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Tintype of Mary Flanagan

Two very early tintype photographs that we believe are of Mary Jane McKinley (January 1, 1862 - November 29, 1961) and of Liberty K. Flanagan (September 16, 1858 - November 18, 1932). She was just 17 when they were married.

Tintype of Liberty Flanagan

Liberty K. Flanagan and Mary Jane McKinley were married February 22, 1879, in Unionville, Putnam Co., MO. Liberty's father, Bryant Flanagan died during the Civil War at Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee, early in the battle of Shiloh. He left behind a young wife with three sons to raise. Liberty's younger brothers, Meritt and Union, moved on to Montana with their uncle, William Flanagan.

Four Children

Seven Children

Liberty and Mary Jane had a successful marriage which produced seven children.
On the left, are Lulu, Dana, Jesse, and Daisy.
Jesse, the littlest one, was born in 1890.

And above is a later photograph showing all seven -
Left to Right & Oldest to Youngest:
Daisy, Lulu, Dana C., Jesse, Norma, Robert, and Mary.

Liberty K. Flanagan

On the left is a studio photograph of Liberty K. Flanagan.
And on the right is one of his son, Dana C. Flanagan.
The initials in their names, the "K" and the "C" didn't stand for anything. The initials themselves were all the middle names that they had.

Dana C. Flanagan

Mary and a Grandson and two Great-Grandsons

Mary Jane Flanagan was in her early nineties when her Grandson Dana Junior brought his two sons, Mike and Pat,to visit. She spent her declining years with her daughter Jesse White in Rockford, Minnesota.

Mary Jane Flanagan at 94

"-- i was -94- years old when -- this picture was taken"

Elizabeth (Harmon) McKinley

These are photographs of Mary Jane (McKinley) Flanagan's parents. They were likely taken around the turn of the twentieth century.
Elizabeth (Harmon) McKinley (1836-1921) and
Degraphenreed Patterson McKinley (1828-1910)

Dee P. McKinley

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