trustees for the church, I accepted the challenge of creating a web presence for the church. The site has grown, and has gone through several transformations, and it's usually going through yet another one.


Clan Flanagan was organized under the wing of the Clans of Ireland. Anyone who is descended from a "Flanagan" is eligible for membership. I obviously qualify. When Grace O'Flanagan formed the group in 2004, she asked me to create its web presence. It's been my baby ever since.


The Great River Genealogical Society serves Adams County in Illinois. In 2007, I was asked to take a disfunctional website and transform it into something more attractive and useful. We've created a modern site that is far more forward thinking than any I've done before. I hope to re-do some of my earlier sites with features I've introduced into this site.


The Northeast Missouri Genealogical Society serves fourteen counties in the Northeast corner of Missouri. I grew up in Lewis County, Missouri. Several generations of my ancestors grew up in Northeast Missouri. They saw what I had done for Adams County, Illinois, and asked for something similar.


My daughter, Elizabeth Flanagan, is trying to make a name for herself in the Big Apple, New York City, as an actress, a singer and a dancer. Her passion is for Broadway Musicals. I'm happy to help her to increase her visibility in every way I know how. She approved every design decision; I only authored the CSS/HTML.

And I'm open to accepting the responsibility for additional websites, as well. I work cheap for those that I care about.

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