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In 1981, John W. Hansborough brought his genealogical research to a climax with the production of his book:

(Copyright © 1981 by John W. Hansborough - Library of Congress Catalog Card No.: 81-80027)

The progenitor of the Hansborough - Hansbrough families in America was John Hanbury who emigrated to Virginia in 1639. Mr. Hansborough traces the Hanbury line back to the 12th century in England. This lineage has not been included here. If you want access to all of Mr. Hansborough's researches, you will simply have to track down a copy of his book.

The information that appears on this web page is derived in large part from Chapter III, "The Hansbrough Family," of his book. I have added to his information and updated some of the entries that are known to me. Mr. Hansborough's book is a treasure of information, lore, research and analysis. It has not been my ambition that this web page could be a substitute for or a copy of his book.

This page includes only the most elderly of the living descendants. It does not include reference to some other Hansbrough families that Mr. Hansborough was not able to connect to the known line. As new information becomes available, this web page will be updated to include it.

An index to the Additions and Corrections to Mr. Hansborough's information that have been generated since its original publication on the WorldWideWeb:

We are always seeking better information on the Hansborough - Hansbrough - Hanbury, and related families.

---Michael Flanagan

This is a typical entry:

52. FRANCES VIRGINIA RAWLINS: (25 Eliza) Born November 14, 1819; died March 23, 1883; married Charles Hume in Culpeper, Virginia, on June 25, 1843. He was born July 1, 1814; died June 25, 1863. They moved to Washington, D. C. in the 1850s. They had two children.

Children (HUME)

87. Susan E. - born 1853; died in Richmond, Virginia, on February 7, 1908; married Dr. J. C. Johnson. NFI.

A key to the elements of each entry:

Occasionally, you will find an entry whose index number includes a letter of the alphabet, i.e. 434a. Those individuals were not included in the original publishing of the book. The information about them and their families has been gathered as a result of the publishing of the book on this website. You will also find a reference to the person who submitted the information, near each new bit. See 322. JOHN WESLEY BELL for an example. For extended lists of new information, I've begun a new series of numbers (far beyond John W. Hansborough's ending number) with 2001. Daniel J. Sample.

The contents of this web site:

Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
1 John Hanbury; b: Abt. 1615 in England; d: in VA.
. . +/Morris/; m: Abt. 1645 in VA.
. 2 Nicholas Hanbury; b: Abt. 1650; d: Aft. 1680.
. . . . . 3 Morris Housburrough aka. Morris Hanbury; b: Bef. 1680 in VA; d: in VA.
. . . . . . . . . 4 Peter Hansborough; b: Abt. 1700; d: Aft. March 12, 1781 in Culpeper, VA.
Section 3: James and Peter Hansborough and their Descendants
. . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 James Hansborough; b: Abt. 1719 in Stafford Co., VA; d: Aft. September 1784 in Stafford Co., VA.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +Lettice Sumners; m: September 19, 1741 in King George Co., VA; d: Bef. 1784.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Peter Hansbrough Jun.; b: Bef. 1724 in Stafford Co., VA; d: 1781 in Stafford Co., VA.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +Margaret French; m: February 26, 1744/45 in Stafford Co., VA; d: Abt. 1751.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +Lydia Smith; b: Abt. 1740 in VA; m: May 27, 1752 in Stafford Co., VA; d: in Stafford Co., VA.
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Enoch Hansbrough; b: Abt. 1773 in VA; d: February 23, 1852 in Marion Co., MO.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +Mary Lane; b: 1774 in VA; m: 1789 in VA; d: 1854 in Marion Co., MO.
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
. . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Morias Hansbrough; b: Abt. 1725 in Stafford Co., VA; d: 1800 in Shelby County, Kentucky.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +Mary Underwood.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +Jane //; m: Bef. 1779; d: Aft. 1779.
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
. . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 William Hansbrough; b: 1730 around Culpepper, VA; d: September 06, 1779 in Amnherst Co., VA.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +Keziah Loving.

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansborough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants


Section 1: The Foundations of the Family

The establishment of the foundations of the Hansbrough family has been very difficult. However, the author feels that he has solved the puzzle as clearly as it can be solved.

At the beginning of the study, the earliest known Hansborough was #4 Peter, who was born in Virginia about 1700. This appeared to be a fact and was accepted as a starting point. In addition to this, three family legends or traditions provided additional guidance but no proof. These were:

Considering the above three legends, and the data uncovered by the author, the following genealogy for the foundation of the Hansbrough family has been established.

The First Generation

1. JOHN HANBURY: Born in England about 1615. His father was Jonas Hanbury of Beanhall and his mother was Adrian Cash, "a Dutch woman." John apparently had considerable money, since he inherited 100£ from his uncle, Sir John Hanbury of Kelmarsh. In addition he sold some property in Feckenham, England, before going to Virginia. He is known to have gone beyond the seas, and the records of Bristol, England, show that he left that port for Virginia in 1639. The only record found in Virginia is that John Hanbury owned some land in Lower Norfolk County, in 1691. No record is known of any other John Hanbury coming to Virginia in the 1600s. John is believed to have married a woman, whose family name was Morris, in Virginia, probably about 1645. They apparently had one and perhaps two sons.

Children (HANBURY)

2. NICHOLAS - probably born about 1650.

The Second Generation.

2. NICHOLAS HANBURY: (1 John) He paid taxes on five acres of land in Christ Church Parish in 1680. He appears to have married and to have had at least one child.

Children (HANBURY)

3. MORRIS - probably born before 1680.

The Third Generation.

3. MORRIS HANBURY (HOUSBURROUGH): (2 Nicholas) His name, Housburrough, appears on the Quit Rent Roll of King and Queen County for 1704. He apparently married and had at least one son.

Children (HANBURY)

4. PETER - probably born about 1700.

Facts and Legends

A review of the facts and legends, coupled with certain logical assumptions of time and age, leads to the almost inescapable conclusion that John, Nicholas, and Morris form the link between the Hanbury and Hansbrough families. To review:

1. John was born in England about 1615 of an English father and a Dutch mother (legend of a Dutch descent). He arrived in Virginia about 1640 (Senator Hansbrough's biography). His marriage to a woman by the name of Morris by 1645, and the birth of a son, Nicholas, by 1650, appears logical.

2. Nicholas, assumed the son of John and born about 1650, would have been about 30 years of age in 1680, when he paid taxes on five acres of land in Christ Church Parish. Assuming his marriage and the birth of a son by the time he was 30 years of age, his son, Morris, would have been born before 1680.

3. Morris, assumed the son of Nicholas, would have been about 25 years of age when his name appeared on the Quit Rent Roll of King and Queen County in 1704. He could, logically, have been named for his grandmother, Morris Hanbury (fulfilling the legend of a Morias Hansbrough being the progenitor of the family). He would have been about 25 years of age when his assumed son, Peter, was born. The change of the spelling of the name, Hanbury to Housburrough to Hansborough, is merely an example of the record keeping of that period when names were recorded by sound rather than by an established spelling.

There seems little if any doubt but what the Hansbrough family is a lineal descendant of the Hanbury family and the Hansborough name is a corruption of the Hanbury name.

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Fourth Generation.

4. PETER HANSBROUGH: (3 Morris) Probably born about 1700. He appears to have died after March 12, 1781, on which date his son, Peter, in a deed signed himself as "Peter Hansborough, June." It is not known whom he married and the names of four sons, but no daughters, are known.


5. JAMES - born about 1719.
6. PETER - born about 1724.
7. MORIAS - born about 1725.
8. WILLIAM - born about 1730.

The Hansborough Family in Kentucky.

The late 1700s and the early 1800s were a period of population growth in Kentucky. A large number of these settlers came from Virginia. Among these were several Hansbrough families.

In 1792, Kentucky was admitted to the Union as the fifteenth state, and what was formerly Jefferson County, Virginia now became part of the new state of Kentucky. Counties were formed and a new state government was established. Later, county boundaries were changed and new counties formed from established counties. Records, if kept, were in longhand and inks have faded. Many records were destroyed or lost during and after the Civil War. The best and most consistent records seem to be the land records and the several U. S. Census. All of this is pointed out to indicate the difficulty of trying to trace families from Virginia to Kentucky during this period of trouble and change.

Probably the first Hansbrough to go from the vicinity of Culpeper, Virginia, into Jefferson County, the western county of Virginia and later a part of Kentucky, was Morias, the brother of James, Peter and William. James and Peter stayed in Virginia and raised large families. Their descendants will be covered in Section 3. Morias first appeared in what is now Kentucky about 1780. He and his son, George, are shown in the 1790 census, compiled from tax records, as being in Lincoln County. Morias and his descendants will be covered in Section 4. Enoch, the sixth son of #6 Peter moved to Kentucky in 1802. He and his descendants will be covered in Section 5. William, the grandson of #8 William moved to Kentucky before 1810. He and his descendants will be covered in the next section.

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansborough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

Section 2: William Hansborough and his Descendants

The Fifth Generation

8. WILLIAM HANSBOROUGH: (4 Peter) He is the author's great- great- great- great- grandfather. He was born about 1730; died in Amherst County, Virginia in 1779. He married Keziah Loving, who took up land in Lincoln County, Kentucky, in January 1798.

On September 6 1760, William Hansborough was granted a patent to land on both sides of Captain Cabell's Mill Creek; and on June 5, 1765, he was granted a patent on 98 acres in Amherst County, Virginia, on the North Branch of Rucker's Run.

On January 16, 1777, he advertised for a cure for cancer. Evidently he, or someone closely related to him, was suffering from that dread disease. He described it as "in the head but so far above the eyes and ears that they are no way affected by it at present. It is near as broad as the palm of one's hand, and has been there three years." As he died two years later, it is presumed that the cancer was the cause of his death.

In the list of the 1st Rifle Company of Amherst are included the names of William Hansborough, Sr. and his sons, William, Jr. and John.

In a letter from the Clerk's Office, Amherst, it is stated that he was called "Colonel" by the old residents of the county - most probably a courtesy as is so often done with former soldiers.

From his will, dated September 30, 1778, probated September 6, 1779, we learn the names of his wife and ten children.


9. Caleb - NFI.
10. WILLIAM - born 1755.
11. JOHN - born 1759
12. Samuel - born 1767; married Sally Loving; was living as late as 1845. NFI.
13. Peter - witnessed his father's will in 1778; was said to be living in Amelia County, Virginia in 1783. NFI.
14. James - signed petitions against the division of Amherst County on December 15, 1798, and on January 7, 1805.
15. Rachel - married William Key in 1778. NFI.
16. Elizabeth - witnessed her father's will in 1778; married John Ball. NFI.
17. Sarah - married Andrew Clarke. NFI.
18. Charlotte - married David Thompson. NFI.

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Sixth Generation

10. WILLIAM HANSBOROUGH: (8 William) Born in Amherst, Virginia, in 1755; died in Culpeper, January 1815; buried in the Baptist churchyard at Stevensburg. He is the author's great- great- great- grandfather. From the papers on file with his mother's application for a widow's pension, we learn that he was born in Amherst in 1755; that he enlisted from Amherst in 1775; that he was one of the first to enlist under the ordinance of convention or other accounts of legislation on power then in being, for raising and enlisting troops; that he was a resident of Amherst at the time of his enlistment, that he was a private in the 2nd Regiment, Virginia Volunteers, commanded by Captain William M. Fontaine; that he served two years in the 1st and 2nd Regiments; that he and his father and his brother, John, were members of the 1st Rifle Company of Virginia Volunteers.

This pair of pictures were discovered by Nadean Pedersen in a thrift store. They were displayed in her home until she presented them as a gift to Lash Hansborough, the Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandson of William and "Sally."
William and Sarah (Vaughn) Hansborough

On May 18, 1780, he and 72 others signed a petition for an extension of time for paying the tax on grain, owing to scarcity and high price of grain, the petitioners being unable to secure it for paying the tax.

On September 21, 1795, he gave a power of attorney to Nixon Long to perform interests in the state of Kentucky.

When he moved to Culpeper is not definitely known, but we find him there on January 20, 1800, when his brother, John, deeded him his one-fourth part of the land (100 acres) in Amherst which was devised to said John by William, their father.

In December, 1804, according to the Virginia Herald, he offered for sale, on the 18th, his plantation seven miles from the Court House; also his stock of horses, cattle, sheep, household and kitchen furniture, plantation utensils, corn, fodder and hay, and several valuable negroes.

In January, 1808, Charles Urquhart of Germanna, advertised for sale the tavern in Stevensburg occupied by William Hansborough, a large, convenient, two-story, modern building, renting for 32£ per annum. Evidently, William purchased this property before December 23, 1815, for on that date he advertised it for lease or sale. It was bought by Sarah Hansborough, his widow; the deed was witnessed by Peter Vaughan, probably a relative. The Virginia Herald tells us that he prepared an "elegant dinner" for his Mason's celebration of St. John's Day, 1809, at the Mason's Hall in Stevensburg.

Inasmuch as the Will Book for 1813-17 is missing from the Culpeper County records, there is no known copy of William's Will. However, in Will Book H (page 57) the inventory of his estate, made April 19, 1816, is recorded on March 17, 1818; an account of sales is recorded on March 15, 1819 (page 120); George Vaughan being one of the purchasers; and the accounts of the administrator are recorded on September 20, 1824 (page 338) in Will Book I.

On May 31, 1817, Peter Hansborough, Jr., his administrator, offered for sale all his personal estate, and in July, 1818, Peter Hansborough, Jr., as administrator, offered for sale the house and lots adjoining the town of Stevensburg of which he died seized and in possession of.

On November 5, 1786, William was married, in Culpeper, by Rev. John Woodhill, to Sarah Vaughan, daughter of William Vaughan. She was born in 1768; died March 23, 1857; and is buried in the Baptist churchyard at Stevensburg. In her pension papers, she states that Peter Hansborough, of "Cole's Hill," had lost her husband's discharge papers. They had eight children


19. WILLIAM - born 1783.
20. Patsey or Martha - born 1788; married George Wale. NFI.
21. ELLEN -
22. Susan - married Alexander Allair. NFI.
23. Mary (called Polly) - married Isaac Woodrow. They moved to Ohio. NFI.
24. PETER -
25. ELIZA -
26. JANET -

11. JOHN HANSBROUGH: (8 William) Born in Amherst County, Virginia in 1762; died August 9, 1844 and was buried in Old Ebenezer Cemetery, near Romney in Hampshire County, Virginia; married (1) Mary Kirk In Frederick County, Virginia on February 13, 1787. She was the daughter of Patrick Kirk. She died in the mid to late 1810's. And (2) Frances "Fanny" Kabler in Culpeper County, Virginia on September 21, 1820. She was the daughter of William Kabler. She died December 12, 1871 at the age of approximately 96 years.

John enlisted in the 1st Rifle Company of Virginia Volunteers, on February 1, 1781 while living in Amherst County, Virginia. Private Hansbrough was released from the Continental Army after serving a nine-month tour of duty. His last battle was the siege of Yorktown. After the Revolutionary War, John lived in Culpeper and Frederick Counties before settling down permanently in Hampshire County, Virginia about 1788.

Contained within an indenture from the Culpeper Deed Book "U" pages 541-542 and dated January 21, 1800: ". . . a certain tract of land lying and situated in the County of Amherst in the said state (which land was devised to the said John by William Hansbrough, father of the said John & William)."

John received his first Revolutionary War Pensioner's check of $30 per year on May 10, 1833.

The information about John Hansborough's family has been corrected and augmented with information provided by Richard H. Howick.

We know the names of seven of the estimated ten children of John and Mary (Kirk) Hansbrough. It appears that John and his second wife Fanny, did not have children. It is not known how many children named in the 1810 Census survived infancy and childhood. There may have been additional children who died before being enumerated in the 1810 and 1820 Censuses.


2030. James - Born in Hampshire County, Virginia about 1790; married Eliza Brown; died about 1858. Possibly a twin brother of William. NFI.
2031. William - Born in Hampshire County, Virginia June 2, 1790; married (1) Margaret Brewer, (2) Name unknown; died May, 1850. Buried in Old Caledonia Cemetery, Caledonia Township, Marion County, Ohio. Possibly a twin brother of James. NFI.
2032. John, Jr. - Born in Hampshire County, Virginia on November 10, 1805; married Nancy Ann Brown in Hampshire County, Virginia on August 2, 1828; died September 24, 1874. Buried in Indian Mound Cemetery, Romney, West Virginia. NFI.
2033. Maria - Born about 1804; married George Carder on June 9, 1825. NFI.
2034. Susan - Married Peter Brown. NFI.
2035. Eveline - Born in Hampshire County, Virginia in September, 1810; married William Cherry; died April 1887; buried in Indian Mound Cemetery, Romney, West Virginia. NFI.
2036. Mary Elizabeth - Born in Hampshire County, Virginia between 1788 and 1792; married Jabez Osborne, (both Mary Elizabeth and Jabez Osborne may have been married to others, previously). NFI.

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Seventh Generation.

19. WILLIAM H. HANSBOROUGH: (10 William) Born 1783, in Virginia; son of William and Sarah Hansborough and grandson of William and Keziah Hansborough. He is the author's great- great- grandfather. He married Elizabeth Miller on February 11, 1804, in Loudoun County, Virginia. They moved from Virginia to the vicinity of Taylorsville, Spencer County, Virginia, before 1810.

The 1810 census shows William Hansborough, his wife, and one male and two female children below the age of 10, living in what is now Spencer County, Kentucky.

The 1820 census shows William Hansborough, his wife, three male and five female children, living in Spencer County, Kentucky. The youngest male is the author's great- grandfather who was born in 1819.

The 1830 census shows William Hansborough, his wife, and two male and four female children living in Spencer County. Probably George, the eldest son, and one of the daughters have married and moved away. One of the male children is shown as between 10 and 15 years of age. This fits the age (11 years in 1830) of the author's great- grandfather.

The 1850 census shows William Hansborough, born in Virginia and 77 years old, living with David and Nancy Sandiford in Jefferson County, Kentucky. Nancy is shown as being 38 years of age and is probably William's daughter.

The Deed Books of Nelson County, Kentucky, reveal the following information: Book C, page 85. 1830 - William Hansbrough, Jr., and his wife, Elizabeth, sold a lot to James Brown. Book E, page 92. 1839 - William Hansbrough, Jr., sold a lot to Achilles Easley. Book F, page 125. 1840 - William Hansborough sold acreage to Innis Wooten. Book H, page 14. 1847 - William Hansbrough, Jr., of Jefferson County, sold a lot to Thomas H. Mills. Book H, page 156. 1848 - William Hansbrough, Sr., sold a lot to Taylor Basye. Also recorded on the same page is the following: William Hansbrough Sr., and William Hansbrough, Jr., were defendants in a suit brought by Taylor Basye of Perry County, IN. This sale was apparently the result of the settlement of that suit. William and his wife, Elizabeth, apparently had eight children. However, the names of only one daughter and three sons are known.


33. GEORGE -
34. ELISHA - born in 1809.
35. NANCY - born in 1812.
36. WILLIAM - born in 1819.

21. ELLEN HANSBOROUGH: (10 William) Married Hedgman Triplett They moved to Little Rock, Arkansas, where he died at the age of 84. They had eight children

Children (TRIPLETT)

37. William P. - died of Yellow fever in Memphis, Tennessee. NFI.
38. John - was a lawyer in Fort Worth, Texas. NFI.
39. Louis Thom - killed by Indians at Nez Perces, Washington Territory. NFI.
40. Robert C. - lived at Orange Court House, Virginia. NFI.
41. Elizabeth - married P. J. Bennett and lived in Little Rock, Arkansas. NFI.
42. Mrs. J. G. W. Smith - Lived in Little Rock, Arkansas. NFI.
43. Mrs. E. R. Seely - lived in Central Park, Long Island, New York. NFI.
44. Mrs. Donald McKay - lived in Nairne, Scotland. NFI.

24. PETER HANSBOROUGH: (10 William) Married ______ Tye. They had six children:


45. WILLIAM - died in Culpeper, Virginia.
46. Calvin - lived in Fairfax County, Virginia. NFI.
47. JOHN -
48. MORIAS JORDAN - born March 22, 1849.
49. Elizabeth - NFI.
50. Melvin - NFI.

25. ELIZA HANSBOROUGH: (10 William) Born January 6, 1798; died at Stevensburg on December 26, 1872; married (1st) Levi Rawlins on May 29, 1817. He was born in Spotsylvania on February 29, 1788; died October 29, 1824. Eliza married (2nd) John I. Richards. There were four children by the first marriage and one by the second.

Children (RAWLINS)

51. Mary Ann (or Amanda) - born March 9, 1818; died October 30, 1881; married William Painter (or Parker) on January 24, 1939. NFI.
52. FRANCES VIRGINIA - born November 14, 1819.
53. Nancy Holladay - born May 18, 1822; married George Lee Waugh on September 19, 1839. He died in October 1881. NFI.
54. Sarah Ellen - born June 7, 1823; died February 1905. NFI.

Children (RICHARDS)

55. Helen Catherine - born August 17, 1837; died at Stevensburg on January 1, 1906. NFI.

26. JANET HANSBOROUGH: (10 William) The second wife of William G. Allan whose family came from Scotland. They had two children.

Children (ALLAN)

56. SARAH -
57. (A son) - killed in the Mexican War. NFI.

31. PARMENAS HANSBOROUGH: (661 John) Born in Shelby County, Kentucky in 1796; died in 1838; married Dulcinea Rucker. The name of only one child is known.


58. JOSHUA - born August 15, 1836.

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Eighth Generation.

33. GEORGE W. HANSBOROUGH: (19 William) Born near Fredericksburg, Virginia; went to Kentucky, before 1810, with his parents. He married and raised a large family.

The full family of George W. Hansborough has been added by their descendant, Dawson Ballard.


59. George F. - born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky; moved west, and in 1906, was a lawyer in Blackfoot, Idaho. His firm name was Hansbrough (G. F. ) And Adamson (W. W. ). NFI.
2051. HARRY ASHTON - born 1857.
2060. EDWIN - born July 1859.
2061. CLARENCE EARL - born Abt. 1864.
2062. George F. (Frank) - born November 25, 1865 in Jefferson Co., Kentucky; died May 18, 1933 in Bingham Co., Idaho; married (1)Martha Barlett, (2)Martha Daisey Gray, on July 21, 1897 in Lemhi Co., Idaho.
2063. CORA A. - born July 23, 1870.
2064. KATHERINE M. - born January 14, 1872.

34. ELISHA HANSBOROUGH: (19 William) Born in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1809; died before 1897; married (1st) Achia Paine. Her mother, before her marriage, was Miss Grosvenor, of Grosvenor Square, London, England. After her death, Elisha married (2nd) Sarah Hagan; born 1817; died in Portland, Oregon, on April 8, 1908. The names of three children are known. The first two were born to the first wife. Henry Clay Hansbrough was born to the second.


61. MARY -
62. HENRY CLAY - born January 30, 1848.

35. NANCY HANSBROUGH: (19 William) Born in Kentucky in 1812; married David Sandiford. He was born in Virginia in 1796. The names of four children are known.

Children (SANDIFORD)

63. Henry - born 1830. NFI.
64. Margaret - born 1836. NFI.
65. William - born 1838. NFI.
66. David - born 1844. NFI.

36. WILLIAM H. HANSBROUGH: (19 William) Born in 1819 in Spencer County, Kentucky; married Rebecca C. Wathen on October 12, 1841, at St. Michael's Catholic Church, near Bardstown, Kentucky; died August 25, 1887, in Union Township, St. Genevieve County, Missouri; buried on a farm now owned by Mr. Henry Basler, near Weingarten, Missouri. Rebecca C. Wathen was born August 6, 1820, the daughter of Wilfred Wathen and his wife, Elizabeth Louisa Coombs. She died at the home of her son, John A. Hansborough, and is buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery, Enfield, Illinois. They had five children


67. Ann - married ______ Brittan. NFI.
68. Lydie - married ______ Ellis. NFI.
69. Kate - married ______ Pritchet. NFI.
70. Bell - died young. NFI.
71. JOHN Alexander - born January 31, 1847.

The Search for a Great- grandfather.

The search for information about my great- grandfather was long and interesting. My father and my aunts seemed to know very little about him and none of them had ever seen him. Although my great- grandmother lived with my grandfather and his children after the death of my grandmother, she apparently seldom spoke of her husband. All that I knew was that my great- grandmother and my great- grandfather had an unhappy marriage and that having come home to a climax when he joined the Union Army in 1864. She was a strong Southern supporter while he was a Northern sympathizer. After the Civil War, he never returned to his home and family, but simply disappeared. No one knew anything about him and very little was known about the background of my great- grandmother.

The only information that I had was a story told by my Aunt Edith. It seems that her father had heard a story, from some unknown source, that his father was sick in a barn somewhere in Illinois. A town was mentioned but she could not remember it. She did remember that her father and her older brother had gone somewhere to try and find him. They were gone about a week and returned without success. This story is interesting because of later events.

The only solid information that I had was that he had served in the union Army. In early 1975, I wrote to the National Archives requesting information on his military service. Shortly thereafter I received, not only his military records, but the records of my great- grandmother's application for a pension. With this information was data concerning his marriage and an affidavit concerning his death. I now knew my great- grandmother's full name (Rebecca C. Wathen), my great- grandfather's full name (William H. Hansbrough) and that they had been married on October 12, 1841, in Nelson County, Kentucky, by Father R. A. Abell. I also knew that he had died in Union Township, St. Genevieve County, Missouri, on August 25, 1887.

However, I doubted the information concerning his death. The fact that neither my father nor two of my aunts, whom I questioned, knew of the pension, led to this doubt. I, therefore, felt that I should confirm or disprove the facts surrounding his death. After investigating other William Hansbroughs and writing to the county clerk of St. Genevieve County, Missouri, and other sources without success, I came to the conclusion that I would have to visit St. Genevieve, Missouri, to seek out information. Information whose existence I doubted.

In June 1977, accompanied by my wife, I went to St. Genevieve, Missouri. I found it a very interesting Mississippi River town. At one time it was the capital of the French Territory of Louisiana.

After visiting the usual sources (county clerk, Catholic Church, town and county library, etc.,) without success, I noted a small newspaper office, just off the courthouse square. Upon inquiry, I found that they had been publishing for over 100 years. I asked to see their file for 1887.

In 1887, the paper was a weekly, published each Saturday, and printed half in German and half in English.

The English and German portions of the paper were not translations of the same news. Each contained separate items. So, for some unknown reason, I examined the German portion of the paper first, and found nothing. I then turned to the English portion and was startled to find the following news item: FOUND DEAD

Lawrenceston, Missouri., August 27.

Editor Fair Play: On the 20th of August, 1887, a strange man giving his name as Hansbrough, came to the residence of Henry Schraum, who lives on the Plank Road to Union Township, this county. He complained of being sick, and was sent to the barn. He represented that he was from Prairie du Rocher, Ill., and that he was the father of four children who resided in Kentucky. Mr. Schraum asked him why he did not go to his children? He said that he was too proud to go to them in his present condition. He remained in the barn until the 25th inst., when he was found dead. He told Mr. Schraum he was sixty eight years old. He was about six feet and had gray hair. At a late hour on the 25th, I was notified of the fact, and immediately summoned a jury, which returned the following verdict.

"We, the jury, find that the deceased, Hansbrough, came to this death by some disease unknown to us. We found nothing on his person except a small piece of tobacco, and a package under his head containing two shirts and one coat, and a receipt from the Rolla, Missouri. Herald to Mr. G. A. Johnson. "

Andrew Thurman
Justice of the Peace.

There was no doubt but what I had found my great- grandfather.

After further searching and the assistance of a real estate and title guarantee firm, I located the Henry Schraum farm as being about 2 miles west of Weingarten on Missouri State Highway 32 (the Old Plank Road from St. Genevieve to the mines near Farmington, Missouri). The farm was no longer in the Schraum family but was now owned by Mr. Henry Basler.

I drove to Weingarten in hopes of finding my great- grandfather's grave in the Catholic cemetery. However, finding the local priest had gone to St. Louis for the day, I drove on the Basler (formerly Schraum) farm in hopes of perhaps getting a picture of the barn in which my great- grandfather had died.

Upon arrival at the farm, I was met by an elderly gentleman, who introduced himself as Henry Basler. I asked Mr. Basler if he had ever heard the story of the man who had died in the barn on the farm when it was owned by Mr. Henry Schraum. He said that he had, and pointed to an old barn as the site of the death, and to a large walnut tree on the edge of some woods and said: He is buried under that Walnut tree."

At last, my great- grandfather had been found!

Mr. Basler took me down to the woods and showed me the grave. It is located just outside a 4-foot concrete wall surrounding the Schraum family cemetery. There are no monuments or markers in the cemetery; however, Mr. Basler said that he understood that a Mr. and Mrs. Schraum (the first settlers) were buried within the confines of the concrete wall. My great- grandfather's grave is outside the wall near the southwest corner and is surrounded by a 4-foot high, loosely-laid stone wall. The stones appear to be red sandstone and to weigh from 50 to 100 pounds each. Growing out of the center of the grave is a large walnut tree. After taking a number of pictures of the grave site, I returned to my car. My wife, Eloise, and I then continued our journey to Enfield, Illinois, and on to Kentucky in search of a great- great- grandfather, the father of William H. Hansbrough, who lies in peace on the farm of Henry Basler near Weingarten, Missouri.

Upon my return to Austin, Texas, I applied to the Chief of Support Services; Headquarters, Department of the Army; for a bronze grave marker to be placed on the grave of my great- grandfather.

In June of 1978, my wife and I returned to Missouri and placed the marker we had received on the grave of my great- grandfather, William H. Hansbrough. End of the Search.

45. WILLIAM HANSBROUGH: (24 Peter) Married Eliza Fletcher. She died in 1925. They had eight children.


72. Thomas - NFI.
73. SAMUEL -
74. Ernest - NFI.
75. Johnson - NFI.
76. James - NFI.
77. IDA -
78. JANEY -
79. Margaret - NFI.

47. PETER HANSBROUGH: (24 Peter) Died in 1895. He lived in Warrenton, Virginia. The names of five sons are known.


80. Lewis - NFI.
81. Andrew - NFI.
82. Robert - NFI.
83. Josh - NFI.
84. Jerry - NFI.

48. MORIAS JORDAN HANSBROUGH: (24 Peter) Born in Stevensburg, Virginia, March 22, 1849. The name of one son is known.


85. John H. - NFI.

52. FRANCES VIRGINIA RAWLINS: (25 Eliza) Born November 14, 1819; died March 23, 1883; married Charles Hume in Culpeper, Virginia, on June 25, 1843. He was born July 1, 1814; died June 25, 1863. They moved to Washington, D. C. in the 1850s. They had two children.

Children (HUME)

86. FRANK -
87. Susan Ellen - born 1853; died in Richmond, Virginia, on February 7, 1908; married Dr. John Chilton Johnson. NFI.

56. SARAH ALLAN: (26 Janet) Married William Johnson of Fauquier, Virginia. They had one child.

Children (JOHNSON)


58. JOSHUA HANSBROUGH: (31 Parmenas) Born August 15, 1836; married Flora Saunders, born November 21, 1840. They had ten children.


89. Jessie - NFI.
90. PARMENAS - born May 15, 1868.
91. Robert - born in Shelby County, Kentucky in 1878; married Sally Julian; died 1942; buried in Shelby County. NFI.
92. John R. - born in 1880 in Shelby County, died 1960; buried in Alabama; married Maude ______. NFI.
93. Luke B. - born in 1882 in Shelby County; died 1960; buried in Alabama; married Sally Elizabeth ______. NFI.
94. Joseph B. - born in 1882 in Shelby County; married Violet ______. Luke and Joseph were twins. NFI.
95. Joshua R. - NFI.
96. Artie T. - NFI.
97. George J. - born in 1888; never married; died 1955; buried in Louisville, Kentucky. Richard and George were twins. NFI.
98. Richard O. - born 1888; married Sally D. ______; died 1950; buried in Shelby County. Richard and George were twins. NFI.

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Ninth Generation.

2051. HARRY ASHTON HANSBOROUGH: (33 George) Born 1857 in Jefferson Co., Kentucky; died October 2, 1909 in Blackfoot, ID; buried in Union County, Kentucky; married in 1886, Katie Grishom who was born in 1859; died in January, 1929 in Union County, Kentucky. They had one daughter.


2052. MABLE GERTRUDE - born January 13, 1889 in Union Co., Kentucky; died May 22, White Co., Illinois.
2057.Robert - married Macy Lindsey in 1925. NFI.

2060. EDWIN HANSBROUGH: (33 George) Born July 1859; died between 1916 and 1918; married Lucinda Victoria Blair.


2065. Eliza J. - Born December 1882; married Everett Stansbury abt. 1906. NFI.
2066.Richard McClure - Born June 1886. NFI.
2067.Lucinda Blair - Born December 1890; died June 10, 1934 in Jefferson Co., Kentucky; married John Farmer. NFI.
2068.Robert B. - Born October 1891. NFI.

2061. CLARENCE EARL HANSBROUGH: (33 George) Born abt. 1864; died April 1922; married Mary Belle Bailey.


2069.Roy - Born abt. 1894. NFI.

2063. CORA A. HANSBROUGH: (33 George) Born July 23, 1870; died August 9, 1933; married James N Brown.

Child (BROWN)

2070.Katherine - Born abt. 1903; married Woodard. NFI.

2064. KATHERINE M. HANSBROUGH: (33 George) Born January 14, 1872 in Jefferson Co., Kentucky; died March 5, 1915 in Franklin Co., Kentucky; married Thomas Pembroke Merchant, November 20, 1895 in Franklin Co., Kentucky.

Children (MERCHANT)

2071.Ann - Born August 8, 1897; died August 9, 1897. NFI.
2072.Elizabeth Green - Born August 1, 1898; died April 25, 1979; married John Talmage True November 24, 1920 in Jefferson Co., Kentucky. NFI.
2073.Edith May - Born November 11, 1900; died November 12, 1920 in Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. NFI.
2074.Carolyn Francis - Born April 9, 1904; died January 10, 1997 in Washington Co., Utah; married David Kenneth Thomas May 19, 1928 in Bingham Co., Idaho. NFI.
2075.Cora Lee - Born October 1, 1907; died October 25, 1909. NFI.
2076.Margaret Elouise - Born December 24, 1910 in Franklin Co., Kentucky; died December 24, 1998 in Bingham Co., Idaho; married Clair Edwin Kracaw December 27, 1933 in Bingham Co., Idaho. NFI.

60. WILLIAM HANSBROUGH: (34 Elisha) Born 1863; married (1st) Felcitas Kerr; married (2nd) Louise ______. After the birth of nine children, he left his family and went to Florida, where it is believed he died and is buried. His children were born in Prairie du Rocher, Illinois. The births of his children are of record in the Catholic Church in Prairie du Rocher. There were five children by the first wife and four by the second.

Children by the first wife (HANSBROUGH)

99. William - born 1863. NFI.
100. Leona - born 1866; died about 1874 at the same time as her mother. NFI.
101. ACHIA -
102. John - born 1870. NFI.
103. OLIVER ELLSWORTH - born August 10, 1871.

Children by the second wife (HANSBROUGH)

104. George - As a young man, he went to South Dakota and lived there the rest of his life. He married late in life. There were no children.
105. EUGENE -
106. William - NFI.
107. Otto - Lived in St. Francis County, Missouri. It is believed that he was shot and killed in Arkansas. NFI.

61. MARY HANSBROUGH: (34 Elisha) Married DuClos; lived in Prairie du Rocher, Illinois. They had two children.

Children (DuCLOS)

108. Zoe - NFI.
109. Eugene - NFI.

62. HENRY CLAY HANSBROUGH: (34 Elisha) Born January 30, 1848.

Henry Clay, who shortly before had been defeated for the Presidency by James K. Polk, attended the wedding of Elisha Hansbrough and his second wife, Sarah Hagan. As he rode off, on horseback, after the wedding, he halloed back that their first boy should be named for him. In due course, this was done.

(The following was extracted from the "Biographical Directory of the American Congress" and from "The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans.")

"Henry Clay Hansbrough, Senator, was born in Prairie du Rocher, Illinois, January 30, 1848; son of Elisha and Sarah (Hagan) Hansbrough, grandson of William H. and Elizabeth (Miller) Hansbrough, of Virginia, and a descendant of John Hansbrough who came from England and settled in Virginia in 1640. His parents moved to Illinois from Kentucky in 1846, and he was brought up on his father's farm. The advent of the Civil War closed the school in which he was preparing for college, and in 1866, he moved with his parents to California. He learned the trade of printing in the office of the San Jose Mercury, and in 1869, was a partner in publishing a daily paper in San Jose. He moved to San Francisco and was employed on the Chronicle, 1869-1872, in the printing department; as telegraph editor and then assistant managing editor, 1872-1879; engaged in journalism in Wisconsin, 1880, and in 1882 went to Dakota Territory, where he continued in active newspaper work until he entered the field of politics in 1888. He was the first representative from North Dakota in the 51st Congress, 1889-1891; a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1888 and National Committeeman from North Dakota, 1888-1896. He was elected U. S. Senator, January 23, 1891. Took his seat at the close of his term as representative, March 4, 1891, and was re-elected, January 20, 1897, for the term expiring March 3, 1903. His first wife, Josephine, daughter of James Orr of Newburg, New York, died in January 1895. He was married again in 1897 to Mary Berri Chapman of Washington, D. C."

"After the end of his second term in the Senate, in 1909, he resumed his former pursuits in Devil's Lake, North Dakota, from which he retired and moved to St. Petersburg, Florida in 1919; moved to Water Mill, Long Island, New York, in 1925 and thence to Washington, D. C. in 1927 where he died on November 16, 1933. His remains were cremated and the ashes scattered under an elm tree on the United States Capitol Grounds, Washington, D. C."

(The following was extracted from "The Capitol Nobody Knows," by Bill and Juana Wilson, published in Popular Mechanics, January 1967.)

"A former senator has achieved the peculiar distinction of being the only man known to rest forever on Capitol Hill. He was Henry Clay Hansbrough, senator from North Dakota, who served several terms until defeated in 1909. One fall morning in 1933, the 85 year old Hansbrough walked into the office of Gerald P. Nye, to enlist his help in carrying out one last request. A month later Hansbrough died. His ashes were delivered in an ordinary shoe box to Senator Nye's office. Late in the afternoon of November 18, 1933, Senator Nye and his office staff solemnly scattered the ashes of Henry Clay Hansbrough beneath an elm tree on Capitol Hill, exactly as the former senator requested."

71. JOHN ALEXANDER HANSBROUGH: (36 William) Born January 31, 1847; married Laura L. Davis, born April 29, 1849, in Indiana. They were married at Poseyville, Indiana, on February 1, 1870, Father John Schrader, officiating. He died at Enfield, Illinois, and is buried with his wife and mother in St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery at Enfield. They had nine children.

John Alexander Hansbrough is the author's grandfather. However, I know very little about my grandparents except through stories told by my father and his sisters. My grandmother died before I was born. Although I was born in (1848-1933) the house next door to my grandfather's house and store, my mother took me to Texas when I was about six weeks old. My memory of my grandfather is limited to two short visits when I was about five and nine years old.

My grandfather was born January 31, 1847, in Kentucky; moved to Enfield, Illinois, sometime before 1880. In Enfield, he built a small general store with his home adjoining and connected to the store building. The second floor of the store building contained a number of small bedrooms (unheated) where his many children slept.

My grandmother died sometime before 1900 after a lingering illness. After her death, my great- grandmother looked after her large brood of grandchildren until her death in 1900. (For data on the Davis Family, and the Wathen Family, see Chapter V of John W. Hansborough's book: HISTORY and GENEALOGY of the HANSBOROUGH - HANSBROUGH FAMILY with data on the HANBURY, GARRARD, DASH, DEVOUS, DAVIS, WATHEN and BELL FAMILIES.).


110. WILLIAM - born September 1871.
111. ELIZABETH - born August 20, 1873.
112. NELLIE MYRTLE - born September 22, 1876.
113. Agnes - died when 4 years old. NFI.
114. JOHN ALOYSIUS - born January 30, 1882.
115. EDITH - born March 24, 1884.
116. CORA - born October 28, 1886.
117. BERNICE - born November 4, 1889.
118. Lelia Louise - born in 1891; died when three months old; buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery, Enfield, Illinois. NFI.

73. SAMUEL F. HANSBROUGH: (45 William) Born 1870; died 1940; married Sarah Taylor Green. They had four children.


119. Helen Richard - a retired school teacher living in Cincinnati, Ohio. NFI.
120. Alfred - born 1900; died 1975. NFI.
121. Elvira - born 1903; died 1974. NFI.
122. Benjamin - born 1905; died 1932. NFI.

77. IDA HANSBROUGH: (45 William) Married Charles Nagel; later they were divorced. There were four children.

Children (NAGEL)

123. Paul - NFI.
124. Ellen - married ______ Wrigley.
125. Ruth - NFI.
126. Estelle - NFI.

78. JANEY HANSBROUGH: (45 William) Married Marion Koontz and moved to Flint, Michigan. They had five children.

Children (KOONTZ)

127. Frank - NFI.
128. Olvene - NFI.
129. Lucille - NFI.
130. Jack - NFI.
131. Barbara - NFI.

86. FRANK HUME: (52 Frances) Married Emma Phillips Norris, who died in Washington, D. C., on January 5, 1931. They had nine children.

Children (HUME)

132. Alice - married Rev. Thomas Worthington Cooke. NFI.
133. Frank NFI. - not married in 1944. NFI.
134. Robert S. - single in 1944. NFI.
135. Emma Norris - married Hon. Lynn Sedwick Hornor (1877-1934), of Clarksburg, West Virginia. NFI.
136. Nannie G. - married Col. Henry Clay Jewett. NFI.
137. Howard - a surgeon. U. S. Army. NFI.
138. John E. NFI. - NFI.
139. Allan P. - NFI.
140. Mable H. - married ______ Howard. NFI.

88. JUDITH AMELIA HALL JOHNSON: (56 Sarah) Married John Russell Colvin. They had six children.

Children (COLVIN)

141. William Wyer - NFI.
142. Janet C. Rector - NFI.
143. Maude C. - NFI.
144. John Barbour - NFI.
145. Anne H. - NFI.
146. A. Russell - NFI.

90. PARMENAS HANSBROUGH: (58 Joshua) Born May 15, 1868, in Shelby County, Kentucky; died in 1949; buried in Louisville, Kentucky; married Stella Thomas, born 1878, in Henry County, Kentucky, died 1955, buried in Louisville, Kentucky. He was magistrate and sheriff of Shelby County. They had three children.


147. JESSIE OWEN - BORN November 27, 1919
148. Forest V. - born 1918 NFI.
149. Frances L. - born 1917; married Gene L. Hansford. NFI.

(The following was extracted from "A History of Kentucky and Kentuckians," by E. Polk Johnson.)

"PARMENAS HANSBROUGH. - The American people are prone to show their appreciation of the Christian precepts which so often names self control as one of the foundation virtues, which is vital to the advancement of the Master's cause. They evince this appreciation in their homage to the character of strong passions who has them well in hand, and to the self-centered and well balanced member of their community whose life is a shame to disorder and evil doing. In the matter of public honors, the people come with their gifts to their fellow citizen who can furnish them an example of self-control, and this is particularly true of any judicial office in our rural districts, as its exercise brings the incumbent into specially intimate relations with all the affairs of life. This is particularly true of Parmenas Hansbrough, magistrate of Shelby County, and a well known farmer and live stock dealer of that section of his native Kentucky."

"Mr. Hansbrough was born in the county mentioned, May 15, 1868, son of Joshua and Flora (Saunders) Hansbrough. The families on both sides of the genealogical house having been founded several generations ago in that region of the Bluegrass state. They are also both of Virginia ancestry. The grandfather, Parmenas Hansbrough, was born in Shelby County in 1796, and died not far from his birth place at the early age of forty-two. The father's birthday was August 15, 1836; the mother's November 21, 1840; and they are still honored residents of their native county. Mrs. Joshua R. Hansbrough is a daughter of Robert and Louisa (Jessie) Saunders, both also born in Shelby County, of Virginia ancestry, so that every genealogical line traced from Mr. Hansbrough in the United States is directed to the Old Dominion. He was the second child to be born in the family whose other children were Jessie, and George and Richard (twins)."

"The subject of this sketch was reared and educated in Shelby County, completed his higher courses at Home College, Connellsburg, Henry County. Since that time, he has continuously engaged in farming, the raising of live stock, and in the private and public performance of his duties as a citizen. His homestead of fifty-seven acres furnished an object lesson in thrift, scientific husbandry, and comfortable living. He has been a busy and honored magistrate of Shelby County since November 1909."

101. ACHIA HANSBROUGH: (60 William) Born 1866; married Charles Wheelehon; died in Arcadia, Missouri; probably buried in the cemetery at Ironton, Missouri. They had four sons.

Children (WHEELEHON)

150. Paul - NFI.
151. Raymond - NFI.
152. Francis - NFI.
153. Charles - NFI.

2052. MABLE GERTRUDE HANSBOROUGH: (2051 Harry) Born January 13, 1889 in Union Co., Kentucky; died May 22, White Co., Illinois; married January 2, 1912 in Union Co., Kentucky, Raymond Gordon McCormick born 1890, died May, 1982. They had 3 sons.

Children (MC CORMICK)

2053. MARTIN ANDREW - Born April 16, 1920 in Union Co., Kentucky; died February 1996 in White Co., Illinois.
2054. Raymond - NFI.
2055. George - Born December, 1922; died 2002. He never married. NFI.

103. OLIVER ELLSWORTH HANSBROUGH: (60 William) Born August 10, 1871; married (1st) Emma Edwards; there were no children by this marriage; married (2nd) Nora Ellen Belknap. There were four children by the second marriage.


154. Lulu Ellen - married M. Scott Thompson. They had two sons but their names are not known. NFI.
155. Lela Helen - married Ernest C. Crow. They had one son but the name is not known. NFI.
156. Vernon Ellsworth - married Mildred O'Dell. They had one son but the name is not known. NFI.
157. Florence Marguerite - married (1st) Robert Eason; and (2nd) C. L. Owston. There were no children by either marriage. NFI.

105. EUGENE HANSBROUGH: (60 William) Married Mona Foss. They lived in Flat River, St. Francois County, Missouri. They had one son, born after his father was killed on the railroad.


158. Eugene - NFI.

110. WILLIAM A. HANSBROUGH: (71 John) Born September 22, 1871, in Poseyville, Indiana; married Nora Dunn, October 3, 1892. He was for many years the station agent for the L & NFI. Railroad in Enfield, Illinois. They had four children.


159. IRL - born 1893.
160. LOUISE -
161. Harold - died at the age of 21. NFI.
162. Clarence - died young. NFI.

111. ELIZABETH HANSBROUGH: (71 John) Born August 20, 1873, in Poseyville, Indiana; died February 14, 1960; buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery, Enfield, Illinois. She never married. She and her sister, Cora, who also never married, lived for many years after the death of their father, in the old home and operated the family store. After their deaths, the old home and store gradually fell into ruin and were torn down in the early 1970s.

112. NELLIE MYRTLE HANSBROUGH: (71 John) Born September 22, 1876, in Poseyville, Indiana; died March 2, 1955; buried in Calvary Cemetery, LaHunta, Co. ; married William Andrew Connelly. He was born April 4, 1873; died February 4, 1952; buried at LaHunta, Co. He was a printer with the Hartman, Co. Enterprise, and engaged in the real estate business. They had five children.

Children (CONNELLY)

163. Bernard Michael - born April 3, 1898, in Enfield, Illinois; buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Los Angeles, California; married Martha ______, in Denver, Colorado. It is not known if they had any children. NFI.
164. Mary Laura - born April 15, 1900, in Enfield, Illinois; died November 29, 1975; married Emil R. J. Willems in October 1946. It is not known if they had any children. NFI.
165. Robert Joseph - born March 4, 1904, in East St. Louis, Illinois. NFI.
166. JOHN HUGH - born January 4, 1913.
167. Helen Elizabeth - born March 7, 1916, in Hartman, Colorado; married Andrew Wilson Tonozzi on January 1, 1934. NFI.

114. JOHN ALOYSIUS HANSBOROUGH: (71 John) Born January 30, 1882, in Enfield, Illinois; died April 12, 1960, in Los Angeles, California; buried in Valhalla Cemetery, Burbank, California; married Mary M. Devous on November 15, 1904, at Ridgway, Illinois. She died on October 29, 1972, in Burbank, California, and is buried beside her husband in Valhalla Cemetery, Burbank, California. They had six children.

John A. Hansborough, my father.

My father in his early life was a railroad telegrapher. The young family moved a great deal. However, about 1906, they moved to Texas where they spent most of their lives. For five years (1911-1916), they lived at Standart, Texas where my father was railroad agent, telegrapher, postmaster, and operated a small general store. These were days of trouble with the Mexican bandit, Pancho Villa, who once raided all around our place but did not bother the Hansborough family. My father was friendly with the Mexicans, and often advanced them credit in his store. It was here that he bought one of the first automobiles west of San Antonio. On September 8, 1913, he was issued Automobile Register Receipt No. 13 for Kinney County, Texas. The number had to be attached to "Pebbles," his early Ford, in numbers at least six inches high. He made his own license plate. The car was not of much use as there were no roads, and he eventually sold it to Dr. Ross of Del Rio, Texas. The first road was built about 1914, connecting Standart with the military Post of Fort Clark at Brackettville. Prior to that time, travel was cross-country or along the railroad track to Del Rio, a distance of 18 miles.

I can well remember one day when we were returning cross-country from Brackettville."Pebbles" dropped a front wheel in an abandoned well, and I went over the windshield onto the radiator. I suffered a cut about two inches long under my chin and bear the scar to this day. I think that was our last cross-country trip except one. The last one that I remember was when my mother was stung by a "yellow-jacket" wasp, and suffered a violent allergic reaction. My father rushed her to Dr. Ross in Del Rio. It was a wild ride down the railroad right-of-way (no road) for 18 miles.

In 1916, the family moved from Standart to San Antonio where the children first attended a public school. Prior to that time, we had a governess for our schooling. Incidentally, when the Hansborough family left Standart the population declined from seven (our family) to zero. We were the only family at Standart, and our nearest neighbor was a Mexican family at Pinto Junction, seven miles away.

In 1918, the family moved to Dallas, Texas where my father worked for the Willard Storage Battery Company as a salesman, and later as a station manager until 1929. In 1930, he was injured in a fall, while serving on a jury, and this affected him the rest of his life.

From 1931 until his death in 1960, he and my mother usually lived with, or close to, one of their children.

It is to be noted that my father abandoned the German sounding name of Hansbrough during World War I; and thereafter, used the English sounding spelling of Hansborough. As can be seen from Chapter I, Section 3, this should not have caused much of a problem, but it did upset his sisters who always resented his changing the way he spelled the name.


168. Baby Boy - died shortly after birth on August 1, 1905, in East St. Louis, Illinois. NFI.
169. JEANNETTE ANNA - born March 3, 1907.
170. JOHN WILLIAM - born May 18, 1908.
171. RAPHAEL DEVOUS - born November 10, 1910.
172. NORMAN JOSEPH - born September 26, 1912.
173. MARY CATHERINE DOLORES - born February 4, 1916.

115. EDITH HANSBROUGH: (71 John) Born March 24, 1884, married John Flatley. He was born September 10, 1884; died November 12, 1976. They had no children; however, they raised but did not adopt, Peter Biava. He married and now lives at 5400 Jefferson Street, Evansville, Indiana. Edith and John lived on a farm for 40 years. In their later years, one of their greatest pleasures was sitting on their porch and watching the oil well in their back yard pump. It provided a steady if not large income.

116. CORA HANSBROUGH: (71 John) Born October 28, 1886; died January 1937. She never married. She and her sister Elizabeth, lived for many years after the death of their father in the old home and operated the store. After their deaths, the old home and the store gradually fell into ruin and were torn down in the early 1970s.

117. ANNA BERNICE HANSBROUGH: (71 John) Born November 4, 1889, in Enfield, Illinois; married Luke Sylvester Fyie, born August 16, 1890, in Leapoldville, Indiana, died June 7, 1971, buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery, Enfield, Illinois. He was a prosperous farmer. They had two children.

An interesting note on the Fyie (Avey) genealogy:

The Fyie family goes back to doctor Mudd who treated John Wilkes Booth after he shot President Lincoln in Ford's Theatre, Washington, D. C.

147. JESSIE OWEN HANSBROUGH: (90 Parmenas) Born November 27, 1919, in Shelby County, Kentucky; married Ester K. Barnett, born August 26, 1918, in Louisville, Kentucky. He is a civil Engineer. They had one child.

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Eleventh Generation.

2053. MARTIN ANDREW MC CORMICK: (2052 Mable) - Born April 16, 1920 in Union Co., Kentucky; died February 1996 in White Co., Illinois; married June 28,m 1940 in Union Co., Kentucky, Eva Lee Logsdon, born June 19, 1926 in Henderson Co., Kentucky; died May 7, 1947 in Saline Co., Illinois. They had one child.


2056. Mable Virginia - Married Dawson Robert Ballard. They had two sons.

159. IRL HANSBROUGH: (110 William) Born in 1893; married Pauline Lassiter. They adopted two girls. They had one child of their own.

160. LOUISE HANSBROUGH: (110 William) Married Wayne Land. They had two sons.

166. JOHN HUGH CONNELLY: (116 Nellie) Born January 4, 1913, in Hartman, Colorado; married Marjie May Pattison on December 28, 1950, in Las Vegas, New Mexico. She was born January 30, 1918, in Hartman, Colorado. They had one child. He had two step-children, children of his wife by a previous marriage.

169. JEANNETTE ANNA HANSBOROUGH: (114 John) Born March 3, 1907, in Enfield, Illinois; married Frank Owen Armbruster on June 18, 1926, in Sherman, Texas. He was born October 20, 1903, in Farmersville, Texas. Mr. Armbruster is retired from Sears-Roebuck Company, and the American President Steamship Lines. For many years, he was an engineer aboard round-the-world cruise ships. They have one child.

170. JOHN WILLIAM HANSBOROUGH: (114 John) The author of the book. He was born May 18, 1908, in Enfield, Illinois; married Eloise Garrard on June 4, 1932, at San Antonio, Texas. Eloise is the daughter of William Louis Garrard and his wife, Martha Josephine (Lash) Garrard, of Tyler, Texas. Mr. Garrard is a lineal descendant of Anthony Garrard who served in the American Army during the Revolutionary War. Eloise Holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the College of Industrial Arts (later, Texas Women's University), at Denton, Texas.

Note: According to the "Register of Graduates and Former Cadets of the United States Military Academy," John is the only Hansborough to graduate from West Point, and his son is the only other Hansborough to have entered West Point and not graduated, he resigned to attend Texas University.

In 1933, he was detailed to the Ordnance Department with station at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. After earning a Master of Science Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he returned to the Field Artillery and was graduated from the Field Artillery School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in 1938. Upon completion of the courses at Fort Sill, John and Eloise and their young son were ordered to Fort Stotsenburg, Philippine Islands for duty with the 24th Field Artillery Regiment, Philippine Scouts. Duty and life in the Philippines, at that time, was much like that often pictured for the British Army officer in India. After an enjoyable tour of duty, they returned to the continental United States in 1941, as Japan was preparing for war against the United States. During the period of World War II, Eloise stayed at her mother's home in Tyler, Texas, where their second son was born, while John was overseas in North Africa. During his overseas duty in North Africa, Italy, and France, John served on the staffs of General George Patton, Western Task Force and I Armored Corps; General Mark Clark, Fifth U. S. Army; and General "Sandy" Patch, Seventh U. S. Army. During his war service, he participated in three assault landings on hostile shores. His primary duty had to do with the planning and control of air operations in support of ground operations. In late 1944, he returned to the U. S. to command the Ground Liaison Officer's School at Key Field, Meridian, Mississippi. While in France, he had been promoted to Colonel, U. S. Army.

After the war, he served as an Army Instructor on the staff of the Air War College and the Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama. In 1949, John, Eloise and their two sons went to Germany where they were stationed one year each at Erlangen, Heidelburg, and Baumholder. John's duty assignments included commanding the 33rd Field Artillery Battalion; Deputy Director of Posts, European Command; and Commanding Officer of the military installation of Baumholder. Upon returning from Germany, John was assigned as the director of the Department of Motors, The Artillery and Missile School, Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

In 1955, they moved to Fort Carson, Colorado, and after a short tour of duty there, they moved to Fort Hood, Texas, where John commanded the 4th Armored Division Artillery. In 1957, they moved to Alaska where John was initially Chief of Combat Developments and later Chief of Staff, U. S. Army, Alaska. In 1960, they returned to Fort Sill, where John commanded the 34th Field Artillery Brigade until his retirement, after 30 years service, on July 31, 1961.

Among his decorations, John includes the "Legion of Merit," the French "Croix de Guerre," and the Italian "Bronze Star of Valor," as well as numerous campaign and battle ribbons with stars and arrowheads.

After retirement from the Army, John and Eloise moved to Austin, Texas, where they bought and established their first permanent home. John joined the faculty of St. Edward's University as an assistant Professor of Science, teaching courses in Physics and Geology. In 1971, he again retired.

John and Eloise have traveled extensively since their marriage. They have been in over 25 foreign countries and in most states of the union. They still enjoy traveling. In fact, they have traveled over 25,000 miles collecting data for this book. They have two sons.

171. RAPHAEL DEVOUS HANSBOROUGH: (114 John) Born November 10, 1910, at Del Rio, Texas; married Margaret Lillian Diehl on May 4, 1935, at San Antonio, Texas, and is buried in the Sunset Memorial Park in San Antonio. Devous, or "Hank" as he was popularly known to his many friends, graduated from Oak Cliff High School in Dallas, Texas, in 1930. He joined the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) in 1934, and secured a Civil Service position in 1935. He enlisted in the Army in November 1942, and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant of Infantry in July 1943. He served in the China-Burma-India area from September 1943 until November 1945 when he was discharged as a Captain. He returned to his civil service position and became Contracting Officer at Fort Sam Houston, Texas in 1957. He retired from the Civil Service in July, 1970. He and Margaret had two children.

172. NORMAN JOSEPH HANSBOROUGH: (114 John) Born September 27, 1912; married Doreen Hoezel of Houston, Texas. She died in April of 1968, and is buried in New Orleans, Louisiana. Norman was injured during World War II, and as a result has spent a great deal of time in Veterans Hospitals. They have one son

173. MARY CATHERINE DOLORES HANSBOROUGH: (114 John) Born February 4, 1916, at Standart, Texas; died July 23, 1973; buried in Valhalla Memorial Park, Burbank, California. She married Thomas Richard Deck, born July 25, 1913, in Sterling County, Texas. He died December 26, 1956, and is buried in Valhalla Memorial Park, Burbank, California. Mr. Deck was an electrical engineer. They had three children.

174. DOROTHY BERNICE FYIE: (117 Bernice) Born December 24, 1918, in Enfield, Illinois; married Francis I Forster on April 27, 1939, in Evansville, Indiana. He is employed by Boeing Aircraft Company in their quality control section. They have four children.

175. VINCENT LUKE FYIE: (117 Bernice) born April 13, 1923, in Harrisburg, Illinois; married Anne Frances Kunich on April 18, 1945, in Joliet, Illinois. She was born on February 24, 1924, in Joliet, Illinois. They have five children.

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants.

The Fifth Generation

Note: The first four generations are covered in Section 1, "The Foundations of the Family."

5. JAMES HANSBROUGH. (4 Peter) Born in Stafford County Virginia, about 1719; died in Stafford County in September or October of 1784. On page 201 of the register of St. Paul's Parish, King George County, his marriage is recorded as "James Hansbury and Lettice Sumners married September 19th (1741). She was the daughter of Joseph Sumner, Jr., and his wife Janet Rowley. They had eight children. The first record of him is found in the ledger of Allison, a merchant of Falmouth, when he purchased some cloth. In the ledger, he is referred to as "Father of Peter, Under-sheriff of Stafford." Prior to 1779, he began purchasing land in Culpeper. At that time, he was known as James "Senior. " On August 16, 1779, he and his wife, Lettice, sold some land to Becket Davenport. He also sold land on March 3, 1781, to his son Peter Hansbrough, Jr., of King George County. When James died in 1784, his estate included 17 slaves, 5 horses and 20 cattle. His will makes no mention of his wife, so it is presumed that she died before him.


223. PETER - born June 12, 1744.
224. James - born November 11, 1746; died December 14, 1746. NFI.
225. ELIZABETH MAGDALENE - born February 22, 1748.
226. MILLY OR MILLIAN - born May 5, 1750.
227. GABRIEL - born November 17, 1752.
228. JAMES - born October 30, 1755.
229. ANNA VIOLET - born April 24, 1758.
230. MARY - born February 8, 1764.

6. PETER HANSBROUGH: (4 Peter) Born in Stafford County, probably before 1724; died the latter part of 1781; married (1st) Margaret French, daughter of Daniel French, of King George County, and his wife, the widow of Sir Francis Dade. Her brother, Daniel French, of "Rose Hill" and "Clairmont," mentions as one of his legatees his sister, "Margaret Hansberry." By this marriage Peter had three children.

Margaret probably died about 1751, as on May 27, 1752, Peter married (2nd) Lydia Smith, daughter of Henry Smith and Sarah Crosby. Eight children were born of the second marriage.

Children (HANSBROUGH) by Margaret French.

231. WILLIAM - born August 4, 1747.
232. Margaret - "Peggy" as she is called in the division of her father's slaves when she received "Nan." NFI.
233. PETER -

Children (HANSBROUGH) by Lydia Smith.

234. SMITH - born June 30, 1753.
235. Sarah - born March 13, 1756."Sally," as she is called in the division of her father's slaves, when she received "Rachel." NFI.
236. ELIZABETH LENGHEAD - born January 5, 1761.
237. GEORGE - born September 29, 1765.
238. ELIJAH -
239. ENOCH -
240. SYDNEY -
241. LUCY -

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Sixth Generation.

223. PETER HANSBROUGH: (5 James) Born in Stafford County, Virginia, on June 12, 1744; died in Culpeper on October 15, 1822. Little is known of his early life, except that he appears to have been a keen business man. He was very active in the American Revolt against Great Britain, and he served in the 3rd Virginia Regiment. His name appears in the DAR Patriots Index. His dealings in real estate were very extensive, and he owned land in Orange, Stafford and King George Counties, and in the towns of Fredericksburg and Culpeper. In all, he owned more than 10,000 acres of land. On September 10, 1766, he married his first cousin, Eleanor Minor, daughter of John Minor of King George County. She was born January 15, 1742, in Stafford, and died in Culpeper on March 12, 1812. Her mother was Margaret Sumner, the sister of his mother Lettice Sumner. They had eight children.


242. JAMES - born January 1768.
243. PETER - born October 11, 1769.
244. JOHN - born November 24, 1771.
245. BETSEY - born July 27, 1774.
246. AMELIA - born September 27, 1776.
247. JOSEPH SUMNER - born September 22, 1779.
248. WILLIAM - born September 2, 1781.
249. Mildred Brown - died October 16, 1835. In his will, Peter made provision for his "natural daughter," Mildred Brown, who was to receive an annuity during her natural life of $150.00 annually from his son, William. He also provided that his executors should pay her $150.00 "immediately after my death," and she was to have, during her life, the use of two female slaves, one to be selected by her from his whole stock and the other to be allotted to her by his executors.

225. ELIZABETH MAGDALENE HANSBROUGH: (5 James) Born in Stafford on February 22, 1748; died 1788. She married Daniel Colvin about 1762. Mr. Colvin, although middle-aged at the time of the Revolutionary War, volunteered to fight for the cause of American Freedom and served as a private in the Virginia Infantry until the surrender of the British at Yorktown. He also served In General George Rogers Clark's Illinois regiment. On his way home after the war, he fell from his horse while crossing the mountains and was crippled for life. He and his wife are buried in the little burying ground at "Montana. Airy," the home, in 1943, of their great- great- grandson, Mr. G. R. Colvin. A monument to his memory was erected by the Culpeper Minute Men Chapter of the DAR. There were eight children.

Children (COLVIN)

250. JAMES - born October 19, 1769.
251. GABRIEL -
252. Mary - married in 1796 to Daniel Smith. NFI.
253. Frances - married in 1824 to Oliver Neville Rosser. NFI.
254. Millie - married ______ Smith of Warrentown. NFI.
255. Annie - died in infancy. NFI.
256. William - died unmarried. NFI.
257. NELSON -

226. MILLIAM HANSBROUGH: (5 James) Called "Milly;" born in Stafford on May 5, 1750; married Nelson Pilchner about 1768. During the Revolutionary War, he was one of the "Field Officers and Captains of the Stafford Militia." They are believed to have had children but no details are available.

227. GABRIEL HANSBROUGH: (5 James) Born in Stafford on November 17, 1752; died in Fauquier before June 23, 1800, when his will was recorded. He married Mary ______, called "Molly." They had two sons and possibly other children.


258. James - NFI.
259. Peter - NFI.

228. JAMES HANSBROUGH: (5 James) Born in Stafford on October 30, 1755. Nothing is known concerning his possible marriage or his death. He served in the Revolutionary War, at Valley Forge, and he was Quartermaster Sergeant of the 3rd Virginia Regiment.

229. ANNA VIOLET HANSBROUGH: (5 James) Born in Stafford on April 24, 1758; married William Murphy some time before November 13, 1780. They had six children.

Children (MURPHY)

260. John - given land in King George County. NFI.
261. Nany - given land in Fauquier County. NFI.
262. Winterton - given land in Frederick. NFI
263. Peter - given land in Culpeper. On March 1, 1838, he married his cousin, Mrs. Lucy Doniphan (Hansbrough) Carr. She was his second wife and he was her second husband. NFI.
264. Mary - given land in King George County. NFI.
265. William - mentioned as a son. NFI.

230. MARY HANSBROUGH: (5 James) Born February 8, 1764. Other than that she inherited certain items from her father, nothing is known about her.

231. WILLIAM HANSBROUGH: (6 Peter) Born in Stafford on August 4, 1747. On April 27, 1767, he and Thomas Watts gave bond to the Fauquier County Court. The condition being that the said Hansbrough was shortly to be married to Sarah Watts (probably the daughter of said Thomas). On May 24, 1784, William sold four negros (Luce, age 19; Nan, age 9; Hannah, age 7; and Cutler, age 5) to William Cooke, of Loudoun. On June 28, 1784, he sold two negro slaves (Brady and Peg) to William Cooke, and on June 22, 1789, he sold a thirteen year old negro slave girl, Nan, to Peter Hansbrough for 420£ current money.

As William does not appear to have shared in the division of his father's estate, he was probably dead or had moved to parts unknown. There are no known children.

233. PETER HANSBROUGH: (6 Peter) He is believed to have been born in Stafford sometime between 1749 and 1751. In the division of his father's estate in January 1782, he received the slave, Mary, and was to receive 21£ from his step-mother.

It is presumed that he married early in 1785, for on the 14th of March of that year, Joseph Brown, of Stafford, "out of the natural love and affection of Peter Hansbrough and Betty, his wife, my daughter," gave them "one negro wench named 'Suk,'" also one saddle horse, side saddle; two cows, one bed and furniture; one linen wheel; one wooling wheel; one chest, one desk," and lent them "one negro by the name of Bob until their eldest child shall have arrived at the age of 16 years," at which time the said Bob was to be given "to the said eldest child at the age of sixteen."

From the Personal Property Tax List of Prince William County, we learn that the family of "Peter Hansberry" consisted of two white males 21 years of age and over, but only one in 1793, 1794, and 1795. The list also shows that he owned 9 horses in 1792, 1793, 1794, and 8 in 1795; and a four-wheeled phaeton (called a "Post Chair") in 1793, 1794, and 1795.

No further information is available concerning his son.

234. SMITH HANSBROUGH: (6 Peter) Born in Stafford on June 6, 1753; died January 1818 in Logan Co., Kentucky. He married Susannah before 1778. On Thursday, September 12, 1776, Smith Hansbrough was commissioned as "Fourth Ensign" of one of the four companies of Minute Men from the "Caroline District." In the war of 1812, he appears as a private on the roll of Capt. Samuel H. Curd's Co., Kentucky Mounted Militia. He enlisted September 18, 1812. His will is recorded in Will Book B, Page 169, as made on October 21, 1817.

Mr. Patrick Harrison and Mr. Bob Ogden have supplied additional information about the family of Smith Hansbrough. Their researches point to a tie between this family and the Daniel Hansbrough listed in Chapter IV, UNCONNECTED HANSBOROUGHS, Section 3, page 187 of the book. That information had originally come from Mr. Lewis D. Hansbrough.


942. DANIEL SMITH - died after 1818.
942a. SARAH (Sally) M. - born December 3, 1778 in Stafford Co., Virginia; died January 1, 1857 in Tennessee.
942b. SUSAN - born March 31, 1799; died November 4, 1850 in Logan County, Kentucky; married Otho W. Ogden, March 5, 1816, Logan County, Kentucky. He was born March 9, 1791; died January 6, 1866 in Logan Co., Kentucky.

236. ELIZABETH LENGHEAD HANSBROUGH: (6 Peter) Born January 5, 1761 in Stafford County, Virginia; died October 25, 1832, in St. Clair County, Illinois; married John Primm on October 9, 1777, in Stafford County, Virginia. He was born May 17, 1750, in Stafford County, Virginia. He was born May 17, 1750, in Stafford County Virginia and died March 12, 1837, in St. Clair County, Illinois.

John Primm served in the Revolutionary War from 1777 to 1783, 3 months of each year, except one, when he had a substitute serve for him. They had seventeen children, all born in Virginia, except the last one. The family moved West and settled in St. Clair County, Illinois, in the year 1803.

Children (PRIMM)

266. William - born September 14, 1778. NFI.
267. John - born July 25, 1780; married Ruth Cox, October 10, 1809; died August 9, 1848. NFI.
268. Thomas - born May 11, 1782; married Elizabeth Stallions, May 12, 1807; died May 14, 1856. NFI.
269. James - born September 10, 1783. NFI.
270. Peter - born April 25, 1785. NFI.
271. Daniel - born June 23, 1786. NFI.
272. Margaret - called (Peggy) born October 1, 1787; married John Stark, September 6, 1812; died December 9, 1872. NFI.
273. Enoch - born December 15, 1788. NFI.
274. Elijah - born March 8, 1790; died 1814. NFI.
275. Silas - born January 6, 1792. NFI.
276. Elizabeth - born May 26, 1793; married Stephen Lacey, March 13, 1817; died November 28, 1880. NFI.
277. Parmenas - born October 26, 1794. NFI.
278. Joseph - born September 14, 1795; married Eleanor Langhead, October 7, 1819; died November 28, 1845. NFI.
279. Levi - born June 11, 1797; married Mrs. Susan Booker (nee Howard), April 3, 1823; died July 5, 1871. NFI.
280. Aram - born July 28, 1799; married Jael Million, December 27, 1825; died July 4, 1884. NFI.
281. Lydia - born January 31, 1801. NFI.
282. Mary - born July 31, 1804. NFI.

237. GEORGE HANSBROUGH: (6 Peter) Born in Stafford on September 29, 1768. According to an agreement dated November 14, 1785, George, then 17 years of age, was apprenticed to James Stigler, a blacksmith and wheelwright of Fauquier, until he was 21 years of age. The agreement provided that George should not enter any tippling house or tavern, etc., while Stigler agreed to provide him food, clothing, washing, lodging, etc. For some unknown reason, George did not remain with Stigler a year, for on July 10, 1786, he was apprenticed, until he was 21 years of age, to Charles Ralls, of Stafford, to learn the coach and chain making business.

The Land Book of Stafford for 1782-95 shows that George Hansbrough transferred 10 acres of land to Enoch Horton. The Land Tax Book of Stafford for 1796-1806 shows that George owned 1 negro and one horse. According to this book, he paid taxes in 1799 and 1800 on 70 acres which he had obtained from Peter Hansbrough, one-half of which he transferred to Elijah Hansbrough in 1801.

238. ELIJAH HANSBROUGH: (6 Peter) Born in Stafford in 1775; died before August 27, 1849, when his will was recorded in the Fauquier County Court. He was a resident of Stafford until 1812, when in a deed he is spoken of as "of Fauquier." After his removal to Fauquier, he invested heavily in real estate. On November 9, 1812, he purchased 420 acres; on April 22, 1818, he purchased 218 acres; on October 10, 1821, he purchased 58 acres and 152 acres; 65 acres were purchased on December 22, 1826; 11 acres on December 25, 1826; and 179 acres in Stafford and Fauquier on October 15, 1830.

By his will, dated March 1, 1848, Elijah left his estate to be divided among his 11 children. According to the inventory and appraisement of his personal estate, it was valued at $30,894.88.

There is a long and interesting preamble to his will, which also states that he was in the 74th year of his age. He mentions his children all by name, but no mention is made of his wife so it is presumed that she predeceased him. From the marriage licenses of several of his children, however, we learn that her christian name was Margaret. There is also some evidence that she may have been his second wife. His first wife was probably Mary Starke, and she may have been the mother of some of his 11 children.


283. DAVID - born 1819.
284. Elijah - born 1799 in Kentucky. Married Catherine Carter (daughter of Stephen Carter, one of the co-founders of old Bellefonte, Alabama). Elijah Hansbrough was a land surveyor in Jackson County, Alabama from 1830-1844. In or shortly before 1844, he and Catherine moved to Huntsville, Alabama, where he was recorded as a land surveyor in the 1850 Madison County census. In 1860, Elijah and Catherine (Carter) Hansbrough were living in Travis County, Texas, and Elijah was recorded as a farmer.
286. HIRAM -
287. Marianne - married Thompson Cox on November 23, 1835. NFI.
288. Phinaes - died in Missouri before June 26, 1853. NFI.
289. SAMUEL -
290. Amanda S. - married George A. Farrow on November 18, 1840. NFI.
291. JAMES -
292. PETER -
293. Ann Elizabeth - married December 9, 1846, to Thomas M. Farrow. NFI.

240. SYDNEY HANSBROUGH: (6 Peter) He was probably dead in January 1782. It is not known whom he married. One child is known.


294. Sydney, Jr. - NFI.

241. LUCY HANSBROUGH: (6 Peter) She was probably a daughter of Peter's second wife, Lydia Smith, and probably married John Grinman.

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Seventh Generation.

242. JAMES HANSBROUGH: (23 Peter) Born January 21, 1768; died May 14, 1853. According to Fredericksburg records, he appears to have been living in that town in 1785-1786, for on December 5, 1785, and on May 15, 1786, he witnessed two deeds.

The only time his name appears as a resident of King George is in 1791, when he was taxed for one white tythable, 3 negro tythables, and 3 horses. When James left King George for the up-country, he did not dispose of his real estate holdings there, for on August 14, 1830, he advertised for sale his "Fishing Shore, called Green Landing, in King George at, or near, the mouth of Potomac Creek, and 80 acres of land," "also a tract adjoining the above, 200 acres being a part of the well known tract, 'Belvedaire. '"

From King George, he probably moved to Madison sometime about 1793, as from May 10, 1794, until May 13, 1802, he paid taxes on 1 male, 16 years of age and older (himself), and 6 blacks over 16 years of age. From May 23, 1797, to May 13, 1802,he owned 3-5 blacks between 12-16. On May 23, 1793, he was the owner of 4 horses, and between 1794-1802, he owned 6-9 horses, and on May 10, 1794, he is reported as the owner of 2 "chairs."

From Madison, James moved to Culpeper early in 1803, having commenced the purchase of land in that county. Shortly after moving to Culpeper, he became interested in the Stevensburg Academy, for we find him as one of the managers of the public lottery, authorized by the General Assembly of Virginia, December 13, 1804, to raise $1,200 for the benefit of the academy. In 1813, James advertised that he would receive "10 to 15 boarders in his house at moderate terms," stating that his "house is about 600 yards from the academy, on an elevated position, and remarkable for health and way to the academy," and that it was "quite dry at all seasons."

He was popularly known as "Mr. Jimmy," and in his latter days, had the reputation of being "hard-boiled." It is said that disobedient children and troublesome slaves were threatened that if they did not mend their ways they would be turned over to "Mr. Jimmy." This often had the desired effect, for he was greatly feared.

On March 20, 1788, he married Fannie Monteith Finnell, she died March 13, 1815, daughter of Jonathan Finnell and his wife, Margaret, daughter of Thomas Monteith who died in 1784. They had seven children.


295. JOSEPH SUMNER - born September 28, 1790.
296. LUCY DONIPHAN - born June 11, 1793.
297. ELEANOR SUMNER - born January 13, 1796.
298. PETER - born April 27, 1799.
299. JAMES - born August 27, 1801.
300. THOMAS De ELL - born February 13, 1804.
301. JOHN CALHOUN - born February 14, 1806.

243. PETER HANSBROUGH: (223 Peter) Born October 11, 1796; died October 15, 1843. His early life was spent in King George where, in 1791, he was taxed on 1 white male, 1 negro, 1 young negro, and two horses.

Like his father, he was a large investor in real estate. He once owned "Totter-down Hill," later renamed "Zhe Hol," a well known colonial home near Culpeper, Virginia. He lived in this house from 1792 to 1808. In 1812, he purchased the "Cole Hill" estate located about 1 miles from Stevensburg. "Peter of Cole Hill," as he was known, possessed an immense landed estate, and always traveled in a coach and four with out-riders. Up to the day of his death, he wore knee britches and a powdered wig. He was known as a veritable grandee. He married Frances Anne Hooe, daughter of William Hooe of "Pine Hill," King George County. They had nine children.


302. FANNY BECKETT - born March 21, 1791.
303. ELLEN - born September 27, 1794 or 95
310. BLUCHER W. -

244. JOHN HANSBROUGH: (223 Peter) Born November 24, 1771; murdered in King George County on November 2, 1814. He was a large land and slave owner at the time of his death. He died intestate and his estate was the subject of several law suits. He married Nancy Banks on August 9, 1798.

The Murder of John Hansbrough. On August 16, 1814, a British fleet of 21 ships of the line under Admiral Cochran arrived in Chesapeake Bay and was joined by a second fleet under Admiral Malcom. The ships carried several thousand land troops under General Ross, one of the Duke of Wellington's most active officers. After defeating the American forces at Bladensburg on September 24, 1814, the British forces occupied Washington, D. C. and burned the White House and other public buildings. Foreseeing possible trouble, John Hansbrough had sent his wife, Nancy, and their six children to her father's home in Madison for safety. He remained behind to protect his property from raiding parties from the fleets which were operating on both banks of the Potomac River.

On November 2, 1814, John was murdered while collecting wood on the "Lunsford Hills." Some hides, feathers, and clothing was stolen. Some of his stock was killed and the meat stolen. Whether John was killed by a raiding party, a roving band of Indians known to be in the area, or by a marauding gang of escaped slaves is not known.

They had six children.


311. MARIUS - and-
312. MARIA - were twins.
314. PETER A. - born May 21, 1809.
315. Julia - probably died young. NFI.
316. John - was underage on March 21, 1826, when his guardian submitted his account book to the Culpeper Court. NFI.

245. BETSEY HANSBROUGH: (223 Peter) Born July 27, 1774; married before March 16, 1792, to Thomas Cochran. They had one child.

Children (COCHRAN)

317. JOHN HANSBROUGH - born June 4, 1794.

246. AMELIA HANSBROUGH: (223 Peter) Born September 26, 1776; died June 1, 1833; married Captain James Madison Bell on May 23, 1798. In 1822-23, she inherited from her father, the tract of land in Stafford County, together with the tavern and all appurtenances thereon, which he had purchased from the executors of William Garrard. She also inherited other land and property in the settlement of her father's estate. For further information on the Bell Family see Section 6, Chapter V. Captain and Mrs. Bell had seven children.

Children (BELL)

318. ELIZABETH - born March 10, 1800.
319. WILLIAM -
320. Ellen - married a man by the name of Sheppard. They lived in Amherst County. NFI.
321. PETER HANSBROUGH - born March 11, 1810. He became the third governor of the State of Texas.
322. JOHN WESLEY - born in 1819.
323. Amelia - died July 11, 1832, after a long and painful illness. NFI.
324. Mary Miller Northana - married James M. Smith before January 9, 1835. NFI.

247. JOSEPH SUMNER HANSBROUGH: (223 Peter) Born September 2, 1779; probably died before 1820, as he is not mentioned in his father's will, dated November 8, 1820.

248. WILLIAM HANSBROUGH: (223 Peter) Born September 2, 1779; died unmarried on December 15, 1837.

On October 27, 1808, and October 17, 1810, he and George Tebbs were in charge of the Stevensburg Races. In 1812, George Tebbs advertised that he had given Mr. Hansbrough an interest in his school; that he would attend generally with him; that he had been with him for the past 12 years; that he was a young man of exemplary character, habits, and deportment; that he highly recommended him; that "in accomplishment of dancing he was excelled but by few."

From his will executed May 13, 1836, it appears that William must have quarreled with his family, for the 14th Item of that instrument provides:

"It is my will and desire that not one of my brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, or any relations, shall under any circumstances whatever possess and enjoy or inherit any part of my estate. . ."

At the time of his death, he was a very wealthy man. He directed the freeing of his slaves under the law of Virginia, and directed his executors to purchase tracts of land in Ohio or any state "where they May choose to go in the United States" for certain named slaves. He also gave fairly large sums of money to several of his slaves, and directed that the balance of his estate be equally dived among the children of Betty Packer, who seems to have been his favorite slave.

250. JAMES COLVIN: (225 Elizabeth) Born October 19, 1768; died November 15, 1841; married Martha Hill in 1806. They had nine children.

Children (COLVIN)

325. FRANCIS L. - born in 1807.
326. James - probably died young. NFI.
327. Sarah Jane - died unmarried on January 28, 1887. NFI.
328. Eliza Hansbrough (Ann) - married Carter Cauthorn (Cawthern). NFI.
330. Mary Russell - married Henry Field. NFI.
331. Martha James - married Alfred B. Lewis on April 4, 1841. NFI.
333. JOHN RANDOLPH - born August 12, 1826.

251. GABRIEL COLVIN: (225 Elizabeth) Died in 1833; married Mary Roberts in 1801. They had eight children

Children (COLVIN)

334. Gabriel - served in the Confederate Army in Co. C, 7th Virginia Infantry; wounded July 21, 1861, at the first Battle of Manassas; died September 1861. NFI.
335. Sarah Jane - married Adam Y. Smith. NFI.
336. Eliza Hansbrough - married John (Red) Wharton. NFI.
337. Susan Roberts - married Malcom Wharton. NFI.
338. Emily Slaughter - NFI.
339. Mary Mildred - married a man by the name of Carter. NFI.
340. William Warder - married Lucy Hudson. NFI.
341. John Nelson - married (1st) Luvenia Hutchinson; (2nd) Lucy Ann Sims. NFI.

257. NELSON COLVIN: (225 Elizabeth) He probably died single as no wife or children are named in his will. He directed that his estate be sold and the proceeds divided among his slaves who were to be emancipated.

942. DANIEL SMITH HANSBROUGH: (234 Smith) With a family of 6 and 3 slaves, he was in Sumner County, Tennessee in 1824. He is presumed to be the father of William Carroll Hansbrough. There may have been other Children.

Information supplied by Mr. Lewis D. Hansbrough.


943. WILLIAM CARROLL - born March 8, 1816.

942a. SARAH M. (Sally) HANSBROUGH; (234 Smith) Born December 3, 1778 in Stafford Co., Virginia; died January 1, 1857 in Tennessee; married 1st William Sample, son of John Sample and Agnes. He was born about 1779 and died about 1805 in Sumner Co., Tennessee. She married 2nd Thornton Stark, July 24, 1813 in Logan County, Kentucky. He was the son of John Stark and Sarah English. He was born February 8, 1780; died July 29, 1855 in Sumner Co., Tennessee.

Information supplied by Mr. Patrick Morgan Harrison.

Children (SAMPLE)

2001. Daniel J. - born in Sumner County, Tennessee; died November 14, 1847 in Canton, Madison County, Mississippi; married Sara Buchanan about 1830 in Tennessee. She was born March 20, 1812 in Tennessee; died in Mississippi. NFI.
2002. John - NFI
2003. NANCY ANN -
2004. Susannah (Susan) - born March 1, 1798; died October 19, 1853 in Sumner Co., Tennessee. NFI.
2005. SMITH HANSBROUGH - born about 1800 in Tennessee; died November 1887 in Sumner Co., Tennessee.
2006. Elizabeth (Betcy) - born September 30, 1803 in Sumner County, Tennessee; married Martin Bl Shelton, December 14, 1822 in Sumner County, Tennessee. NFI.

942b. SUSAN HANSBROUGH: (234 Smith) Born March 31, 1799; died November 4, 1850; married Otho W. Ogden, March 5, 1816 in Logan County, Kentucky. He was born March 9, 1791; died January 6, 1866 in Logan County, Kentucky. His will was written January 21, 1865. In it the following children are listed.

Information supplied by Mr. Patrick Morgan Harrison.

Children (OGDEN)

2007. Smith Jeffries - He married Minerva Acock. NFI.
2008. SUSAN - born 1820; died 1902; married Albert G. Venable.

283. DAVID HANSBROUGH: (238 Elijah) Born in Fauquier in 1819; died before August 6, 1877, when his will, dated February 5, 1876, was recorded. He was a prominent and prosperous farmer, and a large owner of Albermale real estate. He also owned land in Stafford and Fauquier. David married twice. The name of his first wife is not known. He had two daughters by her. He married (2nd) Vienna L. Fretwell, a widow, aged 47. There were no children by this marriage.


342. Lydia Gates - married Rev. S. Paxton Watters, rector of St. Stephen's Church, Culpeper. NFI.
343. Virginia L. - NFI.

285. JONATHAN HANSBROUGH: (238 Elijah) In his marriage license, issued October 9, 1857, he gave his name as "John" and stated that he was a widower, 42 years of age; that he was born in 1815 in Fauquier; that he was a farmer and a resident of Hansbrough's Mill. He was married (2nd) at "Pine View" by Rev. Warren Owens, on October 11, 1857, to 45 year-old Miss Sarah Suddoth, daughter of John and Asenath Suddoth. The name of his first wife is not known. It is not known if he had any children.

286. HIRAM HANSBROUGH: (238 Elijah) He was married (1st) to Almora V. Utz, and (2nd) to Mrs. Ann S. Gorgas. Hiram was a prominent lawyer of Botetourt, and was involved in a number of law suits. A record exists of two sons, probably by his first wife.


344. James Elijah - attended the Virginia Military Institute, but did not graduate. NFI.
345. William Milton - attended the Virginia Military Institute, but did not graduate. He died of typhoid fever September 1, 1871, at the age of 17. NFI.

289. SAMUEL HANSBROUGH: (238 Elijah) In 1808, while at the Red Sulphur Springs, Monroe County, Virginia, he went deer hunting with Nicholas Cabell, Jr. After they became separated, he heard a shot, and, upon investigation, found that Cabell had not only shot the deer but himself, also. It is not known whom he married, but he is known to have had a son.


346. David - NFI.

291. JAMES HANSBROUGH: (238 Elijah) He married and had children. The name of his wife is not known, and the name of only one child (the youngest) is known.


347. John - NFI.

292. PETER HANSBROUGH: (238 Elijah) He apparently died unmarried and without children.

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Eighth Generation.

295. JOSEPH SUMNER HANSBROUGH: (242 James) According to two Hansbrough Bibles, he was born on Tuesday, September 28, 1790, but according to the inscription on his tombstone (probably incorrect), he was born September 22, 1790. He died August 13, 1864, in Washington, D. C., where he was then living, and on the 19th was buried in lot #218, range 69, of the "Washington Parish Burial Ground" belonging to Christ Church, Washington Parish, commonly known as the "Congressional Cemetery."

A cousin, in describing him in a letter, says that "he was strikingly patrician in appearance and deportment."

On March 12, 1813, Reverend John Littlefield certified that he married Joseph Hansbrough to Sarah Myers, but did not give the date of the marriage. Sarah, who was born in 1792, was the youngest of eight children of Benjamin Myers, of Loudoun. Sarah was a brunette, very handsome, and it is said that her two daughters inherited their beauty from her. She died on Wednesday, January 3, 1827, leaving three children, the youngest, a ten year-old daughter.


348. LUCY ELEANOR - born June 6, 1813.
349. WILLIAM SUMNER - born March 1, 1815.
350. FRANCES ELIZABETH - born October 10, 1817.
351. Sarah Parker - born April 1, 1819; died June 29, 1820, age about 15 months. NFI.

296. LUCY DONIPHAN HANSBROUGH: (242 James) Born June 11, 1793; married Samuel Carr, of Leesburg, Virginia, on November 29, 1810. He was born December 4, 1779; died after March 14, 1831.

Shortly after the death of her husband, she and her five year old son John Thomas Carr, returned to Culpeper to live with her father at "Salubria."

Only two early Hansbrough portraits are known to be in existence, one of them being that of Samuel and Lucy Carr and their first born son, Samuel, Jr., who died shortly after the portrait was painted.

On March 1, 1838, Lucy D. (Hansbrough) Carr married (2nd) her cousin, Peter Murphy, who died between December 30, 1848, the date of his will, and October 15, 1849, the date it is recorded in Culpeper. It has been said that Lucy and Peter separated, but it is not known how long after their marriage that the separation took place. Lucy, in her will, dated October 21, 1859, witnessed by Thomas W. Jones and William W. Hansbrough (but not recorded in Culpeper until July 16, 1866) left her entire estate to her son, John Thomas Carr, and his wife, Virginia, in trust for their children. It is presumed that she had no children by her second husband.

Children (CARR)

352. Samuel, Jr. - born about 1818; died about 1821. NFI.
353. James Hansbrough - born about 1821; died March 10, 1823, after an illness of 16 days. NFI.
354.."3rd Son" - born June 9, 1824; died in infancy. NFI.
355. JOHN THOMAS - born August 4, 1826.

297. ELEANOR SUMNER HANSBROUGH: (242 James) Born January 13, 1796; married her first cousin, James Finnall Newton on April 23, 1818. They had four children.

Children (NEWTON)

356. Frances Ellen - born February 11, 1819; died October 16, 1825. NFI.
357. Lucy Carr - born July 27, 1823. NFI.
358. Frances Elizabeth - born January 10, 1826. NFI.
359. MARY AMELIA - born April 20, 1828.

298. JAMES HANSBROUGH: (242 James) Born April 27, 1799; died September 30, 1843. Lived first at "Inglewood" and later at "Fox Hall," his home on the Rapidan. On Thursday, October 25, 1827, he married Jane A. Brannin, daughter of Elizabeth Brannin, whose will, dated November 15, 1841, was recorded on December 19, 1842. They had seven children


360. JAMES THOMAS - born November 27, 1828.
361. Elizabeth - married R. B. Lynch and lived at New Light, Tensas Parish, Louisiana, with their son, James Lynch. NFI.
362. Lucy Doniphan - married John D. Lynch. NFI.
363. Robert - married E. A. ______. NFI.
364. Virginia - NFI.
365. Julia G. - married James H. Lynch. NFI.
366. Emily - In November 1836, she was serving as "Welfare Officer" of Covington, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. NFI.

299. JAMES HANSBROUGH: (242 James) Born August 27, 1801; died unmarried on December 23, 1853.

300. THOMAS De ELL HANSBROUGH: (242 James) Born February 13, 1804; died July 17, 1880; married Emily Stevens Farish, born in 1807, died May 6, 1871. They were married on October 2, 1828. They had six children.


367. MILDRED DAWSON - born about 1829.
369. Mary Fanny - died at age 6. NFI.
371. Benjamin Thomas - born in 1838; served in Mercer's Cavalry, C. S. A. ; accidentally killed, April 18, 1862. NFI.
372. Mary Elizabeth - called "Betty"; died unmarried in Norfolk, Virginia before November 1907, when her will was recorded in Culpeper. NFI.

301. JOHN CALHOUN HANSBROUGH: (242 James) Born February 14, 1806; died after 1875; married Anne Frances Nalle on September 4, 1832. She was the daughter of Colonel Thomas Barbour, and sister of Martinette Nalle who married Blucher W. Hansbrough. They had six children.


373. BURGESS BALL - born in 1833 or 34.
374. Albert Nalle - born March 17, 1835; died November 17, 1843. NFI.
375. Nelly Fanny - born 1837; died November 16, 1843. Her tombstone inscription records her death as being in 1845. NFI.
376. Betty Clagett - lived in Rosaryville, Maryland. NFI.
377. NELLIE MADISON - born August 28, 1845.
378. John Francis - born March 1848; died August 10, 1849. NFI.

302. FANNY BERKETT HANSBROUGH: (243 Peter) Born in Prince William County on March 21, 1791. Probably died in infancy.

303. ELLEN HANSBROUGH: (243 Peter) Born at "Totter-down Hill," Culpeper, September 27, 1794 or 95; married D. Isaac Foote. They had no children.

304. ELIZABETH HANSBROUGH: (243 Peter) Born at Totter-down Hill," Culpeper; died at "Bloomsgrove," Fauquier; married Rice Hooe, of Stafford, King George, Prince William, and Fauquier. He was born at "Mayfield," Prince William, and died in Fredericksburg on May 27, 1874. They had six children.

Children (HOOE)

379. ELLEN ANNE - born June 23, 1815.
380. MARY JANE - born January 13, 1817.
381. ROBERT ARTHUR - born September 22, 1818.
382. PETER HANSBROUGH - born August 26, 1820.
383. ISAAC FOOTE - born February 13, 1823.
384. MARIA LOUISA - born December 19, 1827.

305. MARGARET HANSBROUGH: (243 Peter) Probably born at "Totter-down Hill," Culpeper. She married George Slaughter Thom, who does not seem to have been living at the time of her father's death in 1843. He was a 3rd Lieutenant in the 5th Virginia Regiment in 1813, and served for 3 months and 22 days. He was an Elder and one of the 24 members who organized the Presbyterian Church in Culpeper in 1813. They had six children.

Children (THOM)

385. Ann Frances - married Dr. Robert Gills. NFI.
386. Reuben - married Sally Ann Chapman. NFI.
387. ELLEN -
388. MARY FOOTE - born November 1828.
389. Virginia - born 1823; died October 18, 1913. She was a handsome, high-toned, and clannish woman; married Stuart Douglas. NFI.
390. Lucy - married Thomas Cobb. NFI.

306. FRANCES ANN HANSBROUGH: (243 Peter) Born in Culpeper in 1809; married (1st) William T. Cole on June 23, 1836. He died before 1840, when his father drew up his will. She married (2nd) her cousin Winterton Murphy, on August 13, 1855. There were no children.

307. VIRGINIA HOOE HANSBROUGH: (243 Peter) Probably born at "Totter-down Hill." She was living as late as November 10, 1881, when her daughter, Susie F., married William G. Iden of Fauquier. She married John Hooe, of "Mayfield," Prince William County, son of Robert and Anne Hooe, and brother of Rice Hooe who married her sister, Elizabeth. They had eight children.

Children (HOOE)

391. (A daughter) - married John Iden and lived at Manassas, Virginia. NFI.
392. ROBERT H. - born before 1839.
393. Fanny - NFI.
394. Susan F. - married William G. Iden, of Fauquier, before November 10, 1881. NFI.
395. Jane - NFI.
396. John - NFI.
397. Virginia J. - married Dr. Benjamin F. Iden, of Manassas, before February 5, 1874. NFI.
398. Blucher - killed 1861-65. NFI.

308. JANE PRATT HANSBROUGH: (243 Peter) Married John Gaskins on May 3, 1855. He was born October 31, 1811; died March 18, 1867. They had no known children.

309. WILLIAM HOOE HANSBROUGH: (243 Peter) Born in Culpeper; died before February 2, 1855. He served in the Confederate Army. He represented the counties of King George and Stafford in the House of Delegates of the Virginia Legislature during the sessions of 1865-66 and 1866-67. He married his first cousin, Maria L. Hansbrough. They had no children.

310. BLUCHER W. HANSBROUGH: (243 Peter) Born at "Coles Hill" about 1814; died intestate in Culpeper before December 15, 1873. About the time of his birth, news was received in this country of the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo, and he was probably named after the Prussian General who contributed to that defeat. Perhaps the W. stands for Wellington. This is an interesting theory.

Dr. Brodie S. Herndon, of Fredericksburg, in his diary under the date of October 14, 1847, wrote:- "Blucher Hansbrough meets with a great loss in the burning of his barn and all of his wheat - is compelled to sell 6 of his slaves, Jacob amongst the number. Kitty goes down to the cars. Jacob seems to bear a stout heart. Kitty wept a good deal. (Lucy went down to the cars to see Mrs. Cooke and Mrs. Noland on their way through.) Lucy's eyes wet too at the parting of Jacob and Kitty. Oh, the awful evils of slavery!! The other boys seemed indifferent."

In 1860, the "Arena," of Troy, New York, on telling about the return of Charles Nale, a fugitive slave, whose rescue at Troy on the 27th of April, and subsequent purchase from his owner, B. W. Hansbrough, of Stevensburg, Virginia, says that he arrived at Troy on Friday from Canada, whither he fled after his rescue. That he is 37 years of age, a bright mulatto, and has a wife and six children residing in Pennsylvania, where they were sent about four years ago, together with 28 other slaves, after the death of Colonel George S. Thom of Culpeper County, Virginia, by whom they were manumitted. Nalle spoke very favorably of Mr. Hansbrough's habitual kindness, and says he never knew him to strike one of his slaves.

On June 21, 1838, Blucher was married in Culpeper by the Rev. John W. Woodville, rector of St. Marks Parish, to Martinette Nalle, daughter of Martin and Eleanor Nalle. There were three children.


399. Elizabeth B. - lived at "Cole's Hill." On June 5, 1860, her father, by deed of gift, "for natural love and affection," conveyed to his daughter, Elizabeth B., "one negro woman named Lucinda and her children; Rose, Frank, Ned, Jinnie, and an infant about five months old." NFI.
400. Ella Vivion - lived at "Cole's Hill." Married John C. Gordon on October 10, 1855. NFI.
401. William L. - living in Culpeper in 1891 when he gave consent to the marriage of his niece, Nellie S. Terrell Hansbrough, to J. S. Clutterbuck. NFI.

311. MARIAS HANSBROUGH: (244 John) Twin of Maria L. Hansbrough. From a suit brought November 14, 1836, by William Green, attorney for Marias Hansbrough, vs William Smith, it is learned that Marias Left Culpeper in 1824; that he went to New Orleans, where he lived until 1833, when he returned to Culpeper; and that, before his departure, he gave a power of attorney to William Smith to act for him in his absence for a piece of ground near Stevensburg.

312. MARIA L. HANSBROUGH: (244 John) Twin of Marias Hansbrough. She lived in Stafford and married (1st) John Hooe of King George, son of Robert and Anne (Waugh) Hooe. After his death, she married her first cousin, William Hooe Hansbrough, of "Cole's Hill," by whom she had no children. She had only one child by the first marriage.

Children (HOOE)

402. (A daughter) - married Edwin Duff. NFI.

313. ALEXANDER HAMILTON HANSBROUGH: (244 John) In a card, dated September 16, 1836, which appeared in the September 23 1836 issue of the "Arena," a newspaper published in Fredericksburg, Alexander advertised the sale of valuable real estate, as he intended going south or west. This was described as a tavern at Culpeper Court House on the main stage road from Washington to Charlotsville, a large house, extensive stables, gardens, furniture, etc. ; that a four-horse stage to Fredericksburg passed twice a week; also a small house and lot on the main road to Fredericksburg, an ice house, and a wheelwright shop on the corner of the lot; also, a farm of 324 acres called "Oak Hill," three miles from the court house, high with a beautiful view, 6 or 8 choice springs, a stream through the center; wood house and orchard, etc.

Alexander married Elizabeth Clayton Strother, who was born August 4, 1810. And died May 13, 1871. She was the daughter of Jeremiah and Nancy (Clayton) Strother. They had seven children.


403. GEORGE WOODSON - born August 16, 1828.
404. JOHN STROTHER - born June 9, 1831.
405. ELIZABETH HAMILTON - born 1835.
406. ROBERTA BANKS - born December 18, 1838.
407. MARTHA STROTHER - born 1840.
408. MARIA LOUISA - born 1842.
409. Ann C. - married (1st) ______ Ribble, a lawyer of Southwest Virginia, by whom she had two sons who died young; married (2nd) Blair Robinson, nephew of Elizabeth C. Strother, wife of Rev. John S. Hansbrough. NFI.

314. PETER A. HANSBROUGH: (244 John) Born May 21, 1809; died in North Carolina at age of about 30; married Frances Miller, daughter of James Miller, on October 8, 1831. They had six children.

410. John A. - went to Kansas. NFI.
411. Bettie - married John Bobbit. NFI.
412. Lucy W. - married Gabriel Jacques. NFI.
413. Maria - married Carson Nunnally. NFI.
414. W. H. - NFI.
415. Name not known - NFI.

317. JOHN HANSBROUGH COCHRAN: (245 Betsey) Born June 4, 1794; died between January 23 and June 15, 1818; married Ellen ______. They had one son.

Children (COCHRAN)

416. William - NFI.

318. ELIZABETH HANSBROUGH BELL: (246 Amelia) Born March 10, 1800; died January 7, 1879; married William Smith, Jr. in 1821.

Governor Smith of Virginia.

William Smith, Jr. was born at "Maringo," King George County on September 6, 1796 or 1797; died at his home in Warrenton on May 18, 1887; buried in a lot on Midvale Avenue, Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond. A handsome monument marks the grave.

After completion of his preparatory studies in Virginia, he attended Plainfield Academy, Connecticut; studied law; was admitted to the bar, and began to practice law in Culpeper; member of the Virginia State Senate from December 5, 1836 to March 26, 1842.

Realizing the necessity for improving mail facilities in 1827, he obtained a contract, from the U. S. Government, for carrying weekly mails from Fairfax Court House to Warrenton, and thence to Culpeper. In 1837, this led to the establishment of daily mails between Washington, D. C. and Milledgeville, Georgia, thus becoming the forerunner of the Rural Free Delivery of the U. S. Mails.

He successfully contested the election of Lin Banks to the 27th Congress of the United States, and served in the House of Representatives from December 4, 1841, until March 4, 1843. He was Governor of Virginia from 1846 to 1849. During this period, Alexandria County, formerly part of the District of Columbia, was ceded by the Federal Government back to Virginia.

He moved to California in 1850 and engaged in the practice of law. He was unanimously chosen president of the California Constitutional Convention at Benicia, California in 1850. He won nomination to the U. S. Senate but was defeated in the election.

Governor Smith returned to Virginia in 1852, and in 1853 he was elected to the 33rd Congress of the United States. He was re-elected three times, serving from March 4, 1853 until March 3, 1861.

He was Colonel of the 49th Virginia Infantry, C. S. A., 1861-1862; served in the Congress of the Confederate States of America in 1861-1862; held the rank of Brigadier General, C. S. A., 1862-1863; and Major General, C. S. A., 1863- 1864.

Governor Smith was again elected Governor of Virginia and served from January 1, 1864 to May 29, 1865. His last elected office was as a member of the Virginia Legislature where he served from December 1, 1874 to May 20, 1877.

A handsome bronze statue was erected by his family in the Capitol Square, Richmond, and was unveiled on May 30, 1906.

Elizabeth Hansbrough Bell, wife of Governor Smith of Virginia, was the sister of Peter Hansbrough Bell, the 3rd Governor of the State of Texas.

Governor and Mrs. Smith (Elizabeth Hansbrough Bell) had ten children.

Children (SMITH)

417. WILLIAM HENRY - born 1822.
419. MARY AMELIA - born 1827.
420. AUSTIN E. - born 1829.
421. Ellen Catherine - died young. NFI.
422. John Bell - died young. NFI.
423. THOMAS - born August 25, 1836.
424. PETER BELL - born 1839.
425. Littleton Moore - born 1840; died March 10, 1849. NFI.
426. FREDERICK WAUGH - born 1843.

319. WILLIAM BELL: (246 Amelia) After the Civil War he was Disbursing Clerk, Post Office Department, Washington, D. C., where he died July 1, 1874. He married Martha Smith, sister of Governor Smith, who married his sister Elizabeth Hansbrough Bell. They had two children.

Children (BELL)

427. James Madison - NFI.
428. Anna Maria - NFI.

321. PETER HANSBROUGH BELL: (246 Amelia) Born March 11, 1810; attended primary schools in Maryland and Virginia; started his career in Petersburg, Virginia; moved to Texas in 1836, and at once enlisted under General Sam Houston; participated in the Battle of San Jacinto, April 21, 1836. In 1839, he became Inspector General of the Army of Texas. He served in the Mexican War as a Captain of Texas Volunteer Rangers; in 1848-49, he was Colonel of a Texas Volunteer Regiment under General Zachary Taylor at Monterey, Mexico; won distinction at the Battle of Buena Vista, and marched on foot from Velasco to Brazoria.

He was elected Associate Justice of the Texas Supreme Court. In 1849, he was elected the third Governor of the State of Texas, but resigned before the end of his second term to take a seat in the United States Congress.

At the end of his second term in Congress, he moved to North Carolina. He was an ardent "Union Man" and spoke in Austin, Texas, in November 1860. In 1891, the Texas Legislature voted him land and a liberal pension in recognition of his valuable services to the State. In 1938, a bronze statue of him was erected in Belton Texas, in connection with the Texas Centennial Celebration.

In 1857, Governor Bell married Ella Eaton, daughter of General William Eaton of North Carolina. They had no children

For further information on Governor Bell and the Bell Family, see Section 6, Chapter V."It is related of the late Governor Bell, of Texas, that when in Congress, he delivered a speech which was liberally interspersed with quotations from Scripture. An intimate friend, who knew the Governor's usual talk and conversation were not such as to recommend him for Sunday School work, twitted him upon his affected familiarity with the Bible, and offered to bet $10.00 that he couldn't recite the Lord's Prayer. Bell accepted the bet and, assuming a devotional air, recited with unction that familiar nursery prayer, beginning 'Now I lay me down to sleep. ' When he concluded, his friend handed over the money saying, ' I did not believe it was in you. '"

322. JOHN WESLEY BELL: (246 Amelia) Born in Culpeper in 1815; died September 13, 1896.

By his will, dated February 22, 1892, he bequeathed his law library to his sons, Farley S. and Alden A., both in Texas. He was Judge of the Culpeper Court. His portrait still (2003) hangs in that courthouse. In 1908, a beautiful memorial window was placed in St. Stephen's Church, Culpeper, to the memory of Judge and Mrs. Bell. The donors were Colonel Thomas Smith and his wife, Mary Amelia Smith.

In 1891, Judge Bell published the "Memoirs of Governor William Smith."

Judge Bell married Maria Champe Storrow, born 1824 and died March 14, 1908. She was the daughter of Colonel Samuel Appleton Storrow, Judge Advocate, U. S. A., and his wife Elizabeth Hill Farley Carter. They had eight children.

The information about Judge Bell's family has been corrected and augmented with information provided by Eugene H. Leache.

Children (BELL)

429. Farley Storrow, born 1851, died 1920. Married Anne Eugenia Bowyer, born 1860, died 1921. living in Baird, Texas in 1908. They had nine children.
430. John Champe, born 1852, died 1929; surveyor of Culpeper County. Married but d.s.p. NFI.
430a. Champe Carter, born 1854, died young. NFI.
434. Shelley, born 1855, died young, NFI.
431. WILLIAM ALDEN APPLETON - Born in 1856, died 1930. d.s.p. NFI.
432. Eliza Amelia (Lilly), born 1859, died 1942. - married Otis Bowyer before December 15, 1887, in St. Stephen's Church, Culpeper. He was born 1852, died 1943. Living in Baird, Texas in 1908. They had seven children.
434a. Francis La Forey, born 1858, d.s.p. NFI.
433. Mary Appleton, born 1864, died 1929 - married Samuel Worthington Thompson of Culpeper, born 1860, died 1917. They had four children.

325. FRANCES L. COLVIN: (250 James) Born 1807; died 1881; married James Cauthorn, born 1811; died 1895.

329. WILLIAM DANIEL COLVIN: (250 James) Died before April 15, 1844.

332. JAMES ARMISTEAD COLVIN: (250 James) After the death of his father, he succeeded to the ownership of "Mt. Airy," which he held until 1842, when title passed to Alfred B. Lewis and his wife.

333. JOHN RANDOLPH COLVIN: (250 James) Born August 12, 1826; died February 26, 1908; married (1st) Sarah F. Marshall, and (2nd) his cousin, Letitia E. Wharton. He succeeded his sister and brother- in- law, Alfred B. Lewis, in the ownership of "Mt. Airy." He had two children.

Children (COLVIN)

435. John Randolph - married Judie A. Johnson. NFI.
436. Mary Louise - born October 11, 1857; died April 5, 1861. NFI.

943. WILLIAM CARROLL HANSBROUGH: (942 DANIEL) He owned a country store 9 miles southeast of Martin, Tennessee, during part of the period 1850-1877. This was before the town of Martin was established in 1865. He maintained a ledger book in which he wrote, "I was born in 1816, the 8th of March, in the state of Kentucky, Logan County, 4 miles south of Russellville." He married Titha ---. He and his wife died in 1877. At the age of six, his father moved from near Paris, Tennessee, to Martin, Tennessee, where a large family was born. There were eight children.


944. DANIEL -
945. Juan - born 1848; died 1877. NFI.
946. Susan - born 1851. NFI.
947. Franklin - born 1854; died 1875. NFI.
948. Samme - born 1857; died 1937. NFI.
949. Sally - born 1859. NFI.
950. Bedford - born 1863; died 1893. NFI.
951. Lee - born 1866; died 1952. NFI.

2003. NANCY ANN SAMPLE: (942a Sarah) She maried Jared Irwin Sample November 18, 1823 in Sumner County, Tennessee. He was born about 1795 in Pennsylvania; died December 1858 in Sumner County, Tennessee.

Children (SAMPLE)

2009. William T. - NFI.
2010. Thomas B. - NFI.
2011. Susan A. - married a Williams. NFI.

2005. SMITH HANSBROUGH SAMPLE: (942a Sarah) born about 1800 in Tennessee; died November 1887 in Sumner County, Tenessee; married Margaret Ann (Peggy) Buchanan February 24, 1825 in Williamson County, Tennessee. She was born December 5, 1807 in Davidson County, Tennessee; died May 30, 1868 in Tennessee. She was the daughter of John Buchanan and Margaret Sample.

Children (SAMPLE)

2012. John Buchanan - born April 17, 1826 in Williamson County, Tennessee; died November 8, 1912 in Madison County Mississippi; married Anna Eliza Edmiston, November 3, 1870 in Madison County, Mississippi. She was born October 28, 1839 in Hannibal, Missouri; died November 1922 in Camden, Madison County, Mississippi. NFI.
2013. Sarah Ann - born April 17, 1828; died June 6, 1879; Married Henry Lester. NFI.
2014. DANIEL J. - born April 26, 1830, Williamson County, Tennessee; died November 14, 1869, Madison County, Mississippi.
2015. MARGARET B. - born August 23, 1832 in Tennessee; died May 14, 1883.
2016. Susan J. - born November 21, 1834, Franklin Tennessee; died November 1, 1927, Spring Hill Tennessee; married Alfred Grant Rutherford January 1, 1858. He was born February 6, 1832 in Sumner County Tennessee; died March 11, 1907 in Spring Hill, Tennessee. NFI.
2017. Thornton S. - born September 21, 1836 in Tennessee; died July 24, 1851. NFI.
2018. Massouri E. - born November 17, 1839 in Tennessee; died February 12, 1880; married George Shannon. NFI.
2019. Mary M. - born April 9, 1842 in Tennessee; died November 4, 1897; married Orville Watkins. NFI.
2020. Caledonia. - born about 1844 in Tennesse. NFI.

2008. SUSAN OGDEN: (942b Susan) born 1820; died 1902; married Albert G. Venable.

Children (VENABLE)

2021. Peyton. NFI.
2022. Otho B. NFI.
2023. Atty Lee. NFI.
2024. George. NFI.
2025. Bessie S. NFI.

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Ninth Generation.

348. LUCY ELEANOR HANSBROUGH: (295 Joseph) Born at "Salubria," Culpeper, Sunday, June 6, 1813; died at the residence of her first-born (Dabney) in Washington, D. C., December 8, 1880. Although she received the name "Lucy Eleanor," she was always called "Lucy Ellen." Only two Hansbrough portraits are known to be in existence, one of them being that of Lucy Ellen as a girl of about seven.

The Hansbroughs were all fond of high living, and she, too, set a beautiful and luxurious table after she was established in a home of her own. In 1865, when her brother-in-law, Matthew Fontaine Maury was in Mexico, where he had been invited by Emperor Maximilian to take charge of the Royal Observatory in his capital, he wrote to his wife the day after he had dined with the Emperor and Empress Carlotta, in the Castle of Chapultepec, that "the dinner -- excepting the wines, the number of servants, and the liveries -- reminded me very much of those Lucy Ellen used to give us in our summer visits to Fredericksburg."

Her husband in his diary speaks of "what a wonderful wife I have and how much to be thankful to God for, and for four, nay five, beautiful women" - his wife and four of his daughters - and they were beautiful women, two of them outstanding beauties- Parker and Molly.

On November 25, 1830, she was married by Rev. J. W. Woodville, rector of St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper, at "Salubria," to Dr. Brodie Strachan Herndon, of Fredericksburg.

Dr. Herndon, who was born in Fredericksburg on July 7, 1810, was a graduate in medicine from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and received his degree of M. D. at the early age of 20. He first settled in Culpeper Court House, where he remained for 10 years; removing to his native town, where he practiced his profession until the outbreak of the Civil War, when he was appointed a surgeon in the Confederate Army in charge of hospitals in Richmond, 1861-65. After the close of the war, he returned to Fredericksburg where he remained for three years. At the solicitation of his four daughters, who had married Savannah men, he moved to that city, where he practiced his profession until a few years before his death which occurred at the residence of his son, Dabney, in Washington, D. C., Saturday, August 7, 1886.

On November 25, 1880, Dr. and Mrs. Herndon celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at the residence of their son, Dabney, by the administration of Holy Communion at the bedside of Mrs. Herndon, who died two weeks later.

Dr. and Mrs. Herndon had nine children.

Children (HERNDON)

437. DABNEY - born September 22, 1831.
438. JAMES CARMICHAEL - born September 22, 1831.
439. BRODIE STRACHAN - born May 1, 1834.
440. SARAH PARKER - born November, 1835.
441. ELIZABETH HULL - born September 12, 1837.
442. Lucy - born in Fredericksburg, July 9, 1839; died in Alexandria, Egypt, March 23, 1887; married in Savannah, Georgia, November 23, 1877, to Robert Blackie, a widower, of Glasgow, Scotland. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on March 5, 1820; died in Cannes, France, on April 2, 1896. NFI.
443. ANN MAURY - born December 17, 1841.
444. MARY ELIZA - born December 29, 1843.
445. Margaretta - born in Fredericksburg, on December 25, 1844; died in Fredericksburg, January 2, 1845. NFI.

349. WILLIAM SUMNER HANSBROUGH: (295 Joseph) Born in Culpeper on March 1, 1815. Dr. B. S. Herndon, his brother- in- law, in his diary in 1848 speaks of him as "Colonel. " Whether this is a courtesy title only, or whether he actually served in the Mexican War and was entitled to it, is not known. From another entry in the diary, we learn that he was living in Texas in 1847, with his son, William.


446. William - NFI.

350. FRANCES ELIZABETH HANSBROUGH: (295 Joseph) She was called "Kit" by the family. She was born in Culpeper on October 10, 1817; died in Hyeres, France on April 5, 1878. The following sketch of her and her husband was prepared by Mrs. Lyon G. Tyler for inclusion in "The Virginia Women - An Historical and Biographical Study."

"Early in the spring of 1837, her husband (Lieutenant Herndon) was ordered to sea, and four months later their only daughter was born. The house in which the daughter was born is on North Main Street in Culpeper, and is now known as the Johnson House. In September 1842, the William Herndons moved to Washington, D. C., Lieutenant Herndon having been assigned to the Depot of Instruments and Charts, now known as the U. S. Naval Observatory, then in charge of Lieutenant Matthew Fontaine Maury, afterwards known as the "Pathfinder of the Seas," who had married Ann Herndon, the sister of Kit's husband. They lived in Washington until September 1847, during which time her husband was engaged in preparing for publication Lieutenant Maury's "Sailing Directions," which revolutionized the commerce of the world. During the year her husband was at sea, she lived in Fredericksburg, in the two-story frame dwelling at the southwest corner of Prince Edward and Lewis Streets."

"During 1851-54, while her husband was absent, exploring the mighty Amazon River from source to mouth, which opened that portion of the vast continent of South America to the commerce of the world, Mrs. Herndon and her young daughter lived in the Capital and attended St. John's Episcopal Church."

"Mrs. Herndon was a beautiful woman, having inherited, no doubt, beauty from her mother who was a lovely brunette. Her brother-in-law in his diary wrote that she was 'a very agreeable person, has a cheerful and hopeful disposition, and sings well.' With these accomplishments, combined with 'a fine intellect and cultivated mind,' it is not surprising that her home was a rendezvous for many prominent statesmen, and Army and Navy officers of the gay 1840s and 1850s, when Washington society was in the heyday of its glory. She loved admiration and society until the end of her days, and as late as 1871, we are told, she found Saratoga 'so dull that she went to Newport,' its rival resort."

"On one occasion, after the death of her husband, it is said that Commodore Vanderbilt, the owner of the line of steamers to which the 'Central America' belonged, and one of the men then rising in the financial world, purchased a span of high-spirited, blooded horses, and invited her to be the first to ride behind them."

"During the Civil War, she and her daughter, Ellen Lewis, lived in New York, but they never forgot their beloved ones in the South and aided them whenever they could. After the close of the war, she loaned money without interest to her sister's husband, which enabled him to repair the damage done to his home during the bombardment of Fredericksburg, and to support his family until the income from his practice as a physician would yield a sufficient sum to do so. She also financially assisted her three nephews, also physicians."

"She spent the latter years of her life traveling, visiting Washington, where she had passed many happy years; her relatives in Virginia, Saratoga and Newport in the North; and in Europe, where she died suddenly. She is buried in the Arthur lot in Albany, New York."

"On November 9, 1936, Frances Elizabeth was married by Rev. John W. Woodville, rector of St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper, to Lieutenant William Lewis Herndon, U. S. N., born Fredericksburg, October 25, 1814, son of Dabney Herndon, a prominent banker of Fredericksburg, and Elizabeth Hull, of Northumberland, his wife. Her elder sister, Lucy Ellen, had six years before married Dr. Brodie S. Herndon, the elder brother of her husband."

"At the age of 15, young Herndon was appointed an acting midshipman in the U. S. Navy, and was promoted from time to time until on September 14, 1855, he was commissioned a Commander. During the Seminole or Florida War, 1841-42, he served in Florida Waters, and from 1847-48 in the Mexican War, being at Vera Cruz in the early part of 1848."

"In June 1850, he received orders to explore the Valley of the Amazon, on which he was engaged 327 days in 1851-52."

"Leaving Lima, Peru, he ascended the Andes to an altitude of 16,699 feet, and then starting from one of its sources in Peru in an open boat, he floated down one stream after another until finally entering the mighty river, and from there to its mouth, a distance of 4,366 miles."

"Some idea of the trials with which such an exploration entailed, and through which Herndon and his small party passed may be had from the fact, that they traveled on foot, on mule-back, by canoe and boat; that they endured all the hardships of a wild tropical jungle; climbing high and snow-topped dangerous mountains; fording swift streams, battling swirling currents; being exposed to the varying changes of climate, and rarefied atmosphere of the mountain peaks; dangers from hostile natives and Indians, wild beasts, poisonous reptiles and insects, and the great condors for which the Andes are noted. Besides all these were dangers from turbulent waters and violent storms, and from mountain sickness, pestilence and tropical diseases."

"From July 15, 1852, to March 21, 1854, he was stationed in Washington where he was engaged in writing the report of his explorations, which was published by Congress as Executive Document No. 36, of the 2nd Session of the 32nd Congress entitled 'Exploration of the Valley of the Amazon,' published in Washington by Robert Armstrong, Public Printer, 1853."

"From October 26, 1855, until September 12, 1857, he served as commander of the Steamship "GEORGE LAW," the name of which had been changed to the "CENTRAL AMERICA," when he went down with his ship when it foundered September 12, 1857, off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, during a violent hurricane."

"It is impossible in a work of this character to tell the full story of scenes, dramatic in the extreme, of the bravery of the men, women and children on board in the face of grave danger and possible death of the thoughtfulness and consideration of others, of their courtesy the one to the other, and of the sacrifices of self that others might be saved. However, a vivid picture of this great shipwreck and the heroism of its commander and crew was told in the official account of the loss of that vessel prepared for the Secretary of the Navy by Lieutenant Matthew Fontaine Maury, his cousin and brother-in-law, head of the U. S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D. C., shortly after its occurrence. The harrowing news of this terrible disaster was assuaged somewhat by the heroism of its commander and crew, and the thrilling tales related by survivors."

"Since 1857, whenever a serious marine disaster has occurred, the story of Captain Herndon and his crew has been retold. In contrast to the brutality and cowardice of the officers and crew and the passengers and the other disgraceful scenes enacted in connection with the sinking of the White Star Liner 'Titanic' off the coast of Newfoundland in April 1912, the newspapers published the account of the chivalry displayed by the captain and crew and passengers of the 'Central America' in seeing that all women and children and the men with families were first orderly placed in the life boats, calling attention to the fact that all the officers and crew of the sinking vessel were lost save those necessary and assigned by Commander Herndon to man the life boats."

"A monument was erected to Herndon's memory on the campus of the U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, as an example for future officers of the Navy to emulate his example. This monument, which bears on its face simply the name 'Herndon,' and on the reverse 'September 12, 1857,' is one of the four objects of the old Academy which now remain."

"In commemoration of the bravery and heroism of one of her sons, the Commonwealth of Virginia ordered to be struck a gold medal which was presented to Herndon's widow. This medal is now in the possession of her great- grandson, Chester Alan Arthur III."

"It is related by one of the survivors that Captain Herndon remarked to one of his passengers: 'I will never leave the ship. ' He went down to his cabin, donned his full dress uniform, took his position on the bridge, and as the vessel slowly sank, he was last seen to raise his hat as he entered the presence of his superior officer, The Lord God Almighty, at whose word even the turbulent and stormy waves became still, and Captain Herndon entered the 'haven where he would be. '"

Children (HERNDON)

447. ELLEN LEWIS - born August 30, 1837.

355. JOHN THOMAS CARR: (296 Lucy) Born August 4, 1826; died 1894; married July 13, 1858, Sarah Virginia McVeigh, born October 4, 1830, died October 30, 1910. They moved from Loudoun, over the Blue Ridge, into Warren County, where they lived the rest of their lives They are buried in the cemetery at Berryville. They had eight children.

Children (CARR)

448. LUCY HUMPHREY - born May 13, 1859.
449. LIZZIE MILTON - born October 19, 1860.
450. FANNY McVEIGH - born January 11, 1863.
451. IRENE - born October 30, 1865.
452. CLAY (twin) - born January 13, 1868.
453. Oscar (twin) - born January 13, 1868; died in 1868.
454. NANCY ROGERS - born June 22, 1870.
455. JESSIE SAMUEL - born June 8, 1873.

359. MARY AMELIA NEWTON: (297 Eleanor) Born April 20, 1829; died 1870. She was the first wife of Robert Harper of Alexandria, Virginia. He was her father's first cousin. They were married at 10 a. m., June 26, 1850. They had seven children. After her death he married (2nd) Roberta Parrott, of Alexandria and they had an additional seven children.

Children (HARPER)

456. Gertrude Hansbrough - born February 1, 1852; married Maurice J. Adler. NFI. (They built the house at 3125 P St., NW, Georgetown, Washington D.C., in 1881)
457. Florence Newton - born September 2, 1854; died young. NFI.
458. ADA BALL - born January 9, 1856.
459. WELLS ANDREWS - born about 1859.
460. ROBERT NEWTON - born January 31, 1861.
462. Dr. Charles E. - of Danville, Virginia. NFI.

360. JAMES THOMAS HANSBROUGH: (298 James) born November 27, 1828; died March 28, 1904; married Ann Eliza Smith on December 17, 1855. She was the daughter of George Smith. They lived, first, at "Inglewood," Culpeper, on the Rapidan River, and later at "Fox Hall," his father's old home. They had six children.


463. HOWARD H. - born 1857.
464. EDWIN MAYO - born 1859.
465. CHARLES ASHBY - born 1861.
466. Anne Thomas - born March 18, 1865, at "Lessland," Culpeper; died July 31, 1866. NFI.
467. George Mercer - born at "Lessland," Culpeper, July 4, 1867. In 1942, he was living at Banta, unmarried. NFI.
468. CLARA THOMPSON - born 1876.

367. MILDRED DAWSON HANSBROUGH: (300 Thomas) Born in Culpeper, Virginia, in 1829; died July 28, 1895; married Thomas Wiggington Jones on October 16, 1851. He was born November 28,1827 in Culpeper; died in Providence Hospital, Washington, D. C., on November 30, 1901. He was a farmer; and, at one time was Commissioner of Revenue. He lived at "Mountain View," which was built by Gabriel Gray and purchased by Mr. Jones in 1877. Mr. and Mrs. Jones had eight children.

Children (JONES)

469. William Wiggington - born November 1, 1852; died November 2, 1853, NFI.
470. Mary Long - born in 1854; married Thomas Dabney Gibson; died December 17, 1882. They had no children. NFI.
471. John Wesley - born 1857; died August 11, 1867. NFI.
472. THOMAS BENJAMIN - born 1861.
473. William Wiggington - born April 10, 1865; died June 10, 1936; never married. NFI.
474. Emily Stevens - called "Emma;" born 1863; died unmarried in 1940. NFI.
475. HERVEY SLAUGHTER - born January 18, 1868.
476. Annie Howard - born 1872; died, unmarried, March 2, 1896. NFI.

368. JAMES FARISH HANSBROUGH: (300 Thomas) During the Civil War, he was a member of a scouting party led by Frank Stringfellow. They were surprised by the enemy, and one member of the party was killed. Hansbrough and Stringfellow escaped after killing two members of the enemy party.

James was married at "Zhe Hol," residence of the bride's uncle, by Rev. John Cole, to Anna Ophelia Smith on January 16, 1867. She was the daughter of Edward Smith, a cousin of Governor William Smith who married Elizabeth Hansbrough Bell, of King George County, and his wife, Elizabeth French Slaughter, the daughter of Colonel James and Mrs. Susan (Clayton) Slaughter, and Grand-daughter of Captain Philip Slaughter of the Revolution. They had seven children.


477. Margaret Stevens - married before December 6, 1888, at Motley's Depot, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, by the Rev. C. O. Pruden, to Edwin Mayo Hansbrough. NFI.
478. ANNA OPHELIA - born 1890.
479. Benjamin Thomas - died young. NFI.
480. Lucien Dade - married Frances ______. NFI.
481. ELIZA SLAUGHTER - born May 28, 1876.
482. Rosalie Fitzhugh - born May 13, 1877; married Frank Homer Wolven. NFI.
483. PEARL FITZROY - born 1855.

370. WILLIAM WIGGINGTON HANSBROUGH: (300 Thomas) Married September 21, 1869, Mary R. Duncanson, called "Mollie," whose great- grandfather was a captain in the Revolution. On December 21, 1906, Julia Y. Duncanson deeded to W. W. Hansbrough all her interest and right in the house and lot in Stevensburg adjoining Jack Hitt and the Methodist Church, being the same property in and upon which Mary D. Hansbrough resided up to the time of her death, which was then occupied by the said W. W. Hansbrough.

In February 1907, William became in inmate of the Confederate Home in Richmond, and in June of that year he sold his house.

There were no children.

373. BURGESS BALL HANSBROUGH: (301 John) Born probably in 1833-34. On July 11, 1847, Dr. B. S. Herndon, of Fredericksburg, wrote in his diary:- "Burgess Hansbrough is here in Leesburg. He and Brod (the doctor's son, born 1834) seem very attached to each other. Bird is a remarkably fine boy." "Bird" evidently was a contraction of Burgess. He seems to have been known by that name later, for in 1861-65 "Byrd Hansbrough" was serving as a private in Peyton's Battery, later Fry's-Cutshaw's Battalion.

377. NELLIE MADISON HANSBROUGH: (301 John) Born August 28, 1825, at "Salubria," an old colonial house near Stevensburg; died at "Springfield," Culpeper, March 29, 1916; "was reared in a home of luxury and refinement, and in early life joined the Episcopal Church of which she was a life-long member."

379. ELLEN ANNE HOOE: (304 Elizabeth) Born at "Bloomsgrove," Fauquier, June 23, 1815; died "Bloomsgrove," February 24, 1847; married Dr. Richard Thomas Nalle (son of Martin and Eleanor Madison (Barbour) Nalle). He was born in Culpeper, September 7, 1811, died Culpeper, 1852. They had six children.

Children (NALLE)

485. Ellen Anne - born "Bellevue," Culpeper; died in infancy. NFI.
486. EDMOND PENDLETON - born December 28, 1840.
487. ELIZABETH RICE - born August 24, 1842.
489. Richard Johnson - born "Bloomsgrove," died in infancy. NFI.

380. MARY JANE HOOE: (304 Elizabeth) Born "Bloomsgrove," January 13, 1817; died at her residence, "Bunker Hill," Fredericksburg, February 22, 1901; married before January 25, 1856, at "Bunker Hill," by Rev. E. C. McGuire, to Robert Smith, of Fauquier. He was born December 12, 1896. He was the son of William R. and Lucy (Blackwell) Smith, of "Alton," Fauquier. He enlisted in Company G. (Gordon's Rifles, 30th Virginia) in 1861. At Sharpsburg, he received eight bullets in his body and was left for dead on the field of battle, but recovered and had just rejoined his regiment when he was again wounded at Five Oaks. There were two children.

Children (SMITH)

490. Elizabeth (Bessie) Rice - born Fredericksburg; married October 16, 1895, Francis Edmonds Blackwell, of Warrenton. There were no children. NFI.
491. Katherine Boutwell - born Fredericksburg; married Robert Arthur Hooe. NFI.

381. ROBERT ARTHUR HOOE: (304 Elizabeth) Born "Bloomsgrove," September 22, 1818; died May 10, 1908, at George Washington Hospital, Washington, D. C. Never married.

382. PETER HANSBROUGH HOOE: (304 Elizabeth) Born "Bloomsgrove, August 28, 1820; died "West End," Prince George County, Maryland, May 12, 1898. He and his brother, Robert A., founded the firm of R. A. Hooe & Colorado., of Washington, D. C. He married, April 3, 1856, Augusta Magruder, daughter of Caleb Clarke and Mary Spring (Belt) Magruder, who was born Upper Marlboro, Maryland, 1834, and died at "West End," May 30, 1868. They had six children.

Children (HOOE)

492. Sallie Waring - born Washington, D. C., 1859. NFI.
493. Caleb Clarke - born Washington, D. C. NFI.
494. Robert Arthur - born Washington, D. C., November 2, 1861; died Upper Marlboro, Maryland, April 13, 1898. NFI.
495. Mary Bernard - born Washington, D. C. NFI.
496. Rice Hansbrough - born Washington, D. C. ; married (1st) Elizabeth Gay Gibbony of Wytheville, Virginia; married (2nd) his first cousin, Augusta Hooe Magruder. NFI.
497. Augusta Magruder - born Washington, D. C., January 29, 1869; died Washington, D. C., November 9, 1893. NFI.

383. ISAAC FOOTE HOOE: (304 Elizabeth) Born "Bloomsgrove;" died Washington, D. C., February 16, 1903. He joined the 9th Virginia Cavalry, C. S. A., at the outbreak of the Civil War, and served as an aide on the staff of Major General William H. Bate, afterwards U. S. Senator from Tennessee; severely wounded at Gettysburg. He was one of the few who witnessed the capture of John Wilkes Booth in the barn on the Jett Farm in 1865. He also owned the property upon which Booth first set foot when he fled to Virginia. Isaac married in King George County, January 31, 1867, Lucy Barnes Hooe, daughter of Dr. Abram Barnes Hooe and Lucy Fitzhugh (Grymes) Hooe, of "Barnesfield," King George County. Lucy was born in King George County on January 28, 1839; died and is buried in King George County, February 23, 1892. They had seven children.

Children (HOOE)

498. LUCY FITZHUGH GRYMES - born August 9, 1868.
499. ABRAM BARNES - born April 12, 1871.
500. Elizabeth Rice - born at "Lauderdale," King George County, January 15, 1874; died 1880. NFI.
501. Medora Boyd - born King George County, June 15, 1875. NFI.
502. Rice Hansbrough - born King George County, December 30, 1878. In the division of his father's estate, Rice came into possession of "Barnesfield," built by his great- great- great- grandfather, Lieutenant Colonel Rice Hooe, in 1715, and burned by Union Forces in 1861. NFI.
503. Robert Arthur - born "Lauderdale," July 21, 1880; attended Medical College in Washington, D. C. in 1903, and was a practicing physician in that city. He married his cousin Katherine Boutwell Smith. NFI.
504. Mason Foote - born "Lauderdale," October 3, 1881. NFI.

384. MARIA LOUISA HOOE: (304 Elizabeth) Born "Bloomsrove," December 19, 1827; died unmarried, at "Bunker Hill," Fredericksburg, February 14, 1901.

387. ELLEN THOM: (305 Margaret) Married, September 7, 1848. She was the second wife of Henry Randolph Thornton, of Livingston, Sumter County, Alabama. He was born February 23, 1807, and died November 21, 1862. They had six children.

Children (THORNTON)

505. Reuben Thom - living in Birmingham, Alabama. NFI.
506. Hortense - NFI.
507. Henry Ward - living in Chicago. NFI.
508. Margaret Virginia - married John S. Johnston. NFI.
509. Lucy Cobb - NFI.
510. Seth Bret - died young. NFI.

388. MARY FOOTE THOM: (305 Margaret) Born Culpeper, November 1828; thrown from her carriage and died of her injuries, January 17, 1890; married July 18, 1850, by rev. John Cole, to Rev. John Glassell, M. A. They had nine children.

Children (GLASSELL)

511. Ellen Foote - born Culpeper, married A. B. Corruth. NFI.
512. Margaret Scott - married December 1881, to J. E. Wemple of DeSota Parish, Louisiana. NFI.
514. Virginia Thom - married January 1879, to W. G. Yarbrough of DeSota Parish, Louisiana. NFI.
515. Eudora Swartwout - married H. Vedder Wemple. NFI.
516. Anne Frances - died in infancy. NFI.
517. John - married Annie G. Currie. NFI.
518. Mary Stuart - married W. W. Harrington. NFI.
519. Reuben Thom - NFI.

392. ROBERT H. HOOE: (307 Virginia) Born before 1839; married Elizabeth Daniel Meredith, daughter of John Taylor Meredith and his wife, Elizabeth H. W. Payne. She was a niece of General Payne. They lived in Manassas, Virginia. They had four children.

Children (HOOE)

521. John M. - NFI.
522. Robert - NFI.
523. Daniel - NFI.
524. Howson - born 1878; died 1891. NFI.

403. GEORGE WOODSON HANSBROUGH: (313 Alexander) Born August 16, 1828; died July 26, 1896, in Salem, Virginia. He was one of the ablest lawyers in Southwest Virginia, and from August 11, 1881 to December 31, 1894, inclusive, was State Reporter and prepared 15 volumes of "Hansbrough's State Reports" of the Supreme Court of Virginia.

He married November 11, 1851, Martha (or Mary) Virginia Chancellor, who was born in Rappahannock County, November 10, 1834, and died, in Salem, March 13, 1902. They had four children.


525. Clayton (twin) - born July 30, 1854; died March 6 1891. NFI.
526. Marion (twin) - born July 30, 1854; died February 6, 1891. NFI.
527. LIVINGSTON CHANCELLOR - born September 11, 1856.
528. Maria (Lila) Ashby - born September 24, 1858; died May 28, 1890. NFI.

404. JOHN STROTHER HANSBROUGH: (313 Alexander) Born Culpeper, June 9, 1831; died June 9, 1921; married Mary Elizabeth Ballard, August 5, 1856. He was a highly respected and honored priest of the Episcopal Church. In 1923, a memorial alter rail and bishop's chair were installed in St. Thomas' Church, St. Thomas' parish, Orange. They had eight children.


529. GEORGIA GARLAND - born 1857.
530. LIZZIE HAMILTON - born March 24, 1864.
531. HELEN PAYTON LAWSON - born April 1867.
532. JOHN ALEXANDER - born 1870.
533. James Ballard - a frail and delicate child; suffered from infantile paralysis; died, unmarried, aged 25. NFI.
534. Died in infancy - NFI.
535. Died in infancy - NFI.
536. Died in infancy - NFI.

405. ELIZABETH HAMILTON HANSBROUGH: (313 Alexander) Born Culpeper 1835; married October 20, 1859, Andrew J. Miller, who was born at Orange Court House, son of John and Anna Miller.

406. ROBERTA BANKS HANSBROUGH: (313 Alexander) Born Culpeper, December 18, 1838; died at Orange Court House between 16-23 January 1906; married William Grymes Williams, son of Lewis Burwell Williams.

Mr. Williams was born in Orange Court House on November 8, 1829. After attending the University of Virginia, he studied law at William and Mary College under Judge Scarborough; after his graduation, he was admitted to the bar and engaged in the practice of his profession in Orange for many years. He always enjoyed an enviable reputation and for 12 years, he held the office of County Judge. He represented Orange in the House of Delegates from December 1, 1897 to March 6, 1898, and from December 6, 1899 to March 7, 1900.

During the reconstruction days (1865-70), Mr. Williams was chosen County Judge by the State Legislature, holding his first term April 1870, at which time, he appointed his brother, Lewis Boutwell Williams, Commonwealth Attorney, and another brother, John Green Williams, Clerk of the Court. He held the office of County Judge for 12 years, when he resigned and was succeeded by William R. Tailaferro. He was a vestryman of St. Thomas' Church, Orange Court House, 1867-188_, and a Past Master of the Masonic Order.

There were ten children, but there are records of only six.

Children (WILLIAMS)

537. WILLIAM CLAYTON - born February 8, 1859.
538. Lewis Burwell - born about 1864. NFI.
539. Richard Catlett - NFI.
540. Bessie C. - born about 1873; married February 1905, by Rev. John S. Hansbrough, to George W. Taylor, of Basic City, Tennessee. NFI.
541. James Saul - living in St. Elmo, Tennessee, in 1906. Probably never married. NFI.
542. Emma - died in infancy. NFI.

407. MARTHA STROTHER HANSBROUGH: (313 Alexander) Born in Culpeper in 1840; married George Cullen, Jr. on June 15, 1858. He was the son of George and Barbara Cullen, a jeweler of Orange Court House.

408. MARTHA LOUISE HANSBROUGH: (313 Alexander) Called "Bie" (pronounced "Bye"); born in Culpeper in 1842; married by her brother, Rev. John S. Hansbrough, October 28, 1863, to Albert W. Woodridge. He was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1842.

417. WILLIAM HENRY SMITH: (318 Elizabeth) Born in 1822; entered the U. S. Navy as a midshipman; obtained a leave of absence in 1850 to enter a private maritime enterprise, and was lost at sea in that year off the Sandwich (now called Hawaiian) Islands.

418. JAMES CALEB SMITH: (318 Elizabeth) He was a lawyer; went to California, where he was appointed Judge of the Superior Court of San Francisco; became a member of a large land company in Central America, and was elected its president; died of fever in New Granada.

419. MARY AMELIA SMITH: (318 Elizabeth) Died, unmarried, in Warrenton, Virginia, where she lived most of her life in "California House," which was built in 1845. She was an ardent Southerner, and took a deep interest in the "Lost Cause" up to the time of her death. She was largely instrumental in perpetuating the memories of the Confederacy; was one of the leaders in organizing the various auxiliaries to camps of Confederate Veterans into what later became the United Daughters of the Confederacy. At a meeting called to form a State Society in Virginia, she was elected its first president. The meeting was held at the residence of her cousin, Dr. Dabney Herndon, 919 Pine Street, Alexandria, Virginia. Mr. Herndon acted as secretary for the meeting.

420. AUSTIN E. SMITH: (318 Elizabeth) Born in 1829. In 1853, he moved to San Francisco and was appointed Naval Officer of the Port by President Buchanan. He resigned in 1861, and, on going to Washington, D. C., to settle his accounts, was held as a prisoner of war. He was finally exchanged, and entered the Confederate Army. He served on the staff of General Whiting, and died from the result of a wound received at the battle of Gaines' Mill.

423. THOMAS SMITH: (318 Elizabeth) Born August 25, 1836; graduated with an M. A. degree from the College of William and Mary in 1856; studied law at the University of Virginia in 1858; settled in Charlestown, Virginia (now West Virginia). At the outbreak of the Civil War, he joined the "Kanawha Riflemen;" rose from private to Major and served as a volunteer in the suppression of John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry. In 1861, he was appointed Major of the 36th Virginia Regiment, C. S. A., and commanded at Fort Donelson; captured a battery of Union Artillery; armed his regiment with superior arms from the field of battle, and successfully withdrew; was promoted to Colonel and gallantly commanded his brigade until the close of the war; was seriously wounded at Cloyd's Farm.

From December 5, 1883, to March 19, 1884, and from August 13, to December 1, 1884, Colonel Smith represented the counties of Loudoun and Fauquier in the Virginia House of Delegates. He was appointed District Attorney for New Mexico by President Grover Cleveland during his first term as president. At the expiration of his term of office, he returned to Virginia, and, at once, entered heart and soul into the patriotic fight against repudiation of the State Debt. Through his efforts and those of other loyal Virginians, "repudiation" was defeated, and the debt was adjusted on honorable terms. During President Cleveland's second term, he was appointed Chief Justice of New Mexico, and it was by his firmness and indomitable pluck that a band of the most dangerous outlaws in the history of the West was annihilated. Having served out his four year term on the bench, he returned to Virginia, and settled in Warrenton, where on October 10, 1896, he married the beautiful and accomplished Elizabeth Gaines, eldest daughter of Judge William Gaines of "Paradise." They had no children.

424. PETER BELL SMITH: (318 Elizabeth) Born in 1839; earned M. A. Degrees from the College of William and Mary, and the University of Virginia, and settled in Warrenton, Virginia, for the practice of law. Having accidentally lost an arm in his youth, he was disqualified for service in the Confederate Army. In 1864, he served as aide to the Governor of Virginia (his father); accidentally killed himself on October 13, 1865.

426. FREDERICK WAUGH SMITH: (318 Elizabeth) Born in 1843; served as a volunteer in the 49th Regiment, C. S. A. ; wounded at Fredericksburg; appointed sergeant-major; later served on the staff of his father; subsequently joined Colonel John S. Mosby, with whom he continued until the end of the war. He went to South Africa, where he married. Upon reading of the serious illness of his only sister in the Warrenton paper, which he had sent to him in that far off land, he returned to Virginia.

431. WILLIAM ALDEN APPLETON BELL: (322 John) Born 1856, died 1930; was for some time Judge of the Probate and Criminal Courts of Fort Worth, Texas, where he lived from 1900 to 1906. Upon returning to Virginia, he represented Culpeper in the Virginia House of Delegates from January 8, 1908, until March 27, 1908, and from January 12, to March 17, 1910, and from January 10, to March 15, 1912. He served four terms as mayor of Culpeper.

When war was declared on Germany in 1917, he voluntarily enlisted as a private in the expeditionary army, but the recruiting officer declined to consider his application because of his age (55), and it was necessary to obtain a ruling from the U. S. War Department before he was allowed to go to camp. The War Department raised the age limit, in his case, so as to permit his enlistment, and he served at Verdun and in the Argonne with the 29th Division. While overseas, he lectured in Paris, London, Rome, and other cities.

944. DANIEL HANSBROUGH: (943 William) born 1844; died 1926. He was a Confederate Veteran. In 1903 he moved from Martin, Tennesee to Rector, Arkansas. He had two sons.



2014. DANIEL J. SAMPLE: (2005 Smith) born April 26, 1830 in Williamson County, Tennessee; died November 14, 1869 in Madison County, Mississippi; married Anna Eliza Edmiston February 12, 1857 in Madison County, Mississippi. She was born October 28, 1839 in Hannibal, Missouri; died November 1922 in Camden, Madison County, Mississippi. She was the daughter of Hiram Edmiston and Nancy Davis.

Children (SAMPLE)

2026. John Buchanan - born abt 1858 in Madison County, Mississippi; died about 1878 in Forney Texas. NFI.
2027. Margaret Cornelia - born July 30, 1859 in Madison County Mississippi; died February 25, 1935 in Canton, Mississippi; married James Walter Harrison June 5, 1889 in Madison County, Mississippi. He was born December 12, 1861 in Deasonville, Yazoo County, Mississippi; died March 24, 1949 in Canton, Mississippi.
2028. Leila Baughn - born March 12, 1866 in Madison County, Mississippi; died July 10, 1939 in Camden, Madison County, Mississippi; married William Collins Milton January 29, 1885 in Madison County Mississippi. He was born November 15, 1857; died November 29, 1927 in Camden, Madison County, Mississippi.

2015. MARGARET B. SAMPLE: (2005 Smith) born August 23, 1832 in Tennessee; died May 14, 1883; married John H. Turner.

Children (TURNER)

2029. Jennie - NFI.

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Tenth Generation.

437. DABNEY HERNDON: (348 Lucy) He and his twin (James Carmichael) were born September 22, 1831. He died in Alexandria, Virginia, on May 8, 1912. He received his early education in Fredericksburg, and, when a lad, started out as a civil engineer, helping to survey the Potomac, Fredericksburg and Piedmont Railroad (commonly called the "Narrow Gauge"); and, later, the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. Upon the discovery of gold in California, he joined the mad rush to the gold fields in January 1849. He returned to his native state in 1852. He attended the U. S. Military Academy at West Point, 1852-54. After leaving West Point, he took a pre-med course at the University of Virginia, in Charlottsville, during the session of 1855-56, studying chemistry, medicine, physiology and surgery, and anatomy at the same time as his bother, Brodie, and his cousin Thomas D. Herndon. After leaving the University of Virginia, he continued his medical studies at the College of the City of New York, 1857-58. After receiving his M. D., he began the practice of medicine in Memphis, Tennessee. Upon the outbreak of the Civil War, he volunteered as a private under General Nathan B. Forrest' soon after that he was appointed surgeon, C. S. A., in which capacity he served until the surrender. During this time, he was twice taken prisoner-of-war; at Island No. 10 and at Gettysburg. At the close of the war, he returned to Fredericksburg for the practice of his profession; later, he moved to Washington, D. C., and from there to Alexandria, Virginia, where he practiced his profession until poor health forced him to retire.

On October 22, 1867, he married Mary Zulette Waterhouse; born Peacedale, Rhode Island, January 29, 1849; died in Alexandria, Virginia, October 24, 1932. She was the only child of John Waterhouse, born Saddleworth, England, January 1819, died Passaic, New Jersey, June 25, 1888; and his wife, Abigail Pettengill, born Peterborough, New Hampshire, November 30, 1819, died Alexandria, Virginia, September 2, 1905. She was a lineal descendant of the early settlers of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. They had one child.

Children (HERNDON)

543. John Waterhouse - born in Fredericksburg, July 12, 1870. He spent the first four years of his life in his native town; the next fourteen years in Washington, D. C., where he received a high school education; and the next 52 years of his life in Alexandria, Virginia. He was employed for 5 years with the 12th Census, 23 years at the U. S. Capitol, and 21 years with the Treasury Department. On his retirement at the age of 70, he moved to Washington, where he remained for 2 years. In 1942, he moved to Charlottsville, where he was living in 1946. He never married. NFI.
John Waterhouse Herndon is the author of the "HERNDON STUDY" from which most of the data in this section was drawn.

438. JAMES CARMICHAEL HERNDON: (348 Lucy) He and his twin (Dabney) were born at Culpeper on September 22, 1831. He received his early education in Fredericksburg, and, when a lad, assisted his father in his office preparatory to attending the University of Virginia, where, during the sessions of 1849-50, he took courses in chemistry, medicine, physiology and surgery, and anatomy, during which time he lived in room 48, East Lawn. Later, he completed his medical studies and was graduated from the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, after which, he was appointed Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Army. At the outbreak of the Civil War, he joined the Confederate Army, serving at one time on the staff of General Robert E. Lee.

At the close of the war, he settled at Culpeper Court House where he married Mary Catlett Lightfoot on February 1, 1865. After the death of his wife, January 22, 1872, he moved to Savannah, Georgia, and became associated with his father in the practice of medicine. He served his adopted city faithfully during the fateful epidemic of yellow fever in 1876. Upon the outbreak of the fever in Florida the following year, he volunteered his services to aid the stricken city of Fernandina. Twelve days later, he was stricken with the disease; and five days later died- October 16, 1877 - another martyr to the cause of suffering humanity.

439. BRODIE STRACHAN HERNDON: (348 Lucy) Born in Culpeper, May 1, 1834; died in Fredericksburg, May 28, 1890. He received his early education in Fredericksburg. He attended the 1855-56 session of the University of Virginia, studying the same subjects as his brother, Dabney, and his cousin, Thomas D. Herndon. Later, he completed his medical studies at the City College of New York. After receiving his medical degree, he began the practice of his profession in Warrenton. He served as a surgeon in the Confederate Army throughout the Civil War and returned to Warrenton at its close. Several years later, he moved to Fredericksburg and continued the practice of his profession. He married Mary Wallace Gordon on April 28, 1870. She was born at "Kenmore," Fredericksburg, in 1845; died at Fredericksburg, November 1, 1901. She was the daughter of William Knox Gordon and his wife Eliza Stith Fitzhugh. They had three children, all439 born in Fredericksburg.

Children (HERNDON)

544. Sarah Parker - born April 13, 1871; died, unmarried at Fredericksburg, July 27, 1907. NFI.
545. Brodie Strachan - born August 3, 1873; died Portsmouth, Virginia, October 29, 1940; married Nellie Knight White. They had five children, names unknown. NFI.
546. William Gordon - born December 20, 1876; died Norfolk, Virginia, June 26, 1929; married Elizabeth Scott Meetz. They had two children, names unknown. NFI.

440. SARAH PARKER HERNDON: (348 Lucy) Born in Culpeper, November 25, 1835; died in Glasgow, Scotland, on May 6, 1881; married George Anderson Nicoll, born October 26, 1830, died Savannah, Georgia, on May 26, 1879. He was an engineer, banker, served in the Confederate Army, a prisoner-of-war at Fort de, and a prominent member of the Republican Blues, the crack military company of Savannah. They had four children.

Children (NICOLL)

547. John Anderson - born October 2, 1858; died Fredericksburg, May 1959. NFI.
548. Charles Herndon - born September 3, 1861; died Savannah, Georgia, November 7, 1868. NFI.
549. Brodie Herndon - born March 15, 1864; died in New York City, July 4, 1902. He married twice. By his first wife, he had one daughter, name unknown; by his second wife, he had a son who died young, name unknown. NFI.
550. George Anderson - born August 8, 1867; died New Bern, North Carolina, February 18, 1931; married three times. By his first wife, he had a son; by his second wife, he had a son and two daughters; there were no children by the third wife. NFI.

441. ELIZABETH HULL HERNDON: (348 Lucy) Born Culpeper, September 12, 1837; died Glasgow Scotland, May 3, 1916. She had exciting adventures in running the blockade during the Civil War. She married Henry Triplett Botts on July 17, 1860. He was born February 26, 1839; died Savannah, Georgia, January 22, 1889; son of General Thomas H. Botts and his second wife, Mary Stone. He was a merchant in Fredericksburg; a member of the Republican Blues, Savannah's crack military company. They had two children.

Children (BOTTS)

551. Lucy Herndon - born May 12, 1866; died at Fort Niagra, Youngstown, New York, January 6, 1938; married John Nettleton Johnson, by whom she had three children. NFI.
552. Ellen Arthur - born April 18, 1868; married James Robertson Blackie, by whom she had one child. NFI.

443. ANN MAURY HERNDON: (348 Lucy) Born December 17, 1841, in Fredericksburg; died Savannah, Georgia, June 16, 1885. On October 23, 1861, she married George Anderson Mercer, born February 9, 1835, died Savannah, Georgia, October 23 1907. He was a graduate of Princeton College, New Jersey; a brilliant lawyer and one of the most eloquent and fluent speakers in the south; was offered the U. S. Judgeship for the Southern District of Georgia by President Chester A. Arthur, who was a warm personal friend, but declined it; served in the Confederate Army; and was a prominent member of the Republican Blues, the crack military company of Savannah. He was the son of Major General Hugh Weedon Mercer and his first wife, Mary Stiles Anderson; grandson of General Hugh Mercer, who died January 12, 1777, of wounds received at the battle of Princeton, and his wife, Isabella Gordon, of Fredericksburg. There were seven children.

Children (MERCER)

553. Hugh Weedon - born August 25, 1863; died February 3, 1871. NFI.
554. Ann Herndon - born January 8, 1866; died June 6, 1930; married Joseph Muir Lang, by whom she had two sons. NFI.
555. George Anderson - born March 2, 1868; died November 14, 1940; married (1st) Mary Ellis Walter, by whom he had three sons; married (2nd) Lillian Ciucevick, by whom he had one son and two daughters. NFI.
556. Lewis Herndon - born March 4, 1870; died April 3, 1944, unmarried. NFI.
557. Robert Lee - born November 24, 1871; married Katherine Mackay Stiles, by whom he had two sons. NFI.
558. Edward Clifton Anderson - born November 13, 1873; died March 1, 1943; married Josephine Peyton Freeland. There were no children. NFI.
559. Brodie Herndon - born July 11, 1876; died June 13, 1878. NFI.

444. MARY ELIZA HERNDON: (348 Lucy) Born November 29, 1843; died Richmond Plantation, Georgia, February 1, 1878; married November 13, 1865, Joseph Clay, born December 10, 1838, died Brunswick, Georgia, March 25, 1914. He was graduated from Yale in 1860; member of the Society of the Cincinnati; and a rice planter. He was a great- grandson of Colonel Joseph Clay, Deputy Paymaster of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. They had two children.

Children (CLAY)

560. Thomas Savage - born July 25, 1867, died unmarried in New York City on July 8, 1939. NFI.
561. Mary Eliza - born July 23, 1871. NFI.

447. ELLEN LEWIS HERNDON: (350 Frances) Wife of Chester Alan Arthur, 21st President of the United States of America.

Ellen Lewis Herndon was born at Culpeper Courthouse on August 30, 1837, in the house built by her Uncle Brodie Herndon (the house is still standing and is known as the Johnson House). She died in New York City on January 12, 1880.

In 1842, with her parents, she moved from Fredericksburg to Washington, D. C., and it was here that she attended school and spent most of her childhood. Early in life, she developed a fine voice, later becoming a member of the choir of St. John's Episcopal Church, Lafayette Square, in which she was confirmed. It was because of her association with this church that her husband, while President, selected it as his church home.

While living in Washington, as a young lady, she made the acquaintance of many prominent men and women in the political, Army, Navy, and old-residential circles of Washington Society. She was also a close personal friend of Dolly Madison, whom she visited quite frequently at her home.

A few months before the death of her father, in September 1857, the family moved to New York City, where she lived until the day of her death, January 12, 1880.

On October 25, 1859, she was married in the Calvary Protestant Episcopal Church, New York, to Chester Alan Arthur, a rising young lawyer who had been introduced to her by her cousin, Dabney Herndon. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Smith Payne.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Arthur did not live to see her husband take the oath of office as Vice-President, and later, as President of the United States. Mrs. Arthur died on January 12, 1880, and her husband was sworn in as the 21st President on September 19, 1881. President Arthur's sister, Mrs. John McElroy, acted as his hostess in the White House. President and Mrs. Arthur had three children.

Children (ARTHUR)

562. William Lewis - born December 10, 1860; died Englewood, New Jersey, July 5, 1863. NFI.
563. CHESTER ALAN - born July 25, 1864.
564. Ellen Herndon - born November 21, 1871; died September 6, 1915; married Charles Pinkerton on November 17, 1903. Mr. Pinkerton was a New York Lawyer. He remarried after the death of his wife, Ellen. NFI.

Wedding Reception of a Future President of the United States.

"After the wedding ceremony, a small but elegant wedding reception was held at the handsomely furnished residence of the bride's mother, Frances Elizabeth Hansbrough Herndon, No. 34 West 21st Street, New York City. No account of either the wedding or reception which followed appeared in the newspapers published at the time, but the bills for the repast served to the especially invited guests, of which there could not have been a large number as the house was not a large one, give an idea of the lavish entertainment for which the Hansbrough's were noted."

"The house was profusely decorated with flowers scattered throughout the various rooms, there being two hanging baskets, nine vases, 4 dishes, and 7 baskets filled with flowers. They florist also furnished 3 large flat bouquets, 4 small and 2 white ones, probably for the wedding party."

"In the dining room, the table had for a centerpiece an epergne filled with flowers, while at either end were bouquets and fruit baskets."

"For the wedding breakfast or supper (we do not know the hour when the marriage was solemnized), there was provided 1,700 stewed oysters, 500 pickled oysters, 300 raw oysters, a lobster salad, six dishes of chicken salad, 2 bunches of curled celery, 35 quarts assorted ice cream, 6 molds Charlotte de Dusse, 6 of jelly, 2 of blanc mange, 2 merangue baskets a la creme, 8 pounds fancy mixed cakes, 6 pounds mottoes, apples, pears, grapes, oranges and lemons. For liquors, there were 12 quarts Heidsick champagne, 36 quarts Giesler, 1 gallons old brandy, 1 gallon Bourbon whiskey, 1 gallons Romano sherry, 4 gallons rum, 1 box Cuercoa, and 1- 1/10 of antique concha."

21st President of the United States

In personal appearance, Mrs. Arthur was not handsome nor beautiful as were her mother and so many of her Herndon cousins. She was dignified and carried herself well - in short, she was a striking looking woman. She had brown hair, fair skin, was slender, of medium height, and, being quite near-sighted, wore gutta percha-rimed glasses.

Mrs. Arthur's position in New York during the Civil War was a trying one. Her husband was a prominent General in the U. S. Army while all of her male relatives fought in the Armies of the Confederacy, and her female relatives were loyal supporters of what was afterwards termed "The Lost Cause." However, during this fraternal strife, she never forgot her allegiance to her native state. Jokingly, her husband used to call and speak of her as his "Little Rebel Wife."

She had a rich contralto voice, and her services were much in demand, and she responded frequently, and with grace, to requests, especially when the proceeds were to be devoted to charity. It was at such a concert that she contracted a cold, brought on by standing in her slippers on the sidewalk while waiting for her carriage on a cold January night. Pneumonia developed quickly, which was followed by heart complications, and she died on January 12, 1880. Her funeral took place from the Church of the Heavenly Rest on 5th Avenue, of which she was a member. The services were conducted by her cousin, Mr. Maury. She was buried in the Arthur lot in Albany, New York. The services at the grave were attended by the Governor of the State, members of the New York Assembly, and other prominent men in the political world in which her husband held a prominent position.

21st President of the United States

CHESTER ALAN ARTHUR, 21st president of the United States, was born in Fairfield, Vermont, on October 5, 1830. After his term as president, he moved to New York City where he died on November 18, 1886.

His father, William Arthur (1797-1875), when 18 years of age, emigrated from County Antrim, Ireland. He married Malvina Stone, an American girl living in Canada at the time of the marriage. This fact coupled with many changes in the family residence led to the charge in 1880, that Chester Alan Arthur had not been born in Vermont, but in Canada, and was, therefore not eligible for the presidency.

Chester Alan Arthur was graduated from Union College, Schenectady, New York, in 1848. In 1853, he entered a law office in New York, and in 1854, he was admitted to the New York bar. Through his connection with several famous law cases, he soon gained an excellent legal reputation.

In 1859, he married Ellen Lewis Herndon, daughter of a Virginia Naval Officer and the explorer of the Amazon River and his wife, Frances Elizabeth Hansbrough.

He became active in New York City politics, and joined the state militia. During the Civil War, he held successively, positions as Assistant Quartermaster General, Quartermaster General, and Inspector General of State Troops. In 1871, he was appointed Collector of Customs for the port of New York,by President U. S. Grant. This was a stormy period in his career.

In 1880, he was a delegate-at-large to the Republican National Convention, and worked hard for the nomination of President Grant for a third term. Upon the triumph of James A. Garfield over Grant, the need for conciliating the defeated faction led to the offer to the New York Delegation of second place on the ticket. When Levi P. Morton declined, Arthur was offered the nomination and accepted the honor over the protest of many delegates.

Upon the assassination of President Garfield, September 19, 1881, Arthur took the oath as his successor. Coming at a period of intense factional controversy and following the Assassination of Garfield, which had profoundly shocked the public, the accession of Arthur to the Presidency created great apprehension. The wide spread expressions of dismay in the press at the probable outcome of an administration in the hands of so confirmed a factionist and spoilsman as he was reputed to be are said to have deeply wounded Arthur. But his accession address was clear, judicious and reassuring, and his expressed purpose, from which he never measurably deviated, to administer his office in a spirit devoid of factional animosity, established the confidence of the nation and won for him the approval of many of his severest critics. His use of the veto in 1882 in the case of a Chinese immigration bill confirmed the favorable impression that he had made. Arthur was much concerned about national defense and secured increased appropriations for the Navy, including funds for the construction of the first steel cruisers.

At the end of his term, he returned to New York where he died in 1886.

In appearance, Arthur was an imposing figure; tall, handsome, always immaculately dressed, dignified, but sociable and gracious to everyone.

(The above was condensed from the Encyclopedia Britannica.)

448. LUCY HUMPHREY CARR: (355 John) Born May 13, 1859; died September 1930; married Henry Levi in February 1898. There were no children.

449. LIZZIE MILTON CARR: (355 John) Born October 19, 1860; died September 1924; married Jacob O. Levi on April 10, 1885. They had three children.

Children (LEVI)

565. Mamie Humphrey - born December 1887. NFI.
566. Adah Wilford - born March 3, 1891. NFI.
567. Ralph Weighley - born April 1897. NFI.

450. FANNIE McVEIGH CARR: (355 John) Born January 11, 1863; married William Eddy, June 21, 1893.

451. IRENE CARR: (355 John) Born October 30, 1865; married Thomas Braxton Levi on December 4, 1890. They had three children.

Children (LEVI)

568. CLYDE BRAXTON - born February 22, 1892.
569. Maude Angie - born February 4, 1893. NFI.
570. Elsie Irene - born December 27, 1902; living in 1944; unmarried. NFI.

452. CLAY CARR: (355 John) Born January 13, 1868; married his cousin, Sue Wharton, they had two children.

Children (CARR)

571. Oscar McVey - married Frances Henderson. NFI.
572. Clay, Jr. - married Elizabeth Hume. NFI.

454. NANCY ROGERS CARR: (355 John) Born June 22, 1870; died June 30, 1930; married Robert C. Levi on October 30, 1900.

455. JESSIE SAMUEL CARR: (355 John) Born June 8, 1873, in Warren County, Virginia; married in 1902; died at a nursing home in Winchester, Virginia, on June 26, 1946; buried in Greenhill Cemetery, Berryville. He had two children.

Children (CARR)

573. (A daughter) - married Harry F. Wersley. NFI.
574. Robert M. - NFI.

458. ADA BELL HARPER: (359 Mary) Born January 9, 1856; married Roslynn C. Vass, a merchant of Culpeper, who died on February 27, 1913. They had two children.

Children (VASS)

575. Mary - married Laurence S. Ricketts. NFI.
576. Florence - married Mercer Nalle. NFI.

459. WELLS ANDREWS HARPER: (359 Mary) Born 1859; died in the Loudoun County Hospital on April 5, 1931.

460. ROBERT NEWTON HARPER: (359 Mary) Born January 31, 1861, at "Oak Grove," near Leesburg, Loudoun County. He died at Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, D. C., on September 23, 1940. He was widely interested in the drug business. He held a Ph. D. from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.

He was president of the D. C. Pharmaceutical Association and of the National Association of Druggists for 2 years; Commissioner of Pharmacy of the District of Columbia; Treasurer of the National Food and Drug Co., and of the Washington Wholesale Drug Exchange; and was Druggist to the Poor of Washington until, after disposal of his business, he resigned. He was also a member of the National College of Pharmacy.

On March 7, 1903, he was elected president of the newly organized American Bank of Washington, of which he had been a prime mover and organizer. In 1908, he founded the private banking firm of Harper and Co., which was taken over by the District National Bank of Washington, which he organized in 1909. He was its president until 1930. He organized and was director of the Loudoun National Bank of Leesburg, and of the Arlington Trust Co. He was a director of the Peoples National Bank of Leesburg, and of the Potomac Electric Power Co. Of Washington. He was president of the D. C. Bankers Association 1920-21, and Vice-president of the American Bankers Association, and of the Washington Board of Trade.

During the first four years of the existence of the Washington Chamber of Commerce, he was its president. He was one of the organizers of the Washington Auditorium Corporation, and its president during the campaign to raise funds for the erection of an adequate convention hall.

He dealt extensively in real estate. Among his holdings were "The Loudoun" apartment house and the Harper Building. He was the owner of a fine farm near Leesburg, and he was interested in raising purebred stock. He was President of the Horse and Colt Show Association of Leesburg, and President of the Washington and Leesburg Good Roads Association for many years.

He was an ardent Democrat; President of the Virginia Democratic Association of D. C. for 10 years; Delegate to the Democratic National Conventions in 1900 and 1920; and was on the staff of Governor Andrew J. Montague in 1904, with the rank of Colonel, in connection with the St. Louis Exposition in that year.

He served on the committee to arrange for the inauguration of President Wilson in 1913 and 1917; was Vice-chairman of the Committee in charge of the G. A. R. Reunion in 1917, and Chairman of the Committee in charge of the Confederate Veterans Reunion in the same year; chairman of the Committee of Honor Medals for D. C. soldiers. In 1918, the newly organized Chinese Nationalist Government State Council selected him and four others to act as honorary advisors to their government.

He was a member of the University Club, National Press Club, Sons of the Revolution, Southern Society, and Association of Oldest Inhabitants, and was a member of the Board of Governors of the Congressional Country Club. He had a great variety of interests, and is said to have been associated with more civil enterprises in the District of Columbia than any other man.

On February 25, 1892, he married Carolyn Jackson Rousch, of West Virginia. She died in 1930. They had one child.

Children (HARPER)

577. William J. - served as a captain overseas during the 1st World War. He was married on January 5, 1921, to Mary Elizabeth Maxwell, daughter of Lewis Maxwell, of Willow Bend Estate, West Union, West Virginia. NFI.

461. JAMES WILLIAM HARPER: (359 Mary) Died, unmarried in Washington, D. C., on October 25, 1913.

463. HOWARD HAMPTON HANSBROUGH: (360 James) Born in Culpeper in 1857; died at his home, "Hume Springs," St. Elmo, Alexandria, on January 30, 1910; married Harriet Bontz on January 21, 1881. They had eight children.


578. Edward - born 1883; died August 28, 1895. NFI.
579. Harrieta Bontz - born 1885. NFI.
580. Henry Bontz - born May 28, 1886. NFI.
581. HAMPTON HOWARD - born 1888.
582. Corinne - born 1890. NFI.
583. Margaretta - born April 8, 1893. NFI.
584. Anne - born December 14, 1895. NFI.
585. Kathleen - born 1905. NFI.

464. EDWIN MAYO HANSBROUGH: (360 James) Born in Culpeper about 1859; married Margaret Stevens Hansbrough, eldest daughter of James and Anna O. Hansbrough, before December. 6, 1888. They had six children.


586. James - died unmarried. NFI.
587. Vernon - born November 10, 1893; never married. NFI.
588. Lucien - married; no children. NFI.
589. Alice - born September 16, 1896. NFI.
590. Marie Ophelia - born before 1896; died before 1942; married Professor Frank Hough on October 25, 1912. They had two children. NFI.
591. Gladys - married Ben Bigler. They had a son. NFI.

465. CHARLES ASHBY HANSBROUGH: (360 James) Born 1861; died before March 11, 1904; married Mary C. Pannell on November 13, 1889. She was the daughter of Philip Pendleton Pannell and Martha Porter, his wife. They had two children.


592. JAMES ASHBY - born 1890.
593. Philip - he had two daughters. NFI.

468. CLARA THOMPSON HANSBROUGH: (360 James) Born in Culpeper in 1876; married Alfred Lomax Ashby Covington on October 30, 1906. They had one child.

Children (COVINGTON)

594. Lomax - NFI.

472. THOMAS BENJAMIN JONES: (367 Mildred) Born January 31, 1861; died August 13, 1936; married Mary Elizabeth Davis on May 11, 1904. They had three children.

Children (JONES)

595. Mildred Conway - born March 13, 1905. NFI.
596. Mary Stevens - born December 15, 1909. NFI.
597. Thomas Davis - born March 3, 1911; married Anna Lewis Stokes on October 12, 1935. They had a son. NFI.

475. HARVEY SLAUGHTER JONES: (367 Mildred) Born January 18, 1868; died August 1940; married Elizabeth Devine in December 1896. They had one child.

Children (JONES)

598. John Irvine - born April 27, 1900; married Barbara Strader on October 20, 1923. They had two sons. NFI.

478. ANNA OPHELIA HANSBROUGH: (368 James) Born 1890; married William Montgomery Graswell after January 24, 1939.

481. ELIZA SLAUGHTER HANSBROUGH: (368 James) Born in Culpeper on May 28, 1876; married Earl Greg Swem in Baltimore, Maryland, in November 1907. At the time of the marriage, he was Assistant Librarian, Virginia State Library, Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Swem, son of Edward Lawrence Swem and Emeline (Luse) Swem, was born in Belle Plaine, Iowa, on December 29, 1870. He held a number of scholastic degrees. Among these were: B. A. (1893), M. A. (1896), Litt. D. (1926) from Lafayette College and an L. L. D. from William and Mary College (1941). He began his library career with the Iowa Masonic Library, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. After serving at a number of other libraries, he became Librarian of the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia in 1920, from which position he retired in 1944.

He was a member of various historical and library associations; the editor of numerous historical works; and the compiler of a number of works on Virginia history, among them being his "Bibliography of the Conventions and Constitutions of Virginia" (1910), "Official Publications of the Confederate States Government," "Analysis of Ruffin's Farmers' Register," "Register of the General Assembly of Virginia, 1776-1918," and his outstanding genealogical resource work, "The Virginia Historical Index."

"The Virginia Historical Index," commonly called "Swem's," consists of a two volume index of the following publications: "Virginia Magazine of History and Biography" (38 Vols.), "The William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine" (37 Vols.), "Tyler's Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine" (10 Vols.), "Virginia Historical and Literary Advisor" (6 Vols.), "Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary" (5 Vols.), "Hennings Statutes of (Virginia ) State Papers" (11 Vols.)."Swem's" is an invaluable and indispensable aid to both Historians and genealogist in performing research in the State and Colony of Virginia.

They had one son.

Children (SWEM)

599. Earl - NFI.

483. PEARL FITZROY HANSBROUGH: (368 James) Born in 185; married Loren Milliken Fryer, of Hightstown, New Jersey, on January 18, 1902, in Towson, Maryland. He was born in 1882.

484. JAMES BARBOUR NALLE: (379 Ellen) Born at "Bellevue," Culpeper, Virginia; member of Hooe Bros. & Co., merchants of Washington, D. C. .

486. EDMOND PENDLETON NALLE: (379 Ellen) Born at "Bellevue," Culpeper, Virginia, December 28, 1840; served in the Quartermaster's Department, C. S. A., under General Alfred Barbour, Chief Q. M., Army of Northern Virginia. He participated in the battles of Antietam, Harpers Ferry, Seven Pines, and the Seven Days Battles around Richmond with the 49th Infantry under command of Colonel William Smith who married Elizabeth Hansbrough Bell and, later, became governor of Virginia.

Edmond Nalle married (1st) Mildred Stone Wallace on May 30, 1867. She was born on April 18, 1842 and died on May 12, 1868. She was the daughter of Gustavus Brown Wallace, of "Liberty Hall," Stafford, and his wife, Emily Travers Daniel. Emily Travers Daniel was the daughter of Travers Daniel and his wife, Mildred Stone. Mildred Stone was the daughter of Thomas Stone, Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Stone was the grandson of William Stone, Governor of Maryland (1649-1654) and his wife, Margaret, who was the sister of Dr. Gustavus Brown, who attended General George Washington during his last illness.

Edmond married (2nd) Kate Bernard Robertson on February 12, 1873.

There was one child by the first marriage and four by the second.

Children (NALLE) By Mildred Stone Wallace:

600. Mildred Wallace - born May 11, 1868; married John Dominick Bowling, June 12, 1894. They had six children. NFI.

Children (NALLE) By Kate Bernard Robertson

601. Edmond Cary - born November 18, 1873; married Ella Ashby Bernard, March 6, 1902. NFI.
602. Sadie Farish - born November 19, 1874; married Rowland Beverly Ellis, June 7, 1906. NFI.
603. Thomas Pendleton - born December 15, 1876; died December 20, 1904; married Mary E. Keblinger, October 1902. They had one child. NFI.
604. James Barbour - born June 6, 1879. NFI.

487. ELIZABETH RICE NALLE: (379 Ellen) Born August 24 1842; died of appendicitis at the Woman's Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, before September 6, 1922; married Caleb Clarke Magruder on June 30, 1868. He was a member of the Maryland Legislature. They had five children

Children (MAGRUDER)

605. Caleb Clarke - born February 20, 1870. NFI.
606. Ernest Pendleton - born October 23, 1871. NFI.
607. Thomas Nalle - born September 4, 1874. NFI.
608. Mercer Hampton - born October 29, 1876. NFI.
609. Arthur Hooe Stanley - born May 20, 1882. NFI.

488. MARY DANIEL NALLE: (379 Ellen) Married John Williamson Belt on June 30, 1868. They had two children.

Children (BELT)

610. James Beall - born November 4, 1869. NFI.
611. Edward Williamson - born in 1874; died in infancy. NFI.

498. LUCY FITZHUGH GRYMES HOOE: (383 Isaac) Born at "Barnesfield," King George County, August 9, 1868; married James H. Boggs on June 19, 1895. They had two children.

Children (BOGGS)

612. Lucy Hooe - born September 6, 1896. NFI.
613. Sallie Adams - born December 11, 1898. NFI.

499. ABRAM BARNES HOOE: (383 Isaac) Born "Barnesfield," King George, April 12, 1871; died Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, D. C., sept 19, 1934; married Eliza Nutt Mitchell on November 12, 1901. They had one child.

He studied medicine at Columbian College, now George Washington University, receiving his M. D. degree in 1896. During World War I, he served in France as commander of a field hospital. He was a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a founder of the George Washington Medical Society. He was a Past Master of the St. John's Lodge No. 11, F. A. A. M., a Knight Templar, Shriner, and a member of the University Club.

Children (HOOE)

614. Margaret - born November 4, 1905. NFI.

513. WILLIAM ERASMUS GLASSELL: (388 Mary) Married Jane R. Adger. He was born in Culpeper near Brady Station. He was vice-president and a director of the firm of Foster and Glassell Co., Limited, cotton factors and commission merchants at the foot of Strand Street, Shreveport, Louisiana, in 1911. He had two children and possibly more.

Children (GLASSELL)

615. Mildred G. - NFI.
616. William - attended the University of Sewanee. NFI.

527. LIVINGSTON CHANCELLOR HANSBROUGH: (403 George) Born September 11, 1856; died September 11, 1916; married his cousin, Mrs. Louise Logan, widow of John Les Logan. He was a student at the University of Virginia, 1877-78; practiced law in Salem, Virginia; President of the Farmers & Merchants Benevolent Fire Insurance Company of Salem; a man of considerable means who lived for many years in great style. He had four children.


617. George Woodson - born October 21, 1908; died January 5, 1931, from the effects of a fall. NFI.
618. Louise Logan - born March 1, 1911; married William Louis Snyder on March 2, 1931. They had one child. NFI.
619. Livingston Chancellor - born February 1, 1913; married Fred Shields on December 10, 1938. They had one child. NFI.
620. Marion Wallace - born August 15, 1915. NFI.

529. GEORGIA GARLAND HANSBROUGH: (404 John) Born at Orange Court House in 1857; a graduate of Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania; married October 12, 1876, Lewis Herman Lee, son of John Hancock Lee and his second wife, Fanny Willis, daughter of Lewis and Lucy (Madison) Willis, niece of President Madison. They had one child.

Children (LEE)

621. Mary Madison - born March 28, 1877. NFI.

530. LIZZIE HAMILTON HANSBROUGH: (404 John) Born March 24, 1864. After her marriage, she lived in Boston, Massachusetts, until the death of her husband in December 1899, when she returned to Virginia to live on Marshall Heights, Orange Court House. She had married Willis Leroy Smith on May 25, 1893. They had two children.

Children (SMITH)

622. Virginia - born Winchester, Massachusetts, December 17, 1895. NFI.
623. George Leroy - born Winchester, Massachusetts, November 25, 1896. NFI.

531. HELEN PAYTON LAWSON HANSBROUGH: (404 John) Born Orange Court House, April 1867; died before May 27, 1925, when her will was recorded in Culpeper; married Dr. Robert Blish Macoy, a druggist at Culpeper, December 5, 1888. He was a Councilman in Culpeper in 1900. They had five children.

Children (MACOY)

624. Mary Elizabeth - born 1892; married Walter Scott Griffin of North Carolina. There were no children. NFI.
625. HELEN PAYTON LAWSON - born May 1895.
626. GEORGIE HAMILTON - born 1897.
627. ELSIE CARSON -born 1902.
628. ROBERT BLISH (a daughter) - born 1904.

532. JOHN ALEXANDER HANSBROUGH: (404 John) Born about 1870; died October 27, 1904.

537. WILLIAM CLAYTON WILLIAMS: (406 Roberta) Born February 8, 1859; married Eveline Johnson on November 16, 1882. They had four children.

Children (WILLIAMS)

629. WILLIAM CLAYTON - born May 13, 1884.
630. Mary I. - married M. M. Seson, of Durham, North Carolina. NFI.
631. Josephine - married Roland T. Hill. NFI.
632. Elmora H. - NFI.

952. WILLIAM JEFFERSON HANSBROUGH: (944 Daniel) born 1869; died 1938. He had four children. His only son, Lewis D. Hansbrough, supplied the information for this family.

953. ZACK TAYLOR HANSBROUGH: (944 Daniel) He had one daughter.

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Eleventh Generation.

563. CHESTER ALAN ARTHUR: (447 Ellen) Son of President Chester A. Arthur. Born in New York City, July 25, 1864; died at Colorado Springs, Colorado, July 18, 1937; married (1st)May 8, 1900, Mrs Myra Townsend (Fithian) Andrews; divorced 1927. They had one child. He married (2nd) Mrs. Rowena (Dashwood) Graves in July 1927. They had no children.

Children (ARTHUR)

633. Chester Alan - born Colorado Springs, Colorado, March 21, 1901; married twice; no children. NFI.

568. CLYDE BRAXTON LEVI: (451 Irene) Born February 22, 1892; died January 17, 1944; married January 14, 1919, Bernice Humston. They had three children.

581. HAMPTON HOWARD HANSBROUGH: (463 Howard) Born in Culpeper in 1888; married Eunice N_____; died April 6, 1945; buried in Fort Lincoln Cemetery, Washington, D. C. They had three children.


637. (A daughter) - married Edwin L. Cook. NFI.
638. Forest - NFI.
639. Marian - married ______Williams. NFI.

592. JAMES ASHBY HANSBROUGH: (465 Charles) Born in Orange County in 1890; married October 31, 1932, Mrs. Manda (Miller) Green, daughter of John S. Miller and his wife, Josephine Foushee.

625. HELEN PAYTON LAWSON MACOY: (531 Helen) Born Culpeper, May 1895; married November 22, 1916, Thomas Mercer Jones. They had one child.

Children (JONES)

640. Robert Blish - born in Culpeper, January 18, 1922; attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia. NFI.

626. GEORGIA HAMILTON MACOY: (531 Helen) Born 1897; married September 15, 1915, Glassell Somerville Stringfellow; divorced. They had two children.

627. ELSIE CARSON MACOY: (531 Helen) Born Culpeper, 1902; married Leo James Noonan, they had three children.

628. ROBERT BLISH MACOY: (531 Helen) Born Culpeper, 1904; married Benjamin Frederick Lewis. They had three children.

629. WILLIAM CLAYTON WILLIAMS: (537 William) Born in Orange County, Virginia, May 13, 1884; married Sally Aiken on March 20, 1914. They had two children.

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants.

The Fifth Generation

Note: The first four generations are covered in Section 1, "The Foundations of the Family."

7. MORIAS HANSBROUGH: (4 Peter) Born in Stafford County, Virginia, about 1725; died in Shelby County, Kentucky in 1800. The first mention of him is on November 10, 1757, when he was granted a patent on 47 acres in Albermale, on both sides of Rich Cove Creek, adjoining John Burn's land.

On June 26, 1760, Isaac Judd and Lettie, his wife, sold "Morias Hansbrough of the County of Stafford, carpenter," 105 acres, being part of the 825 acre tract granted the said Judd by the "Proprietors for the Northern Neck," situated on the south side of Cannon's Run, together with houses, etc., the consideration being 20£.

In the Minute Book of Culpeper for 1763-64 (pp. 343, 381, and 434), there is record of a suit by Morias Hansbrough, Plt., against Henry Elly, Deft. In the case.

On October 24, 1768, "Morias Hansbrough, Millwright, and Jane, his wife, of the County of Stafford and the Parish of Overwharton," sold the above mentioned 105 acres "lying in Fauquier and Hamilton Parish on the branch of Aquai called Cannon Run' to "John Innas, planter of the same county and parish" for 20£, current money of Virginia.

In Ledger G of the accounts of Allison, a merchant of Falmouth, "Morias Hansbrough, mill wright - Stafford," is debited in 1768, "to cash paid Cuthbert Bullet - lawyer fee 2. 9. 0.

The will of John Brahan, probated in Fauquier County Court, on November 27, 1775, was witnessed by Morias Hansbrough.

On October 28, 1776, John Ennes and Mary, his wife, deeded back to Morias Hansbrough, of Stafford, mill wright, the 105 acres lying on the branch of Cannon's Run, the consideration being 30£.

On August 23, 1779, Morias Hansbrough, mill wright, and Jane, his wife, of Stafford, sold to Garret Gray, of Fauquier, for 810£ current money of Virginia, the 100 acres taken up by Isaac Judd on the "north side of Cannon Run close by a path to the branch of Cannon Run." On October 9, 1780, "Marias Hansbrough of the County of Kentucky and the State of Virginia" sold to William Murphy of King George County, Virginia, (his niece's husband), 524 acres in Stafford on the branch of the Acquia Creek called Cannon's Run, adjoining Colonel William Robinson, and is now corner to Peter Hansbrough, Jr., and Edward Ralls, William Ralls, William Phillips road, Egan Hagan, Lewis Pritchard, John Peter, Garret Gray, and Cater's Road, the consideration being 2700£ current money of this State. This deed witnessed by Smith Hansbrough, James Gerrard, James Hansbrough, Peter Hansbrough, and Samuel Somers.

Morias Hansborough must have been among the early settlers of Shelby County, Kentucky, who made their home at Squire Boone's Station in April 1781. Located on Clear Creek, where Shelbyville is now, the fort, which was also known as Painted Stone Station, was then somewhat isolated from other settlements. While traveling from Linns Station to Brashears Station, to get a minister to conduct two weddings at Linns, Major Bland Ballard observed signs of a large body of Indians in the area and rode to surrounding settlements, including Boone's Station, where he arrived at night, to warn them. For safety, the inhabitants of Boone's decided to accompany Ballard back to Linns, in the more densely populated area around Louisville. Squire Boone could not get ready in time to go with them and could not prevail upon them to wait another day, so he and a few other families, who could not get their belongings together immediately, remained at Boone's, intending to follow later. Ballard and his party set out the next morning. At Long Run of Floyds Fork in eastern Jefferson County, near the Shelby County line, the group was attacked by the Indians and a great many settlers were killed, including two Misses Hansboros, sisters of Joel Hansboro.

Morias probably emigrated to what is now the State of Kentucky about 1780 or 1781, for in the Council Journal for June 23, 1781, a warrent was issued to "Marcus (Morias) Hanberry (Hansbrough)" for William Shannon of Kentucky for 333£ upon account' in the same Journal, under the same date, "upon recommendation from the Court of Jefferson County . . . . . and Morias Hanbury (Hansbrough) are added to the Commissioners of the Peace and Oyer for the said county," and, in 1783, his name appears on the Register for the General Assembly of Virginia as a member of the House from Jefferson County, now Kentucky.

On June 1, 1782, Morias upon payment of 200£ was given a patent to 500 acres lying in the County of Jefferson (Kentucky) on the South side of Tinker's Creek, corner to William H. Helms.

When the will of James Brown was proved in Shelby County, Kentucky, in November 1799, "Morius" went security for Daniel Colgen, the executor.

In the will of "Morias Hansbrough" of Shelby County, Kentucky, proved in August 1800, he mentions his wife, Mary, sons, George, John and Joel, and daughter, Susanna; and he appointed his son, George, and John Underwood executors, their securities being P. Hansbrough and Robert Allison.

Will of Morias Hansbrough.

Will of Morias Hansbrough, who married the widow, Mary Underwood.

"In the name of God, Amen. This twenty-second day of July, I, Morias Hansbrough, being sick and weak in body but of perfect memory, thanks be to God for his mercies, but calling to mind the mortality of the body and knowing that it is appointed to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament. First, I give my soul to God who gave it to me and as to my body, I recommend it to the earth to be buried in a Christian decent-like manner - nothing doubting - but I shall receive the same at the General Resurrection of the dead by the Mighty Power of God. And as to such worldly goods as it has pleased God to bless me with I give and bequeath of them in the following manner: 1st. I make and appoint my beloved wife, Mary, my son, George, and John Underwood my Executors of this my last will and Testament. 2ndly. I do order that all my just Debts and funeral charges be paid and satisfied out of my personal estate such as my Executors shall think can best be spared."
"3. I give to my son, George, three hundred acres of land, part of an entry for 1,000 acres entered in my name on the waters of Fox Run, his part to be on the east side of said tract and I do impower my wife and John Underwood to convey a Deed with Special Warranty for the same."
"4. I give to my son, John, all of the remainder part of the above mentioned Entry for 1,000 acres to be disposed of as he May think best and I give my Executors full power to convey a Special Deed to him for the same.
"5. Also I give to my son, John, one hundred acres of land lying on the waters of Tick Creek on the East side of an entry containing 500 acres entered in my own name - - and I do impower my Executors to convey a Deed with a special warranty to him for the same."
"6. I give to my wife, Mary, all my household furniture, also I give to my wife, Mary, all the profits of the one hundred acres lying in Lincoln County now rented to John Weathers during her natural life then to descend to Nathan Underwood and my son, George to be equally divided."
"7. I give to my son, Joel, the Land I now live on - containing 500 acres reserving to my wife, Mary, one half of the cleared land with all the necessary timber to support the same during her life, at her death, Joel to have the whole excepting timber to the value of $100. 00, which I give to my son, George, to take it off as he May think best."
"8. I give to my Daughter Susannah one negro Girl named Alice to be delivered to her immediately."
"9. I give to my wife, Mary, one negro girl named Little Doll for her use during her lifetime and then to descend as the rest of my negroes. "
"10. I do Emancipate and set free my Negro woman Doll at my ___ and impower my Executors to take every lawful step for obtaining the same."
"11. I do order all the rest of my negroes to be hired out for Ten years or so long as my Executors May think best - not exceeding the year 1810 in such way and manner as my Executors May think best. One third of the profits arising from the labour of said Negroes I give to my Daughter Susannah to be paid yearly to her and when my Negroes or any part is to be divided my Executors are to choose three good disinterested persons or more to divide them giving my children all an equal share without distinction."
"12. I give my wife, Mary, my sons, George and Joel, my Wagon and all my Farm tools to be used together until they May think fit to divide them each to have an equal share."
"13. I do give my wife, Mary, one mare named Black."
"14. I do order all the rest of my Estate that is not otherwise directed, to be equally divided between my children without distinction."
"15. I do give my Executors full power to cause all persons to convey all Deeds that I have bonds against or other instruments of Writing, also I give my Executors full power to convey Deeds to all persons that have any demand against me agreeable to the tennor of said writing.
"16. If all or any part of an entry for 1,000 acres of land lying on the Little Bullskin entered in my name is obtained it is to be divided between my sons, John and George and my daughter Susannah."

Given under my hand the day and year above written in the presence of :

Daniel Colgan
Isaac Ellis
Peter Hansbrough

Morias Hansbrough

Shelby County Sct.
August County Court 1800 -

This last Will and Testament of Morias Hansbrough, deceased, was produced into Court and proved by the Oaths of Daniel Colgan, Isaac Ellis and Peter Hansbrough, Witnesses thereto, and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of George Hansbrough and John Underwood, two of the Executors named in said will and having made oath thereto, certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate thereto in due form and thereupon entered into and acknowledged as Done with Peter Hansbrough and Robert Allison securities in the penalty of Three thousand £ conditioned as the law directs.
Attest: James Craig, Clk.

Morias Hansbrough, as we have seen above, married (1st) Jane _____, and (2nd) Mary Underwood.


660. GEORGE - born before 1780 in Virginia.
661. JOHN - born in Culpeper County, Virginia about 1769.
662. JOEL - born March 1778.
663. Susanna- married Luke Robinson on November 4, 1795 in Lincoln County, Kentucky. NFI.
663a. daughter - Died in an Indian attack at Long Run of Floyds Fork in eastern Jefferson County, Kentucky in April 1781. NFI.
663b. daughter - Died in an Indian attack at Long Run of Floyds Fork in eastern Jefferson County, Kentucky in April 1781. NFI.

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Sixth Generation.

660. GEORGE HANSBROUGH: (7 Morias) Probably born in Virginia before 1780; married Nancy Howard in Kentucky on April 27, 1799. She was the daughter of Drury and Mary Howard. George was executor of his father's will, recorded August 1800. In December 1804, he and William Henton went security for John Lawrence and William Crow, executors of Davis Lawrence, of Shelby County, Kentucky, whose will dated November 10, was recorded in December 1804.

George Hansbrough owned one of the "40 fine, two-story, log houses" which were built on the west side of the Shelbyville town square so as to provide "suitable housing in the newly developed town."

The following paragraph was extracted from "Some Old Time History of Shelbyville and Shelby County," by Ed D. Shinnick; Blue Grass Press, 1974, Frankfort, Kentucky.

George Hansbrough, The Jailer.

"In the early part of the year, 1807, Aquilla Whitaker, a prominent farmer and mill-owner, the possessor of two thousand or more acres of land, and slaves, cattle, etc., to the value of thousands of dollars, became involved in a difficulty with and mortally stabbed a man by the name of Joseph Simpson. Whitaker was arrested and placed in jail. For further security, a guard of nine men was employed to watch him. Two days after he was placed in jail, he made his escape, and when the case was called, the jailer, George Hansbrough, was compelled to report that his prisoner had flown to parts unknown."

No record has been found of any descendants of George and Nancy Hansbrough.

661. JOHN HANSBOROUGH: (7 Morias) Born about 1769 in Virginia; died in Kentucky; married Sarah Scoggan in Culpeper County, Virginia on March 3, 1789. She was born in Fauquier County, Virginia on September 11, 1769; died May 1, 1856. She is buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery at Simpsonville in Shelby County, Kentucky.

The information about John Hansborough's family has been corrected and augmented with information provided by William G. Scroggins. He also makes the note that the two Hansbrough children, known to have been killed by Indians in Kentucky in 1781 could not have been daughters of Sarah Scoggan. The two Hansbrough girls who were killed in the massacre at Long Run must have been sisters of John Hansbrough, and daughters of Morias and Jane Hansbrough.


27. Anne - born 1790; married Iverson Ware in Shelby County, Kentucky on July 23, 1811. Children were named John and Louisianny. "Susan Ware, daughter of Iverson Ware, deceased, married George D. Rucker in Shelby County on December 2, 1836." NFI.
28. Elizabeth - married George Sanders in Shelby County, Kentucky on April 20, 1814. NFI.
29. Morias - born January 24, 1794; married Catherine Smith in Shelby County, Kentucky on April 8, 1819. She was the daughter of George G. Smith. NFI.
30. Martha - married _____ Sanders. NFI.
31. PARMENAS - born in 1796.
32. Dr. Silas - Married Sarah W. Watts in Shelby County, Kentucky on October 10, 1837. NFI.
32a. Jane - married Louis N. Sanders in Shelby County Kentucky on December 20, 1833. NFI.
32b. daughter - married _____ Irwin. NFI.

662. JOEL HANSBOROUGH: (7 Morias) Third son of Morias Hansbrough and his wife, Jane. He was born in Culpeper, Virginia, in March 1778; died October 11, 1844; buried in the Grove Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, Kentucky; married Lucy Gooch in Shelby County, Kentucky on February 13, 1810. She was the daughter of Thomas and Lucy Gooch. They had five children.


664. THOMAS GOOCH - born April 2, 1813.
665. ELIZABETH - born December 10, 1819.
666. JOHN GOOCH - born April 29, 1815.
667. WILLIAM - born 1825.
668. MORIAS -

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Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Seventh Generation.

664. THOMAS GOOCH HANSBROUGH: (662 Joel) Born April 2, 1813; died February 26, 1886; buried in the old Evergreen Cemetery, Leesburg, Florida; married Mary Thomas Stone on December 23, 1845, She was born September 18, 1818, and died June 11, 1895. Her father, James Stone, was born December 23, 1780; died February 28, 1865. He was the son of Spilsby and Elizabeth (Bland) Stone. Her mother was Margaret (Peggy Wells, daughter of Carty and Peggy (Bush) Wells. She was born December 29, 1782 and died April 27, 1858. Spilsby Stone was the son of Josiah and Mary (Coleman) Stone. Thomas Gooch Hansbrough and his wife, Mary, had four children.


669. THOMAS STONE - born August 26, 1849.
670. Bettie - born in Shelbyville, Kentucky; married Belton C. Lanier; buried in Leesburg, Florida. NFI.
671. Maggie - born in Shelbyville, Kentucky; died in January 1905; buried in Georgetown, Kentucky; married George Haines Watts. NFI.
672. William - born in Shelbyville, Kentucky; married Alice McCormack in Waddy, Kentucky. NFI.

665. ELIZABETH HANSBROUGH: (662 Joel) Born December 10, 1819; died April 22, 1892; married Rev. Rockwood Giddings, President of Georgetown College. The names of their children, if any, are not known.

666. JOHN GOOCH HANSBROUGH: (662 Joel) Born April 29, 1815; died April 22, 1892; married Frances A. ______, born March 11, 1819, died March 2, 1873. The names of three children are known.


673. LULA - born in 1851.
674. Mary B. - married ______ Mosier. NFI.
675. Willie Y. - NFI.

667. WILLIAM HANSBROUGH: (662 Joel) Born 1825; died at 9:30 p. m., August 16, 1903, at the Chicago Baptist Hospital, buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois, on August 18, 1903. The names of his wife and any children are unknown.

668. MORIAS HANSBROUGH: (662 Joel) Died 1832, as a result of an accident when an Artillery gun exploded during a celebration of Washington's Birthday. It is believed that he was married, but the names of his wife and any children are unknown. (See Shelbyville, Kentucky, in the 1830s - Section 4, Chapter VI).

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Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Eighth Generation.

669. THOMAS STONE HANSBROUGH: (664 Thomas) Born August 26, 1849, in Shelby County, Kentucky; died January 8, 1907; buried in Grove Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, Kentucky; married Hannah Elizabeth (Libbie) Rodman. She was born June 26, 1857, in Oldham County, Kentucky; died January 31, 1940; buried in Grove hill cemetery, Shelbyville, Kentucky. She was the daughter of Samuel Wiltbank Rodman and his wife, Catherine (Kitty) Ashby. They had four children.


676. MARY LUCY - born in 1882.
677. THOMAS RODMAN - born January 2, 1886.
678. ELIZABETH KATHLEEN - born November 15, 1892.
679. SARAH MARGARET - born in 1899.

673. LULA HANSBROUGH: (666 John) Born in 1851; died in 1919; married Ephriam W. Elrod, born 1851, died 1919. Mrs. Elrod was called Cousin Jeannie by her relatives. Professor Elrod was a partner of Professor J. E. Nurn in the "Shelbyville College" which was located on the site of the present postoffice in Shelbyville, Kentucky. They had one son.

Children (ELROD)

680. Frank - born about 1884. NFI.

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Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Ninth Generation.

676. MARY LUCY HANSBROUGH: (669 Thomas) Born in 1882, in Shelbyville, Kentucky; died in 1958, in Versailles, Kentucky; married Roy G. Williams in 1914.

677. THOMAS RODMAN HANSBROUGH: (669 Thomas) born January 2, 1886, in Shelbyville, Kentucky; married Christine Eggenon on May 29, 1918, in Shelby County, Kentucky. He was a rural letter carrier from 1909 to 1955. He and his wife traveled a great deal. He was a delegate to many state and national Democratic Party Conventions. They had no children.

678. ELIZABETH KATHLEEN HANSBROUGH: (669 Thomas) Born November 15, 1892, in Shelbyville; died December 2, 1971. She never married. She joined the U. S. Army Nurse Corps in 1917, and rose to the rank of Major. She retired after World War II.

679. SARAH MARGARET HANSBROUGH: (669 Thomas) Born in Shelbyville in 1899; married Paul Gaines Wilson.

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants.

The Herndon Study gives some information on Enoch Hansbrough, but it is not in accord with data furnished by Mr. Horace H. Hansbrough. Mr. Hansbrough is a direct lineal descendant of Enoch Hansbrough and it is believed that his data is the more accurate. This section is, therefore, based entirely on the data furnished by Mr. Horace Hansbrough. The first four generations are covered in Section 1, "The Foundations of the Family." The fifth and sixth generations are covered in Section 3, "James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants." This section begins with #239, Enoch Hansbrough, the son of #6 Peter and grandson of #4 Peter.

The Seventh Generation.

239. ENOCH HANSBROUGH: (6 Peter) The sixth child of Peter Hansbrough and his second wife, Lydia Smith. He was living in Stafford County, Virginia, in 1782. In 1802, he moved to Kentucky where he lived on Long Branch. He was probably over 21 years of age in January, 1782, when he purchased goods at the sale of his father's effects. In the division of the slaves of his deceased father, he received Richard, and was to receive 24£ from his brother, Elijah, and 2£ from his mother. The Land Book of Stafford for 1782-95 shows that he paid taxes in 1794 on 1 white male, 16 years or older (probably himself), and 1 horse. He married Mary Lane and they had nine children. It is not known whether he was married in Virginia or after moving to Kentucky. In 1803, he is listed as being a tailor in Shelbyville, Kentucky. He was a first cousin to George Hansbrough, the jailer of Shelbyville.


680. HAMLET - born June 11, 1790.
681. Jimmie - born 1799. NFI.
682. Alfred - born 1801. Never married. NFI.
683. Adelia - born November 21, 1805; married ______ Samuels. NFI.
684. RICHARD - born June 1, 1808.
685. Oph - married Silas T. Tancray, March 15, 1821. NFI.
686. Lydia - born June 19, 1812; married Ferdie Gill in 1837. NFI.
687. ENOCH H. - born in 1815.
688. MARY ELIZABETH - born in 1818.

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Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Eighth Generation.

680. HAMLET HANSBROUGH: (239 Enoch) Born June 11, 1790; Died May 4, 1843; married Fannie Graves, born in 1793. They had three children. Most of Hamlet's descendants spell the name "Hansbro."

Children (HANSBRO)

689. WILLIAM GREGORY - born in 1830.
690. John Coleman - born in 1832; never married. May have been the first to spell the name "Hansbro." NFI.
691. MARY ELIZABETH - born in 1836.

684. RICHARD HANSBROUGH: (239 Enoch) Born June 1, 1808; died 1864; married (1 st) Amanda Mays in 1831, no children; married (2 nd) Mary White, born 1823, died 1873. There were nine children from the second marriage.


692. WILLIAM E. - born November 26, 1844.
693. ADDIE V. -
694. ALICE A. -
695. HAMLET - born September 19, 1849.
696. ALFRED -
697. CHARLIE -
698. Richard - born 1855; died 1925; married (1 st) Clara K. Taylor, born 1860, died 1905; married (2 nd) Ora Jenkins, born 1865, died 1950. He had a son who died as an infant in 1883. NFI.
699. Mary - born 1858; died 1859. NFI.
700. Minnie - born 1863; died 1868. NFI.

687. ENOCH H. HANSBROUGH: (239 Enoch) the following was extracted from a letter by Horace H. Hansbrough, dated December 14, 1976.

"Enoch H. Hansbrough was a son of Enoch and Mary Lane Hansbrough and was born in Shelby County, Kentucky on June 1, 1815. When he was 15 years of age, he emigrated to Marion County, Missouri; and about the time he attained his majority, married Emily, daughter of Jeremiah McCoy. After that event, he went to Scotland County, Missouri, where he engaged in farming on a quarter section of land he purchased. In 1852, he sold out, and returned to Marion County where he bought 160 acres of land, 7 miles north of Palmyra, Missouri. In 1859, he disposed of this place by sale and invested the proceeds in another quarter section lying 6 miles north of Palmyra. (My father, a grandson of Enoch H. Hansbrough, was born on this farm and was living there at the time of his death in 1952. I was born there, also, and lived there until I was 26 years old.) He, Enoch H., was a Justice of the Peace for 12-15 years and was a staunch Democrat. A devoted Christian, he was a member of the Bethel Baptist Church nearly all his life, and for many years held the office of Deacon, being also Clerk of the Board. After his first wife's death, he married Mary A. (Adams) Wash, a widow. He died on March 10, 1863."

Enoch had a total of 12 children; 8 by his first wife and 4 by the second.

Children (HANSBROUGH) by Emily McCoy.

701. William H. - NFI.
702. James - never married. NFI.
703. EDWIN A. - born 1841
704. MARY -
705. ENOCH - born June 1, 1846.
706. JEREMIAH - born July 4, 1849.
707. Oscar T. - born 1853; died 1856. NFI.
708. Emma - born 1855; died 1889. NFI.

Children (HANSBROUGH) by Mary A. Wash.

709. LYDIA - born August 26, 1856.
710. BELLE - born 1857.
711. Amos D. died as an infant. NFI.
712. ANNA -

688. MARY ELIZABETH (BETTY) HANSBROUGH: (239 Enoch) Born 1818; died 1888; married Amos Bibb, born 1811, died 1886. They had three children.

Children (BIBB)

713. EMILY F. - born 1840.
714. Lydia - born 1842; died 1858. NFI.
715. MATTIE -

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Ninth Generation.

689. WILLIAM GREGORY HANSBRO: (680 Hamlet) Born in 1830; married Vienna Mae Hubert born 1833. They had eight children.

Children (HANSBRO)

716. HAMLET H. -
717. JOHN -
718. KATE -
719. Mollie - Never married. NFI.
720. BETINA -
721. FANNIE -
722. W. B. (BILL) -
723. TOM -

691. MARY ELIZABETH (MOLLY) HANSBROUGH: (680 Hamlet) Born in 1836; died in 1913; married John Samuel Connell, died 1908. They had one child.

Children (CONNELL)

724. Frankie - born in 1876; never married; died after 1960. NFI.

692. WILLIAM E. HANSBROUGH: (684 Richard) Born November 26, 1844; died 1916; married Ladie C. Young, born May 2, 1855, died 1925. They had three children.


725. HALLIE -
726. Hazel - never married. NFI.
727. Harold - born 1894; died 1978; married Cecile Hughes. There are no surviving children. NFI.

693. ADDIE V. HANSBROUGH: (684 Richard) Married William E. Bates. They had one child.
Children (BATES)

728. Allie - married Will Taylor. They had no children. NFI.

694. ALICE A. HANSBROUGH: (685 Richard) Born September 19, 1849; died 1932; married Ben T. McPike. They had five children.

Children (McPIKE)

729. Minnie - born 1877; died 1899; married Charles M. Sullivan. They had no children. NFI.
730. Addie - married Tom McKay. They had three children. Their names are not known. NFI.
731. CARL -
732. BEN J. -
733. Willie - married (1 st) Edna Attebury; (2 nd) Elsie Day. There were no children. NFI.

695. HAMLET HANSBROUGH: (684 Richard) Married and had three children.


734. Ray - NFI.
735. Alice - NFI.
736. Loraine - NFI.

696. ALFRED HANSBROUGH: (684 Richard) Married Carrie Ella Potter. They had three children.


737. Helena Augusta - born October 21, 1876. NFI.
738. Edith Lyle - born October 2, 1878. NFI.
739. Glendora - born August 23, 1881. NFI.

697. CHARLIE HANSBROUGH: (684 Richard) Married Fannie Bryant. They had two children.


740. Hartley - NFI.
741. Hubert - NFI.

703. EDWIN A. HANSBROUGH: (687 Enoch) born 1841; died 1886; married Mary M. Hickman, born 1844, died 1880. They had four children.


742. ELBERT -
743. JOHN C. -
744. Ella - married Bert Nelson. NFI.
745. William - born 1880; lived six months. NFI.

704. MARY HANSBROUGH: (687 Enoch) Married James Mays. They had one child.

Children (MAYS)

746. Effie - born 1871; died 1960; married Charles Vance. There were no children.

705. ENOCH HANSBROUGH: (687 Enoch) Born June 1, 1846; died December 1929; married Salena Young in 1879, born January 7, 1851, died June 19, 1910. They had four children.


747. FRANK LESLIE - born March 7, 1883.
748. J. Clyde - born April 28, 1884; died 1959; never married. NFI.
749. Ray - born 1887; died 1888. NFI.
750. GLADYS - born November 12, 1889.

706. JEREMIAH HANSBROUGH: (687 Enoch) Born 1849; died 1934; married Comorrah White, born 1853, died 1920. They had three children.


751. MAUDE -
752. Guy - born and died in 1888. NFI.
753. Floyd - married Jessie Keller. There were no children. NFI.

709. LYDIA HANSBROUGH: (687 Enoch) Born 1856; died 1909; married Abner S. Ingman, born 1855, died 1941. They had six children.

Children (INGMAN)

754. LUANNA -
755. Laura - Never married. NFI.
756. Mary - Never married. NFI.
757. David - married Lula V. Yager. NFI.
758. RAY -
759. Abner - married Effa Stich. NFI.

710. BELLE HANSBROUGH: (687 Enoch) Born 1857; died 1948; married Charles Alexander. They had three children.

Children (ALEXANDER)

760. Enoch - NFI.
761. Charles - NFI.

712. ANNA HANSBROUGH: (687 Enoch) Married ______ Mattheson. They had four children but the name of only one is known.

Children (MATTHESON)

763. Gertrude - married Ray Porter. NFI.

713. EMILY F. BIBB: (688 Mary) Born 1840; died 1906; married James I. Potter. They had seven children.

Children (POTTER)

764. Charles I. - born 1865; died 1885; never married. NFI.
765. JIM -
766. Frank - married, no children. NFI.
767. George - married Vash Tie. They had a son, name unknown. NFI.
768. Bessie - born 1881; died 1925; never married. NFI.
769. Ethel - born 1883; died 1887. NFI.
770. May - never married. NFI.

715. MATTIE BIBB: (688 Mary) Married Winchester Cook. They had four children.

Children (COOK)

771. LENORA -
772. LENA -
773. EARL -
774. EARNEST -

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Tenth Generation.

716. HAMLET H. HANSBRO: (689 William) Married and had two children.

Children (HANSBRO)

775. Lee - NFI.
776. Vina May - married ______ Carter. They had three children, names not known. NFI.

717. JOHN M. HANSBRO: (689 William)Married and had three children.

Children (HANSBRO)

777. Ruth - NFI.
778. Mildred - NFI.
779. (A daughter) - married ______ Weeren - NFI.

718. KATE HANSBRO: (689 William) Married R. R. Poe. They had four children.

Children (POE)

780. Frank E. - NFI.
781. Gregg - NFI.
782. Charles - NFI.
783. Sara - married Frank Dennis. NFI.

720. BETINA HANSBRO: (689 William) Married C. C. Hogue. They had three children.

Children (HOGUE)

784. C. D. - NFI.
785. Sara - married ______ McClanahan. NFI.
786. Nellie - never married. NFI.

721. FANNIE HANSBRO: (689 William) Married Hal Glover. They had one child.

Children (GLOVER)

787. Kirk - NFI.

722. W. B. (BILL) HANSBRO: (689 William) Twin brother of #723, TOM; Married and had four children.

Children (HANSBRO)

788. Stacy C. - NFI.
789. Fannie - married Howard Drake. NFI.
790. (A daughter) - married ______ Trapp. NFI.
791. Carrie Sue - married ______ Valle. NFI.

723. TOM HANSBRO: (689 William) Twin brother of #722, W. B. (BILL); married Carrie _____. They had one child.

Children (HANSBRO)

792. Mervin G. - married, no children. NFI.

725. HALLIE HANSBROUGH: (692 William) Married Ernest Keller. They had eleven children.

Children (KELLER)

793. Pauline - married Dewey Turner. They had seven children. Their names are not known. NFI.
794. MARION -
795. William - married Ruth Jarman. NFI.
796. Bessie - married Victor Neely. NFI.
797. KENNETH -
798. Louise - married Clyde Mehaffy. NFI.
799. FRANCES -
800. Gerald - married Ruby Singler. NFI.
801. Dora - never married. NFI.
802. Richard - married Wilma Baker. They had five children. Their names are not known. NFI.
803. Keith - married Zee Teis. NFI.

731. CARL McPIKE: (694 Alice) Married Elva Spence. They had one child.

Children (McPIKE)

804. Winifred - married ______ Marksbury. They had children, but the number and names are not known. NFI.

732. BEN J. McPIKE: (694 Alice) Married Esther Marksbury. They had eight children.

Children (McPIKE)

805. PAUL -
806. LELIA -
807. BEN J. -
809. Lillian - married Boyce Brumback. NFI.
810. Esther M. - married Henry Bock. They had two sons. Their names are not known. NFI.
811. Dudley - married Mary F. Bagley. They had five children; three girls and two boys. Their names are not known. NFI.
812. Audrey - married Herschel Grauptman. They had four children; three boys and a girl. Their names are not known. NFI.

742. ELBERT HANSBROUGH: (703 Edwin) Married (1 st) Effie Frowein, born 1872, died 1912; married (2 nd) Bobbie Frowein. There were five children.


813. MARY -
814. Mildred - NFI.
815. Alice Betty - NFI.
816. Kathryn - NFI.
817. Edwin E. - Married Bernice Riegal. NFI.

743. JOHN C. HANSBROUGH: (703 Edwin) Married Kathryn Young. They had five children.


818. Luella - married Roger Bourne. They had no children. NFI.
819. WILLIAM -
820. RAYMOND -
821. THOMAS -
822. HARRY -

747. FRANK LESLIE HANSBROUGH: (705 Enoch) Born March 7, 1883; died December 1952; married Rose Lena Young on December 24, 1907, born October 29, 1887, died September 1874. They had seven children.


823. Thomas Enoch - born and died on May 1, 1909.
824. HORACE HUBERT - born June 12, 1910; died May 8, 1992.
825. DOROTHY FRANCES - born December 25, 1911.
826. Ruby Gladys - born October 16, 1914; died February 24, 2002. Never married. NFI.
827. Oren Vincent - born January 1916; died February 1917. NFI.
828. LESLIE ELIZABETH - born October 25, 1918; died November 5, 2007.
829. FRANK GILBERT - born November 27, 1922; died July 25, 1991.

750. GLADYS HANSBROUGH: (705 Enoch) Born November 12, 1889; died 1979; married J. Sam Quinn on November 3, 1910. He was born in 1889 and died in 1969. They had three children.

Children (QUINN)

830. Donald H. - born October 27, 1912; died in 1965; never married. NFI.

751. MAUDE HANSBROUGH: (706 Jeremiah) Married J. Jewel McLeod. They had one child.

Children (McLEOD)

833. Helen - never married. NFI.

754. LUANNA INGMAN: (709 Lydia) Married ______ Admire. They had one child.

Children (ADMIRE)

834. Margaret Lee - never married. NFI.

758. RAY INGMAN: (709 Lydia) Married Grace Luttman. They had two children.

Children (INGMAN)

835. Arthur Ray - married Christine Myers. NFI.
836. Dorothy - married Jackson Dwight Winkler. They had two sons and a daughter. Their names are not known. NFI.

762. MARY BELLE ALEXANDER: (710 Belle) Married ______ French. They had one child.

Children (FRENCH)

837. Lula Belle - married James Jenkins. NFI.

765. JIM POTTER: (713 Emily) Married Lucy White. They had three children.

Children (POTTER)

838. Obed - married Nora Comstock. NFI.
839. Mildred - married Carl Drebenstedt. NFI.
840. Russell - married Lula Lovelace. NFI.

771. LENORA COOK: (715 Mattie) Married Henry Wood. They moved to Canada. They had four children.

Children (WOOD)

841. Rex - NFI.
842. Roy - married Margaret Hawkins. They had four boys, names unknown. NFI.
843. Ray - married and had three children, names unknown. NFI.
844. John - married and has four children. NFI.

772. LENA COOK: (715 Mattie) Born 1867; died 1924; married Lee Taylor, born 1867, died 1947. They had five children.

Children (TAYLOR)

845. Merle - born 1892; married Jerry Bradshaw. NFI.
846. WINSTON - born 1896.
847. NELLIE - born 1897.
848. L. W. - born 1903.
849. John - married, but no children. NFI.

773. EARL COOK: (715 Mattie) Married (1 st) Ida Spilker; married (2 nd) Lula Spilker. He had one son.

Children (COOK)

850. Earl - NFI.

774. EARNEST COOK: (715 Mattie) Born 1871; died 1911; married Betty Bates. They had three children.

Children (COOK)

851. Margaret - born 1896; died 1818; never married. NFI.
852. Kenneth - married and had a daughter, names unknown. NFI.
853. Winchester - married and had a daughter, name unknown. NFI.

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The Alphabetical Index to the Hansbrough Family
Section 1: The Foundations of the Family
Section 2: William Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 3: James and Peter Hansbrough and their Descendants
Section 4: Morias Hansbrough and his Descendants
Section 5: Enoch Hansbrough and his Descendants

The Eleventh Generation.

794. MARION KELLER: (725 Hallie) Married Louis Foreman. The name of one daughter is known.

Children (FOREMAN)

854. Marilyn - married Merle Wenneker. They had two daughters, names unknown. NFI.

797 . KENNETH HANSBROUGH KELLER: (725 Hallie) Born September 17, 1911; died September 14, 1977. Married Ethel Lee Newlon August 3, 1952; divorced January 18, 1971. Ethel Lee Newlon born July 30, 1918; died February 26, 1993. They had four children.

Additional and corrected information supplied by Katie Jo (Heyart) Wells.

799. FRANCES KELLER: (725 Hallie) Married Charles Willis. They had three children.

Children (WILLIS)

855. Stanley - NFI.
856. Harold Wayne - NFI.
857. Keith - NFI.

805. PAUL McPIKE: (732 Ben) Married Eddie B. McLaughlin. They had one child.

Children (McPIKE)

858. Margaret - NFI.

806. LELIA McPIKE: (732 Ben) Married Eugene Sprague. They had one child.

807. BEN J. McPIKE: (732 Ben) Died 1977; married Margaret Fogel. They had two children.

808. GERALDINE McPIKE: (732 Ben) Married Herbert Disselhorst. They had two children.

813. MARY HANSBROUGH: (742 Elbert) Married Dewey McDonald. They have one daughter.

819. WILLIAM HANSBROUGH: (743 John) Married Nellie Shoemaker. They had three children.

820. RAYMOND HANSBROUGH: (743 John) Married Laura Hamilton. They had one child.

821. THOMAS HANSBROUGH: (743 John) Married Merle Cooper. They had one child.

822. HARRY HANSBROUGH: (743 John) Married Eugenia Powell. They had one child.

824. HORACE HUBERT HANSBROUGH: (747 Frank) Born June 12, 1910; died May 8, 1992; married Helen B. Kuffler, born August 22, 1913. They were married on November 25, 1940. They have two children. (Note: It was Horace who furnished the data upon which this section is based. )

825. DOROTHY FRANCES HANSBROUGH: (747 Frank) Born December 25, 1911; died April 6, 2011; married Dana Flanagan, born June 13, 1914; died October 22, 2001; married on April 5, 1941. There are two children.

828. LESLIE ELIZABETH HANSBROUGH: (747 Frank) Born October 25, 1918; died November 5, 2007; married (1 st) J. Payne Ellis, died January 9, 1969; married (2 nd) William E. Skinner on October 21, 1977. There were three children by the first marriage.

829. FRANK GILBERT HANSBROUGH: (747 Frank) Born November 27, 1922; died July 25, 1991; married Donalda Fuerst Gregoire on May 31, 1949. They raised two children from her previous marriage. They had two more children.

831. JAMES ENOCH QUINN: (750 Gladys) Born 1914; died 1956; married Genevieve Foster on January 18, 1942. They had one child.

832. DOROTHY KATHRYN QUINN: (750 Gladys)Born June 12, 1920; married Wilbur R. Lake, Jr., born June 23, 1916; married on November 1, 1941. They had two children.

846. WINSTON TAYLOR: (772 Lena) Born 1896; married Gladys Tuttle. They had two children.

847. NELLIE TAYLOR: (772 Lena) Born 1897; married Paul Robertson. They had four children.

848. L. W. TAYLOR: (772 Lena) Born 1903; married Ethyl Guseman. They had four children.

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