The Flanagans'

Three Little Girls from Louisiana, MO

The Three Daughters of
Henry Lee Baird &
Eliza Pemberton
(Watson) Baird

The Baird family lived in Louisiana, Missouri

Irene Watson Baird

Irene Watson Baird
Age 17 months.
Irene was Born August 2, 1894 and Died April 13, 1896.

In this photograph, The sleeves of her dress and the back of the chair look very much like the wings of an angel. Who might have guessed that she was so near to joining them.

Helen at 8 months.

Helen Linden Baird was born on February 4, 1898. Helen never knew her older sister.
On the left, she is 8 ½ months old.
On the right 17 ½ months.

Helen at 17 1/2 months.

Helen at 32 months.

By the time she was 32 months old, Helen had turned into a cutie patootie! Her little sister Dorothy Claudine was born on December 3, 1900. Don't you just bet that Helen was a big help?

Helen and her baby sister, Dorothy

When Dorothy grew up, she had a little girl. They named her after Dorothy first, but they always called her Carolyn.

Dorothy Carolyn Creamer

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