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Old Family Photographs

Many old photographs have been handed down and carefully preserved in our family, over the years. I've done my best to group them, giving an organizational scheme to their presentation. Think of these groups of photographs as communications and reassurances for the folks at home, from children who had gone off to seek their fortunes far away from the comforts of their childhoods.

There are other kinds of family photographs you might enjoy, also:
Dana Flanagan's 100 best photographs

Dana Flanagan, Jr. was an accomplished amateur photographer. He was a member of the Photographic Society of Quincy, IL and the Photographic Society of America. Late in his life, he collected the photographs that he considered to be his very best. We are pleased to present them on the family Web Site.

A trip to China -- 1983

Years before Laura was born, Leann and Mike visited China. The guided tour included all of the usual tourist traps. Mike borrowed one of his father's cameras and took quite a few rolls of pictures. The best of them are presented here.

The Group Portraits -- 2006.
Portrtaits of Laura -- 2006.

We celebrated milestones in 2006. Laura's Nana and Papa celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary. And Laura moved away from the home where she had lived for all her life. We gathered together Laura, her parents, her remaining grandparents and all of her aunts and uncles for a session with the photographer, Lisa Wigoda.

There are two slide shows here:

  1. The Group Portraits from 2006.
  2. Portrtaits of Laura from 2006.

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