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LaRue Family Photographs

Fresno, California
Pictures of LaRue's

The single thing that we know about the photographs on this page is that they were all (except the photo of the Elmore) made by studios in Fresno, California. Our Aunt, Emma Helen Hall, married Hugh William Hodgen LaRue, "Uncle Billy," and lived with him on a vineyard near Fresno. They didn't have any children. Rainey and Robert LaRue and their sisters, Lola and Bradshaw called Hugh William Hodgen LaRue, "Uncle Billy," too. Their father, Samuel Robert LaRue, was Uncle Billy's brother.

The scene on the right appears to be a farmhouse and all of the people who make the farm function. We mid-westerners find the palm trees exotic. And we think of the water tower as simply, "interesting."

Uncle Billy's Elmore

Above, Aunt Emma and Uncle Billy LaRue in the Elmore.

Maxwell & Mudge, Fresno, Cal.

Park's; 843 Jay St.

The back of the photograph on the left says simply, "Robert LaRue."

And the one on the right says "Rainey LaRue."

Paxona, Fresno, Calif.

Beck World's Fair; 2025 Merced St.; Fresno, Cal.

This is a picture of "Bob" LaRue's Family.

Park's; 843 Jay St.; Fresno.

The one on the left says "Thomas Sims" on its back. Thomas Sims married Bradshaw LaRue, a sister of Rainey and Robert.

The one on the right doesn't have a name on it at all. Surely he is related to the rest, but how? Possibilities include this being a photograph of Uncle Billy, himself; or perhaps it is Uncle Billy's brother, Samuel Robert LaRue. Or. . . ?

Rembrandt Studios; Fresno, Ca

This group includes at least one LaRue

In this tableau, we can recognize the man sitting in the front row, second from the left; as Rainey LaRue. Perhaps others might recognize someone else in the group?
Yes, we are told that the two older men with white beards, each with a cane in his right hand, are (left) Allison LaRue (b. Dec. 4, 1841 in Frankfort, Indiana - d. July 13, 1926) and (right) his elder brother, James "Jim" LaRue (d. in 1930 at the age of 92).

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