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First, a cautionary note: The genealogical information presented on this website does NOT meet the standards delineated in the Board for Certification of Genealogists' Genealogical Standards Manual. We have collected information from many other individuals about our mutual ancestors. We have published here the information that we believe is most reliable. Much of it has not been proved.

This Flanagan Coat of Arms was painted by Virginia Terpening in 1956.

Genealogy reports of Laura's Great- Grandparents are presented by family. Each family is indexed alphabetically and presented generation by generation:

You may also use our Family Trees to learn more about our Great- Grandparents. Each individual on each family tree is linked to his or her more complete description in the Genealogy Reports:




And Generation, after Generation,after Generation, of Laura's ancestors:


Our Flanagan Family Tree,
the 3rd through
the 25th generations.



Our Hansbrough Family Tree,
the 3rd through
the 27th generations.



Our Middendorf Family Tree,
the 3rd through
the 7th generations.



Our Cramer Family Tree,
the 3rd through
the 8th generations.

For the first three living generations, we've not offered very much detailed information. The linked Family Trees give the names and dates of birth and death, so far as we know them, of our grandparents. The reports include all of the persons in the family trees, and some information about their children. We hope to include more detailed information as we are able.

Edward III, Edward I, and Henry III, all Kings of England, are among our more notable ancestors. Their heritage is simply a matter of historical record. It is fun for us to read about our distant Grandparents in the encyclopedia. It is even more fun to read stories which include them as characters, that William Shakespeare has told about them. Others have written entire books about these famous ancestors. A German Database has catalogued 13 generations of the descendants of Charlemagne. More information about Royal & Noble Genealogical Data comes from the UK. And Henry Churchyard at the University of Texas has made the research into European Royal Genealogies done by Denis R. Reid available to us on the internet.

At a level that is far less grand, Mike grew up in Lewistown, Lewis County, Missouri. A number of years ago, he gave a talk which outlines his genealogical Roots In Lewis County. © 1994 Michael Flanagan

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