The Flanagans'

Photograph Gallery

This Flanagan Coat of Arms was painted by Virginia Terpening in 1956.

The Flanagans' Gallery of Family Photographs

Part of the collection of old family photographs that hang in our home.

Wedding Pictures
Baby Pictures
Family Photographs

Wedding Pictures:

Dorothy & Dana Flanagan

Leroy & Betty Middendorf

Granny & Grandpa were married
just before World War II

And Nana & Papa were married
shortly after that war.

Norena & Louis Middendorf

Louis & Norena Middendorf

Louis & Norena (Nortrup) Middendorf certainly made a handsome couple!

Eilese & George Middendorf

Well, yes, it is a wedding picture! It's just that it wasn't their wedding.

George & Eliese (Lindemann) Middendorf had portraits made when one of their sons was married.

Frank & Rose Hansbrough

< Frank & Rose (Young) Hansbrough were the height of style.

And Jacob & Margaret (Winklehake) Cramer were formally dressed for a warmer season. >

Margaret & Jacob Cramer

Not a wedding picture, but it is the only picture of Nathaniel and Sarah Virginia (Christie) Hall that we have. Their very successful marriage produced ten children.

Nathaniel & Sarah Virginia Hall


Dorothy Flanagan

< Granny was quite the cutie, before the Great war.

Mike (and newborn Pat, in the buggy in the background), mid-April, 1945. >

Mike (& Pat) Flanagan

Family Photographs:

Elizabeth (Watson) Christie

Elizabeth (Watson) Christie (1810-1889). She and her husband, James Christie, were the parents of Sarah Virginia (Christie) Hall and of Dr. James Robert Christie, Sr. Their family migrated from Virginia to Lewis Co., MO in 1855. She is Laura's Great- Great- Great- Grandmother.

Thomas Maloney Young (1857-1910) was the father of Rose Lena (Young) Hansbrough. He is a Great- Great- Grandfather of Laura's.

Thomas Maloney Young

Liberty K. Flanagan

This is the earliest photograph of a Flanagan that we have:

Liberty K. Flanagan,
Another of Laura's Great- Great- Grandfathers.

And these are the children of Liberty K.
and Mary Jane (McKinley) Flanagan.
Left to right, and oldest to youngest, they are:
Daisy, Lulu, Dana C., Jesse, Norma, Robert, and Mary.

The Flanagan Children

Dana C., baby Mike, & Dana Flanagan, Jr.

Three generations of Flanagans.

Dana C., Dana, Jr., and baby Mike.

Leann likes Mike's second grade school picture best of all.

Mike Flanagan, Second Grade

Many of these photographs are available to us becase of Grandpa's avid interest in photography. Some of these family photographs were re- photographed for us by him.

Dana Flanagan. Photograph by Lisa Wigoda.

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