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When Francis Preston Hall married Lucy Ann Findley on October 19, 1887, they operated a commercial orchard overlooking the Civil War battlefield at Prairie Grove, Arkansas. Their children were born there, and the orchard was good to them. In 1900, they moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas where Frank became an officer in the McIlroy Banking and Trust Company. He also served as a trustee of the University of Arkansas during the terms of four governors.

The majority of these pictures were taken in 1898 at the orchard in Prairie Grove, and were sent back to Lewistown, Missouri to Frank's parents. The photographs are presented here with the inscriptions that were handwritten on their backs.

A prosperous home

"For Grandma; From the Halls; Fayetteville, Ark."

"Julian on "Butterfly" - Taken in front yard. June 9- '98. Looking south-west."

Julian would be about 7 years old here.

Julian on Butterfly

Virginia on Butterfly

"Virginia on "Butterfly" - Taken in front yard looking south-east. June 9 - '98."

Virginia is about four.

"Preston - Directly in front of house - June 9- '98." Preston is just 9 months old.

Preston Hall

Frank & Family

"Frank & family - June 9- '98"

"Partial view of Orchard - taken from housetop." This is one of the first commercial orchards in Northwest Arkansas.

The Orchard

The view of the Valley

"View of valley - looking north-west from dooryard."

The inscription on the back
"Frank's residence on the hill - taken from a point in the valley about a quarter of a mile distant - looking North. This is the battlefield of the bloody battle of Prairie Grove, Ark., fought 186_, the yard around the house being the scene of the most desperate fighting. The confederate forces were parted along the brow of the hill when the Federals charged them repeatedly across the valley from the north-west."

The Battlefield at Priarie Grove, Arkansas

Virginia as a baby

Virginia on the left, and two pictures of Preston on the right.

Preston as a baby

Preston Hall

Julian and Virginia

Julian Hall

On the far left, a photograph of Julian and Virginia.

On the near left, is Julian.

And on the right, a picture of Preston.

Preston Hall

Preston Hall

Preston was a graduate of Western Military Academy in Alton, Ill., and attended the University of Arkansas. He served as a first lieutenant in the 153d Infantry in France during World War I.

Preston Hall

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