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This Flanagan Coat of Arms was painted by Virginia Terpening in 1956.

The Flanagans' Genealogy
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The First Three Generations

On the First Three Generations page, we present an index and a guide to all of the Great . . . Great Grandparents that we know anything about. We welcome any and all criticisms and corrections as well as additions and expansions to our knowledge of our ancestors. We have collected far more information about our distant cousins than we are presenting here. If your family connects to any of our ancestors, we may have more information that we could share with you.

Our collection of old Family Photographs

Even if you aren't related to us, you will want to look over our collections of old Family Photographs. We have boxes and boxes and boxes of old photographs. We've been able to identify some of them and we've gathered together several pages of related pictures. For our cousins, we are sharing images of our ancestors that you may not have seen before. For all others, we hope you will enjoy this glimpse into the world as it was a century ago.

Clan Flanagan

Clan Flanagan, an International, on-line organization, is intended to provide a venue for historical and genealogical research into the surname "Flanagan" in any of its various spellings. Membership is open to anyone who has a "Flanagan" among even their most distant grand-parents. Mike serves as the webmaster for the organization.

Granuaile O'Flanagan's home page

Granuaile O'Flanagan has done good, original research into the Flanagan Family that migrated from Russell County, Kentucky. Search the post to the RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project. Granuaile O'Flanagan has also done research into the Flanagans from Putnam Co., MO who were in the Union Army during the Civil War. The report on my Great -Great -Grandfather, Bryant Flanagan is only a small part of Granuaile O'Flanagan's Genealogy Website.

Recognizing that the John Flanagan who emigrated from North Carolina to Russell County, Kentucky just before 1800 is our earliest known Flanagan ancestor (and is our family's "brick wall"); Granuaile O'Flanagan has begun the Flanagan surname DNA project which we hope will help us tie our branch of the Flanagan Family back to the "Auld Sod." Those wishing to participate in the project may wish to contact, directly.

European Royal Genealogies

Through the Hall's, the Richardson's, and the Read's, we are direct descendants of Edward III, King of England (1312-1377) and Philippa of Hainault (1314-1369), and all the royalty of Medieval Europe. Links to more information about The Genealogy of Royal & Noble families comes from the Open Directory Project. And Henry Churchyard at the University of Texas has also made the research into European Royal Genealogies by Denis R. Reid available to us on the internet.

The Flanagan Family Coat-of-Arms

From a 1947 edition of the magazine, "HOBBIES--The Magazine for Collectors," I've reprinted an article on The Flanagan Family Coat-of-Arms. It contains an arcane history of the family and its name that I've not seen duplicated anywhere else.

Our Page at The Family Tree Maker Web Site

There is an extension of The Flanagans' Genealogy home page at Brøderbund's Family Tree Maker. There, you will find a report which gives some information on more than three-hundred of our direct Great- . . . Grandparents. These are the people for whom we are most actively searching for more information.

The Hansbrough-Hansborough Family

An extensive survey of the Hansbrough and Hansborough Families in America.

Roots In Lewis County

Mike was raised in Lewistown, Lewis County, Missouri. A number of years ago, he gave a talk which outlines his genealogical Roots In Lewis County.  © 1994 Michael Flanagan

The Memoirs of Dr. Robert J. Christie

Mike's Great- Grand- Uncle, Dr. Robert J. Christie, was a surgeon in the Civil War. Near the end of his life, he wrote a memoir of his experiences growing up in Virginia, his medical training during the middle of the nineteenth century, and his service as a surgeon with General Parsons' 10th Missouri Infantry during the War Between the States. The Memoirs of Dr. Robert J. Christie is a very long file. It comes to more than seventy printed pages. Those who persevere will find fascinating reading.  © 1997 Michael Flanagan

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