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Dr. Coleman B. Ammerman's
Family Photograph Gallery

Coleman and May Ammerman

Dr. Coleman & May Ammerman.
Sent to Robert Hall, her brother.
Photograph by Wagner; 233 S. Union Ave.; Pueblo, Colo.

Dr. Coleman R. Ammerman and his wife "May" (Hall) Ammerman moved from Lewis County Missouri to Colorado City, Colorado. His health failed him in 1908 and he stopped practicing as a physician.

Dr. Ammerman had served Colorado City as its mayor for a term beginning in 1892, and also served as the city clerk. Mrs. Ammerman, was elected city clerk of Colorado City in 1913. The office included the duties of the police judge. In this capacity, Mary Elizabeth "May" (Hall) Ammerman became the first woman judge in the state of Colorado.

Dr. and Mrs. Ammerman had two children. Coleman Reed Ammerman was born about 1903 and died rather young. His sister was named Elizabeth. She married a J. J. Hutchinson and they lived in Auburn, NB.

We've lost track of them, but May Ammerman sent these pictures back to her family in Missouri.

Handwritten on the back:

"Coleman Reed Ammerman, Jr.;
Age 6 months : Weight 16 lbs."

Reed Ammerman at 6 months

Reed Ammerman at 20 months

"C.R. Ammerman Jr at 20 months of Age."

A man on a mule.

"A man on a Mule; C.R. Ammerman, Jr.; Colorado City, Colo. Taken in South Canyon -- Cheyenne Mountain -- when the rock walls are more than 200 feet high."

I think the Ammermans enjoyed being a part of the Rocky Mountain West, at the turn of the twentieth century.

Dr. Ammerman in Denver

Coleman Reed Ammerman, Jr.

Coleman Reed Ammerman, Jr. Photograph by Talbot; Loveland, Colo.

This is actually a penny postcard that was sent to: Mrs. N. R. Hall; Lewistown, Mo.; R.F.D. and postmarked Oct. 7, 1909:

"Grandma: Can you find your boy on the other side? Reed wants to know how you are. He is in school now but awfully lonesome for his papa. Write, M. A."

Our guess is that he is the 4th from the left, seated. What is yours?

Class Picture Postcard

May Ammerman

Coleman Ammerman

Two photographs in a folder embossed with the name, Dean Studio.
Dr. Coleman & May Ammerman.

We aren't sure when Elizabeth was born. Maybe she came later in the Ammermans' lives. We haven't seen any photographs that show Reed and Elizabeth together.

May & Elizabeth


Coleman & Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth



Three more portraits of the first woman to serve as a judge in the state of Colorado; Mary Elizabeth "May" (Hall) Ammerman.

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