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Dr. Robert James Christie's
Family Picture Gallery

Dr. Robert J. Christie, Sr., his wife, "Mittie" (Sarah Elizabeth Nixon) and their family:

Standing, L-R:
Maud Christie Fry, Miss Laura Christie, Elizabeth Christie Cotton, Emma Lee Christie Graves.
Seated, L-R:
Cash Christie, Dr. Robert J. Christie, Sr., Mitt Christie, Dr. Robert J. Christie, Jr.

Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Christie & Family

Dr. Robert James Christie grew up in Northern Virginia, was graduated as an M. D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1856, and brought his new bride to Northeastern Missouri to practice medicine. He was caught up in the Civil War, serving as a surgeon in the Confederate Army until his repatriation from Shreveport, Louisiana at the end of the war. Dr. Christie produced an extensive memoir of his childhood, his medical training, and his experiences in the Confederacy. It is published in its entirety, elsewhere on this website.

The elder son, Cash Christie, became a banker in Lewistown, Missouri. The younger, Robert James, Jr., followed in his father's footsteps and became a physician in Quincy, Illinois. Robert James Christie, IV, has recently renovated and moved to the house that his grandfather built in Quincy.

Of the six children pictured above, five retired to Hollywood, California. Dr. Robert James Christie, Jr. was only 53 years old when he died of a cerebral hemorrhage in Quincy. Another son died in infancy. We've not found evidence that either Cash Christie nor his younger sister, Laura were ever married. A few of the elder Dr. Christie's grandchildren are pictured, below.

Christies in California

The names were written on the back of the picture:
"Aunt Lizzie, Uncle Cash, Aunt Tea, Maria."
Lizzie, Cash and Aunt Tea are easy to place, but we're not sure who "Maria" is.
The picture was taken in California.

Bob Fry and Bob Christie (III) with their grandfather.

Bob Fry and Bob Christie (III) with their grandfather.

More Grandchildren - The Fry's.

Christmas, 1907; L-R:

Alice Maud Fry - 8 yrs.
Robert Luther Fry - 4 yrs.
Sara Virginia Fry - 6 yrs.

The Fowinkle Studio, Photographer.

Robert, III and his mother

Robert Christie, III and his mother, Leila (Turner) Christie.
And on the right, his little sister, Mary Elizabeth Christie.

Mary Elizabeth Christie; Age 5 Mo.; December 8, 1906.

Nixon Graves

The last of the grandchildren that we have a picture for:

Nixon "Nix" Graves

She was named after her grandmother.

The last picture in the Christie Collection is
this photograph of Dr. Robert J. Christie, Sr.'s mother,
Elizabeth (Watson) Christie (1810-1889).

Elizabeth (Watson) Christie

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